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Jesse Eisenberg And Kristen Stewart Get High In New Posters For ‘American Ultra’

Jesse Eisenberg And Kristen Stewart Get High In New Posters For 'American Ultra'

This summer, “Adventureland” buds Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are finding a new, uh, adventure, with “American Ultra.” And in a much different tone from that aforementioned coming-of-age comedy, this one will find them as a pair of stoners who wind up on the run when the government puts their sights on them. The movie is from the director of “Project X,” Nima Nourizadeh,” and he tells MTV this is more than just a run ‘n gun tale.

“You start with this kind of like sweet love story,” he explained. “I don’t want to turn people off with that, but what’s really unique about this movie is the fact that it’s like this kind of crazy action-comedy, but really at the core there is this like romance and there’s this love story where all he wants to do is to propose to her. Really if you look at it, the action that comes into play is basically the stuff that’s softening it. It’s like the hurdles that you have to like overcome.”
“His world just gets turned upside down and he starts to realize who he actually is,” he continued. “For a lot of the movie, he’s just like unaware of what’s going on, why these people are trying to kill him, and he soon finds out. It’s just this weird sort of entertaining, well-rounded, totally unique movie, I think where you know you’ll be laughing one minute, you’ll be hopefully quite shocked at some of the action that we did. It’s violent, it’s graphic, it’s funny, it’s silly at times, you know it’s just got so many things going on that it’s hard to actually define really.”

It all goes down on August 21st. Check out the posters below.

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Apparently the posters are misleading and it’s more of an action film, according to the screenwriter. Shrug. Misleading or not, I like the posters.


Looks like an interesting unique movie. Kristen is certainly doing a variety of roles. I just saw this comment by Oliver Assayas about Kristen. Thought I’d share it.
“The greatest actress of her generation,” Olivier Assayas on Kristen Stewart – Clouds

“I first saw Kristen in Into the Wild as a teenager and I was struck by her, she was amazing, she stands out.” he said. “ I saw her in The Runaways and I believed in her. I didn’t like the film at all, but she was genuine, she was real. So now I read here and there that people are surprised at how good she is, how they didn’t imagine it – for me, I never questioned the fact she was the greatest actress of her generation. To me, it was always completely clear she was an amazing actress. But I had no idea she was that good, I was amazed by some of the stuff she did. Which I really discovered in the editing because it’s very subtle. She does tiny things, she’s a master of her craft. I loved her, I loved what she was doing, I just didn’t realise until the editing room how extraordinary it was.”


looking forward to this one, loved them both in Adventureland. American Ultra sounds like my kind of film


Uh, nowhere does it say she is an undercover CIA agent. If I remember correctly, he is the one with a secret past and she may have one too according to an original blurb when this movie started. You are getting off on a bit of a tangent.

Anyway, posters look nice.


Original and unique. Both are brilliant actors and Jess said in an interview, that he and Kristen have a common feeling for things. I think, we have a lot to look forward to. Love for Kriste Stewart.


I haven’t heard of it before, but it looks cool. Love Pineapple Express and Bourne Identity, so I’ll probably like this.
BTW Kristen Stewart looks hot, I barely could recognize her as that same actress who played that uninteresting looking girl from Twilight, and Eisenberg is finally playing against type as well (thankgod it’s not another nerd)


She looks like Riley Keough in that poster. Sounds like they threw in everything but the kitchen sink in the plot. Most men usually don’t want to go through with the proposal after they find out their girlfriend is an undercover CIA agent who has been lying to them for years. Getting caught lying is usually a dealbreaker for most men. They might forgive you, but eventually they leave.

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