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Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘Youth’ Soundtrack Features Sun Kil Moon, Bill Callahan, David Byrne & More

Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘Youth’ Soundtrack Features Sun Kil Moon, Bill Callahan, David Byrne & More

Italian director Paolo Sorrentino knows his contemporary indie music, and even in a movie like “The Great Beauty,” filled with sonorous opera, vocal ensemble, and classical music, he still manages to sneak in some ESG, Damien Jurado, Decoder Ring, and Gui Boratto’s Kompact Records version of “Take My Breath Away.” The director also clearly has affection for classic post-punk influenced music. His 2011 film, “This Must Be the Place” (named after a Talking Heads song), featured Sean Penn in a role that appeared to be a thin disguise for The Cure’s Robert Smith, and its soundtrack featured artists like David Byrne, Will Oldham, Jonsi from Sigur RosIggy Pop, and more. His latest film, “Youth,” which just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival (read our review here), has its own hip score.

The film features Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, and Paul Dano and centers on two aging friends, a composer and a film director, who grapple with time, mortality, careers, and more while on vacation in an elegant hotel at the foot of the Alps. The movie already features a small role for indie rocker/occasional actor Mark Kozelek (who played one of the band members in “Almost Famous”), so it’s probably no surprise that “Youth” features music by Kozelek and his alter ego Sun Kil Moon.

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The soundtrack also features music by Smog‘s Bill Callahan, British pop singer Paloma Faith, David Byrne, and The Retrosettes among others. The soundtrack will be released overseas on May 26th and is now available for pre-order as an import on Amazon. No word on a domestic release yet, but since Fox Searchlight it releasing the movie later this year, we image it will arrive whenever the studio lands on a concrete date. Meanwhile, lots of new photos of “Youth” have arrived and you can check those out below. [Film Music Reporter]

“Youth” Soundtrack Tracklisting

Disc 1:
1. You Got the Love – The Retrosettes Sister Band
2. Onward – Mark Kozelek
3. Third and Seneca – Sun Kil Moon
4. Préludes (Book 1) – Des pas sur la neige (No. 6): Triste et lent – Gianluca Cascioli
5. Mercadante: Virginia (Atto I) Cavatina “Figlia tu scuoti” – Susan Patterson
6. À ma manière – Maria Letizia Gorga, Stefano De Meo, Marco Colonna, Laura Pierazzuoli
7. Reality – The Retrosettes Sister Band

Disc 2:

1. Can’t Rely on You – Paloma Faith
2. The Breeze / My Baby Cries – Bill Callahan
3. Ceiling Gazing – Mark Kozelek
4. Dirty Hair – David Byrne
5. Stravinsky: Berceuse da “L’oiseau de feu – The Firebird” – Terry Davies
6. Just (After Song of Songs) – Trio Medieval, Garth Knox, Agnes Vesterman, Sylvain Lemetre
7. Simple Song #3 – Sumi Jo
8. Mick’s Dream (Bonus Track) – The Berlin Radio Chorus
9. Wood Symphony (Bonus Track) – David Lang

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Anybody know the end credits song? Maybe it’s listed but perhaps someone could tell me which one it is so I don’t have to go through all of them. The wife took a liking for it.


    That haunting piece over the end credits is Just (After Song of Songs) composed by David Lang and sung by the the three women of Norwegian choral ensemble Trio Mediæval. Ethereal and absolutely arresting.

jenny mercer

The last song of the movie, during the credits with the refrain, My beloved. Who did that? Awesome.


Hi, does anyone knows what is the song that plays over the credits?


"What’s that track when Miss Universe comes into thé swimming pool ?" I guess it’s "Storm" by Godspeed You! Black Emperor


Anton – the track when the climber comes is "Neckbrace" by Ratatat. Great band, check ’em out.


What’s that track when Miss Universe comes into thé swimming pool ?


neckbrace song

Anton Vander Haeghen

I am looking for the music/song (house, techno,…) When the climber meets Lena at the pool/spa. When he is coming over towards her to introduce himself, this nice up-tempo song plays; Which one is that!!!!!??? Please, help me out here :-), thanks!

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