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Emily Blunt Circles Film Version of Lit Sensation ‘Girl on the Train’

Emily Blunt Circles Film Version of Lit Sensation 'Girl on the Train'

It’s a no-brainer why DreamWorks acquired rights to Paula Hawkins’ twisty page-turner “The Girl on the Train” before it was published in January. The fastest-selling adult novel ever has already sold two million copies. Even if you haven’t read it, you’ve heard about it.

Emily Blunt is now in talks to star as the titular commuter, a hard-drinking, depressed and out-of-work divorcée who constructs a fantasy life from inside a train to and from London, where she peeps on the lives of others. She becomes increasingly obsessed by a couple living in her old neighborhood, where she makes a shocking discovery in this unreliable-narrator story a la Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl.”

Tate Taylor is so far attached to direct a script by Erin Cressida, who wrote the creepy sex mystery films “Secretary” and “Chloe” as well as the Diane Arbus story “Fur.” Right now, Blunt is filming “The Huntsman” with Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, and earned raves for her performance in 2015 Cannes Palme d’Or contender “Sicario.”

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Really its funny I’m not even that good on figuring out the killer but the minute the murder victime said "he" around page 60 and you realize that affair was about to start I thought it was fairly easy especially since there were few characters. The thing that I loved about Gone Girl it was not a murder mystery or at least wasn’t one at the halfway point. It was a psychological study anchored by vivid characters.


@Blake I disagree with you on the killer and motive being obvious from the beginning, the only indication of who the killer is comes midway/near the end of the book. Personally I think it is a good book that overall is better than Gone Girl.


Its not a good book. I have no idea why its a lit sensation. the killer and motive is obvious from the beginning, there’s way too much padding, and the main characters are so dull and whiny. If people thought Gone Girl was misogynistic which it wasn’t than wait til they get a load of this,

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