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Infographic: When Filmmakers Turn Their Shorts Into Features

Infographic: When Filmmakers Turn Their Shorts Into Features

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How often do short films lead directly to features? This nifty infographic (see below) highlights 20 filmmakers who started out with shorts and then turned them into features. The infographic not only maps out when the short and feature were made, but also how many feature films each filmmaker has made to date.

In the blog post published alongside the infographic, blogger Nathalie Sejean, owner of Mentorless and also an independent filmmaker herself, noted her inspiration for the project to be the question of whether or not a filmmaker should invest time, effort and money into a short or dive directly into a feature.

Sejean summed up the conundrum in the title for the infographic — “To Short or Not to Short” — a play on the words made famous by Shakespeare.

For the most part, the infographic focuses on filmmakers actively working on projects. And while diverse in terms of genre, Sejean is careful to acknowledge that the sample size of filmmakers is far from diverse in terms of nationality, race and gender. “The sample is way too thin to deduct anything scientific out of it,” wrote Sejean, “but it’s still worth noting.”

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. To read Sejean’s original post with the infographic, click here.

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Conor, try Wild Tales, it’s exactly what you’re talking about. It’s not just you

Conor Ibrahiem

What about directors who set out to make 3 short films and then changed his mind in pre-production and produced a multi-narrative feature out of all of them? Guess only me then


Beyond Raimi and both Anderson’s there is much there, now is there?


Actually, Whiplash "started out" as a feature screenplay. I’d be interested to know which other films were conceived first as features, then made a short film as "proof of concept."

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