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‘Lucy 2’ And ‘Colombiana 2’ Are In Development

'Lucy 2' And 'Colombiana 2' Are In Development

“I don’t see how we can do [a sequel]. It’s not made for that,” Luc Besson said last summer about the prospect of a sequel to the surprise smash hit “Lucy.” “If I find something good enough, maybe I will, but for now I don’t even think about it.” Well, it looks like he’s thought about it and something is brewing.

At CineEurope 2015, production house EuropaCorp (which Besson heads up) announced their slate of upcoming films, which quietly mentioned that “Lucy 2” was “in development.” Here’s the roster: 

Shut In” with Naomi Watts (International Release Date February 19, 2016)
Nine Lives” with Kevin Spacey (International Release Date April 29, 2016)
The Lake” with Sullivan Stapleton (International Release date July 15, 2016)
Warrior’s Gate” with Dave Bautista (date undetermined output)
The Transporter Legacy” with Ed Skrein (Release date September 9, 2015)
Escobar” with Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz (Released in 2016)
Valerian” with Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne , directed by Luc Besson (Release date July 21, 2017)
Twice” directed by Jean-François Richet (in development)
Lucy 2” (in development)
Colombiana 2” (in development)
The Kawasaki Syndrome” (In Development)
Sea at War” (in development)
DNA” (in development)
Sentence” (in development)
Underground” written by Luc Besson (in development)

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While a sequel to “Lucy” isn’t surprising, and we would imagine is probably contingent on Scarlett Johansson returning to reprise her role, a follow up to “Colombiana” is certainly unexpected. The 2011 film only made $60 million worldwide and hasn’t been thought of much since, but perhaps Besson is thinking that between upcoming “Star Trek” and “Avatar” films, Zoe Saldana is someone whose profile is only going to get bigger, and it would be wise to stay in business with the actress.

We’ll see if these projects go any further down the development road which can be bumpy or neverending, but certainly, Besson has some ideas percolating. [Allocine]

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I seen a trailer for lucy 2 on YouTube and I wanted to know if it was real?

Emperor Zerg Rush

I’d trade all this for more of The Fifth Element. A sequel, a spin-off… anything, really. Certainly over yet another Transporter film (regardless of whether it’s a reboot, TV series or a sequel where Statham actually didn’t want to return to the role for).

Luc Warm

Nothing says a high profile like voicing a giant blue alien. Both Colombiana and Lucy were awful. Save your money producers and build a hospital or 4.


I think it’d be cool if Scarlett came back as the super computer and helped out by saving the race or something crazy


hit the nail on the head with that previous one, didn’t i? lol.



Ann Rodgers

Will there be a role in Lucy
Scarlett Johansson) for Kearsten Johansson



Juan Espinoza

Why are you still writing "Columbiana"? It’s COLOMBIANA.

David Nora

Columbiana 2 will be highly anticipated. The first movie was incredibly good.

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