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Rumor: Paul Thomas Anderson Might Be Shooting His Next Film In 65MM Again

Rumor: Paul Thomas Anderson Might Be Shooting His Next Film In 65MM Again

Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming wintry Western, “The Hateful Eight” is coming by year’s end and it will be shot in 65MM presented in 70MM. Scenes from the movie were recently previewed at the 2015 Cine Gear Expo and apparently the Weinstein Company are working with Panavision to ensure that up to fifty theaters in the U.S. are capable of presenting the film in this super wide format. In contrast, Paul Thomas Anderson also shot “The Master” in 65MM and presented it in 70MM, unfortunately, at the time, only sixteen prints were struck as only around a dozen theaters in North America were properly equipped to present the movie in 70MM (and because of the dissimilar lenses used, the differences between the two films is evidently huge).

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According to the PTA Fan site Cigarettes and Red Vine, during the open audience Q&A portion of the presentation someone asked if any filmmakers had seen any of the ‘Hateful’ 70MM footage. Apparently, Panavision’s VP of Optical Engineering, Dan Sasaki—who was apparently instrumental in getting Paul Thomas Anderson to shoot “The Master” in 65MM in the first place—mentioned that PTA had seen the footage and is strongly considering the same format for his next project.

What that next project is, is totally unknown at the moment. While “Inherent Vice” was shot on 35MM and distributed by Warner Bros. we’ve heard whispers that PTA could return to Annapurna, who produced “The Master” and distributed it through The Weinstein Company. A deeper recount of the Q&A can also be read here.

Here’s PTA talking about shooting in 65MM at the behest of Dan Sasaki.

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How when his best movie came out in 08? The Master was also a great film. He was really true to the novel with Inherent Vice, which does not translate greatly on film. I am sure he will not be adapting books anymore.

Nathan Duke

Hard Eight was a good film. Everything else PTA has done has been varying degrees of great.


You guys are dumb. Punch Drunk Love, There will be blood, and the Master are his best films.

Advice for PTA

If he loves to write that’s one thing, but I’d like to see him take a crack at a pre-written screenplay and see what he can do (with a story of his liking of course).


Clearly someone on this website reads the comments section1


he’s not a genius. few film directors genuinely are (if genius encompasses the likes of Picasso, Mozart, Charles Darwin etc.) — but he makes mostly great movies. hope to see a return to pre-The Master form…


No news here. Quentin Tarantino is doing a new film in 70mm and someone remembered an interview in which PTA said he would like to someday tackle a similar challenge.


That might not be so easy. He may have lost his muse when Philip Seymour Hoffman died. Hoffman was DeNiro to Anderson’s Scorsese.


The quality of PTA’s films has been on a steady downward trajectory, sadly. Hope the next one reverses the trend. Would love to see another great PTA movie.


the man is a genius regardless of what he does…i just hope his next film will have a female protagonist a the main character

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