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Watch: First International Trailer For Werner Herzog’s ‘Queen Of The Desert’ With Nicole Kidman, Robert Pattinson, & More

Watch: First International Trailer For Werner Herzog's 'Queen Of The Desert' With Nicole Kidman, Robert Pattinson, & More

There are likely few corners of the world where globe-trotting Werner Herzog hasn’t been, and the idea of the filmmaker telling the story of one of the key figures in the modern history of the Middle East is an intriguing one. So he rounded up some stars, put together “Queen Of The Desert,” and a new international trailer provides our first real look at the picture.

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Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson, and Damian Lewis feature in the true story of Gertrude Bell, a British explorer, traveler, archaeologist, and political officer who made her influence known in the Middle East during the 1920s, helping to shape its future. Here’s the official synopsis: 

The film tells the story of Gertrude Bell (1868-1926) who, as historian, novelist and member of the British secret service, played a decisive role around 1920 in setting the course for the new political order in the Middle East. As an educated young woman, for whom no suitable husband can be found in England, she journeys to Tehran. After a tragic love affair with diplomat and inveterate gambler Henry Cadogan, she decides to give up on her private life and discover the region as an explorer. Before the backdrop of the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire she learns languages, translates literature, meets with Muslim dignitaries in Cairo, Basra and Baghdad and earns their trust through her pluck and respect. Predestined to be a mediator between the Orient and the British Empire, she contributes to defining the new borders in the region after the First World War. And then love enters her life once again. Werner Herzog uses the vast desert landscapes to depict the architecture of his characters’ souls. A panoramic epic about the woman who has gone down in history as ‘the female Lawrence of Arabia’.

Check out our review and watch the trailer below. There’s no U.S. release date yet for the film. [Queen Of The Desert Film] 6.28.15 update: a new HD version of the trailer without subtitles has arrived via RPattisonDaily.

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This movie sadly wasn’t good.


In fact,the only negative comment on the acting on here is about Franco. You need to put your little twi-hard fan wars away, because it’s annoying to real film fans who want to come on and discuss films: Kristen Stewart has a good career, and so does Rob Pattinson. Neither have anything to do with one another.

I would have loved to seen this film in Fincher’s hands and not Herzog. I know everyone loves Herzog, but he’s lost his touch. Fincher would have made a beautiful film.


Lawdy, you twi-hards need to chill the he*l out. Not every comment is some diss on your beloved stars, they didn’t even mention the acting in the film. I’ve seen the movie, and it is freaking horrific although there is nothing wrong with the acting imo. Pattinson did a decent job, Kidman was better, the main issue was the film was downright farcical. Everyone actor involved deserved better, even Franco.


Good to see Kristen Stewart’s fans are among the first to comment. Their immaturity and vindictiveness is a halmark of her fandom, such as it is. Their one-trick pony can’t create a character to save her career, and she can’t hold their interest, as they are glued to any news about Pattinson. Good for them, he’s going to continue to work with respected filmmakers for a long, long, time. Herzog has made an old fashioned romance that seems a bit out of place in 2015, but bravo for giving it a go.

Greg Bloom

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Rhonda Bierer

I am a woman of my word. If the movie is available for me to view,I will watch it. I have been longing for signs of life in the careers of all of the Twilight Saga cast. I do follow all of their work to see if there is an awesome breakthrough!

Raul Cuico

I will watch this movie it looks a very good one and the scenery was excellent.


The trailer looks very promising. I’ve read Wallace’s Queen of the Desert. Looking forward to see how Herzog translated it to the big screen.


It could be the way the trailer was done but there doesn’t seem to be anything that draws you in, that ‘passion’ that Gertude was supposed to have does not come through in Kidman’s performance. Hope the movie is better than the trailer.


This is a Warning for everyone. I watched the movie in Berlin. This movie is so bad i cant even describe it.


while the film looks beautifully shot, the trailer as a whole is very dull so still undecided about seeing it when its released


Scrotum hold the movie


Will watch because of Rob

This looks beautiful. Despite the Luke warm response out of Berlin, I'll definitely give this a go.



Looks pretty gorgeously shot. I have heard rumblings of Franco being a weak link, but Kidman looks very strong. I will give it a shot.


I saw the film in Berlin, it was very good. Kidman and Pattinson are excellent.


Unfortunately watched this movie and it was the worst movies I have ever seen.

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