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Watch Jordan Firstman’s ‘Sold’ — One of the Best Short Films You’ll See This Year

Watch Jordan Firstman's 'Sold' -- One of the Best Short Films You'll See This Year

Up-and-coming filmmaker Jordan Firstman offered up one of the major short film highlights on the LGBT film festival circuit last year with "The Disgustings," and he’s outdone himself with his followup, "Sold." Released online today, the film works as a sort of sad, Californian "Borat," with Firstman starring alongside a bunch of non-actors as a narcissistic L.A. screenwriter who heads north of the city because he "needs to decompress and not think about the biz" after selling his screenplay.

Tragically hilarious and more insightful than those in the film business might like to admit, "Sold" absolutely deserves 13 minutes of your Tuesdays:

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