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Mads Mikkelsen And Hugh Dancy Released From Their ‘Hannibal’ Contracts

Mads Mikkelsen And Hugh Dancy Released From Their 'Hannibal' Contracts

Is the end truly arriving for “Hannibal“? With NBC cancelling the critically acclaimed show after it has struggled to find consistent ratings, fans have been campaigning for someone else to scoop up the series. However, even as chatter has suggested that Amazon is eyeing the show, nothing has come to fruition just yet, and fannibals may not like this next update.

Deadline reports that the show’s leads, Mads Mikkselsen and Hugh Dancy, are no longer under contract to “Hannibal.” The options for the pair expired last night, leaving them free to pursue other gigs without having to worry about scheduling themselves around the series.  It’s not the most encouraging sign that “Hannibal” will find a new home, and even as producers Gaumont are continuing to have talks with distributors, there are some roadblocks. Firstly, “Hannibal” has an exclusive streaming deal with Amazon which complicates things with new players, and Fuller is already moving on to a new show, “American Gods” at Starz, so any potential fourth season with his involvement would have to wait until his duties are done there.

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That said, both Mikkelsen and Dancy are willing to come back to reprise their shows if “Hannibal” finds a new dinner table to get served on, but for now, they are leaving it behind. And already, Mikkelsen is using his newly freed time to appear in Rihanna‘s gonzo “Bitch Better Have My Money” video which you can watch below. Warning: it’s NSFW.

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Indigo Child

Mads Mikkelsen filmed this video before hannibal was ever cancelled. He must have seen the writing on the wall. No renewal. Taking money for production of garbage like this tells me he Is Not getting any other offers.

btw. If the accountant is the B$tch who owes her money; how come mads Mikkelsen isn’t stripped, hung upside down with his male member flopping and sexually humiliated like the woman in the video is?!? He had control of the money. Disparity of treatment. That’s why.
I would bet money Hugh dancy or Laurence Fishburne would not appear in Sh$t like this.

Indigo Child

Mads Mikkelsen true colors. Graphic violence. Degrading of women. Movie offers must be drying up for him. How sad. No ethics. A low character person appears in vile crap lik this.


hulu, only has 4 episodes of season 3, the first 2 seasons up to now have been on amazon, and i dont trust hulu, cause some of the episodes they shoe look ripped directly from tv with the NBC logo at the bottom of the screen sometimes, and I just looked it is not on netflix, least not in the USA


Amazon does not exclusively hold the right to stream Hannibal. It’s on Netflix & Hulu. Also, Bryan Fuller took on American Gods fully anticipating the possibility of Hannibal Season 4. This article poses an unwarranted fret.

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