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Marvel Salutes Hip-Hop w/ 50 Variant Covers Paying Homage to Classic Albums Covers

Marvel Salutes Hip-Hop w/ 50 Variant Covers Paying Homage to Classic Albums Covers

Marvel is having fun with a new series of more than 50 variant covers that are all homages to classic hip-hop album covers. 

“For years, Marvel Comics and hip-hop culture have been engaged in an ongoing dialogue,” Marvel EIC Axel Alonso said in a press release. “Beginning this October, we will shine a spotlight on the seamless relationship between those two unique forces.”

Apparently, I just haven’t been paying attention folks, or it could be because I’m not a comic book reader, so help me out; what’s this ongoing dialogue between Marvel Comics and hip-hop culture that he’s referring to? Enlighten me.

While I may not know comic books, I do know hip-hop – at least, the hip-hop I grew up with in the late 1980s/early 1990s, so I was able to immediately identify what classic album covers these Marvel interpretations are paying homage to. What about you?

The move is part of the comic book giant’s plans to reissue some of its classic titles, which will happen this fall. This is just an early peek at what’s to come.

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@JAY and @TAMBAY The link between Hip Hop and Marvel goes back as far as the 1980’s. BBoys would pattern picture poses and even graffiti character after the artwork of such artist Jack Kirby and Frank Frazetta. If you watch the video for Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s The Message you’ll get a taste of the Kirby influence on Hip Hop. Over the years the exchange has gone in both directions, and I think we’re at the point when Marvel has decided to capitalize on it. I ain’t gonna lie, I will be collecting most of them. Sidebar, DC did this a year ago with famous Movie covers.


Rick, he actually did play as Spider-Man but it was in the Cartoon, he was in a alternate universe and became Spider-Man when Parker died.


Link to the others? Or is this just a teaser?


Jean Grae made an appearance in Deadpool last year.

Introspective Man

I think Axel Alonso’s statement is a simple (and subtly worded) acknowledgment that people who like hip hop, also read comic books and see superhero movies.

That dialogue also extends comic book references in hip hop songs as well as to artists with superhero inspired names–add Jean Grae, Big Pun and David Banner to that list above.


And the Childish Gambino campaign resulted in Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man


Eminem appeared in a Punisher comic. TI is in Ant-Man. Childish Gambino had a fan campaign for him to be Spider-Man

kid video

They should have done something with X-Men & Public Enemy’s "Nation of Millions" album cover.


Thanks Jay!


"what’s this ongoing dialogue between Marvel Comics and hip-hop culture that he’s referring to?"

Id say its mostly on the part of wu-tang clan – ghostface killah goes by tony stark / iron man (one of his videos even appeared in the first movie, though was later sued for sampling the cartoon theme song, still counts as a "dialogue" between the two though), method man would sometimes go by the name of johnny blaze (though he did the riddler’s themesong for the batman forever soundtrack, so he should be out the club…), inspectah deck has referred to himself as spider man / peter park at times, etc.

theres kool keiths moniker of dr. dooooom, and MF Doom looks an awful lot like victor von doom


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