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Sci-Fi Actor Doug Jones Stars As An Imaginary Friend in ‘My Friend Max’

Sci-Fi Actor Doug Jones Stars As An Imaginary Friend in 'My Friend Max'

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My Friend Max

Logline: “My Friend Max” centers around a bullied young girl, Thea, and the strong bond that she shares with her imaginary friend, Max, after the death of her father at a very young age.

Elevator Pitch: Acclaimed actor Doug Jones (“Pan’s Labyrinth,” the “Hellboy” films, “Hocus Pocus,” “Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer”) has been cast to star alongside award-winning child actress, Kaylynn Burgin. The film will also feature a hit song from Midnight Cinema (formerly known as Thriving Ivory).

Special perks for donors include:
– Doug Jones’ on-screen costume
– Producer credits 
– Digital copies of the finished film
– Autographed posters
– Give a character in the film your own last name

Production Team: 

Steven Luke: Producer (“War Pigs,” “Dust Of War”)
Mikeal Burgin: Producer, Co-Writer, Director (“Special,” “Bring Me A Dream”)
Chuck Mittan: Co-Writer (“Damn It Mamet,” “Leaving Kansas”)
Peter WIgand: DIrector fo Photography (“Dust Of War,” “Destroyer”)
Chris Canfield: Production Desiger (“Dust Of War,” “War Pigs”)

About the Film: Typically a horror/thriller director, I wanted to do something a little more tame, with a very mild supernatrual element. I’ve always been intrigued by imaginary friend stories. There is so much to explore in the imagination of children, and there are no rules in a child’s creative mind, so the concept was one that I had thought about for quite a while. Instead of it being horrific, I decided to make it heart-wrenching and very relatable to everyone who’s ever experienced losing someone close to your heart. This is a story about growing up, finding yourself, and taking chances.

Current Status: Pre-production fundraising for September shoot.

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Zach Tindell

I met mike through the Dead In Decatur Film Festival, he had come to do a Q&A after they had aired his short Special. At the end of the Q&A Mikeal talked to us about My Friend Max, and I have been excited ever since then to see it.

Todd Slawsby

Got to know Mikeal when our short films were on the festival circuit together and was – and am – impressed with his directorial vision. Can’t wait to see whatever comes next!

Mikey Taylor

I have been following the progress of this project since the beginning and am very excited to see what Mikeal brings to the table. After seeing his work on Bring Me A Dream and Special I quickly became a fan. The addition of Doug Jones to this film really raises the bar for this talented team of folks. I for one am looking forward to seeing this on the big screen at one of the fine festivals that it is sure to screen at. Best of luck to Team Max, this one is sure to make an impact on the circuit.

Brent Brandt

This is a great group of people working on this film. I can’t wait till the final project is finished.

Nic Barker

Mikeal’s fantastic past two films have me very excited for this new one. Massive coup getting Doug Jones too! I know this dedicated cast and crew will do a wonderful job!

Cyndi Hall

Mikeal has a passion for acting and film making and it comes out in each piece that he does. Kaylynn is lovely and an accomplished actor like Doug Jones will help create a great short.

Kathy Davidson

How can someone not be excited to see this film.

Julie Burgin

This is going to be Mikeal’s best movie yet! Each film he has done has won awards and this one has already been getting attention from film festivals. I can’t wait to see what Mikeal has come up with in this project! It will be an award winner for sure!

Pat Atkinson

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike many times, and am very much looking forward to this project and all of the amazing cast and crew that I have the opportunity to both reunite with, and meet for the first time. This is a very sweet and lovely film for all ages!

Tadd Good

Judging from the work from each of the individuals involved, this project is going to be awesome. Who doesn’t love Doug Jones?

Erik Ostberg

It’s such an amazing opportunity to be able to work on this film. I’m new to the crew but the passion these filmmakers have is inspiring. Can’t wait to start filming! It’s going to be an amazing film.

Lorene Cook

Can’t wait to see this .micheal burgin has shown great progress in his movie career.Also his writing

Paul Freese

So excited for this, always interested in Okapi Films!

Sally Hehlke

I’m so excited, I can hardly wait! Love all of Mikeals films. I have a good feeling this one is really going to be an extra good one!

Chuck Mittan

Having seen Mikeal’s work, I was honored to be asked to work on this script with him. We had a great collaborative time and I’m quite proud of our results. Can’t wait to see it!

Dead In Decatur

Special was a big hit at this year’s festival. I can’t wait to see what you guys put together this time.

Lou Bolster

It has been my good fortune to work with Mike Burgin on ‘bring Me A Dream’ and ‘Special’. Mike has an awesome vision coupled with a very professional work ethic. I am so excited to be a part of this project – ‘My Friend Max’!

Daniel Hampel

It’s any movie producers dream to support such a project. For a small donation you can become a producer and have your name attached to a film that will sweep the circuit like WILDFIRE. I encourage all supporters to not miss out on such a wide-open opportunity to enter the film world with a loud bang or simply add a major credit to your already existing resume. Donate today, you’ll only be doing yourself a favor.

James Edmunds

Every principle member of this team has a history of doing great projects. My Friend Max is really something to look forward to. That’s just based on past history. My Friend Max is already giving off waves of good energy. I want to see this film produced because I want to see this film!

Jacob O'Neal

What’s not to love here? Mikeal and Doug Jones doing a movie about an imaginary friend. I was always a big fan of Harvey and know Mikeal has it in him to wonderful things with this premise. And Doug Jones adds a certain grace and wonder to everything he does whether in or out of make up. Color me excited. I’m hoping to have Mikeal on my podcast (The Gorram Nerd Hour) soon to talk about it. Can’t wait. His Work Is Always entertaining.

Kara Strabala

I am so excited for this film. Every one of Mikeals films gets better and better! Keep up the good work! I will have my box of Kleenex ready when I watch it!

Jamie Burgin

I was able to work with Mike on Special and with every movie he writes, he raises the bar. My Friend Max is going to be amazing; can’t wait!

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