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The 25 Best Action Movies Of The 21st Century So Far

The 25 Best Action Movies Of The 21st Century So Far

10. “13 Assassins” (2010) 
You know that odd/even rule about “Star Trek” movies? Imagine that, but if there was no rhyme or reason to whether the movies were good or not, and if a “Star Trek” movie came out every four months, and you begin to understand what it’s like to follow Japanese actor/director/general superstar Takashi Miike. But every so often, something like “13 Assassins” comes along, and you remember why you loved Mr. Miike so much in the first place. A “Seven Samurai”-style epic about a baker’s-dozen of badasses planning to kill a mad aristocrat, it’s a slow-burner, but one that explodes gloriously when the climax comes with a giant battle sequence (featuring Hollywood-level production values) that Kurosawa would be proud of. Perhaps if Miike slowed his output a little, we’d have more like this, and less like, well, “Zebraman 2,” the director’s other 2010 picture.
9. “Crank” (2006)
If part of the value of any action film is in how well it sets up its thrills, there is a zen-like purity to the premise of “Crank” (and, to a lesser extent, its even-more-gonzo sequel “High Voltage“) that must place it high on any list of action greats. Here, the enormously underrated Jason Statham, revelling in the awesome moniker Chev Chelios, through a completely preposterous series of events, must keep his adrenaline levels elevated…or die! Cue a frenetic series of skits, courtesy of no-holds-barred absurdity merchants Neveldine/Taylor, in which Chelios tried to find the bad guys, while picking fights, snorting coke, stealing police motorbikes, having sex in public, and generally engaging in the most reckless behavior he can — anything to keep the blood pumping. Massive props would be due for devising this event-horizon action plot hook even if the film were less fun — but it’s also an inventive, hilarious blast.
8. “John Wick” (2014)
A pair of stunt co-ordinators-turned-directors’ debut film, an unashamedly B-movie premise, starring an actor whose most indelible recent contribution to the pop culture scene came in the form of a meme in which he morosely eats a sandwich? Can you blame any of us for being blindsided by just how much fun Chad Stahelski and David Leitch‘s “John Wick,” starring Keanu Reeves, turned out to be? Taking a leaf from the less-is-more plotting of classic films like “Point Blank” and “Le Samourai, ‘ and bundling it up into a revenge Western archetype, the film delivers lean, taciturn, gun-fu thrills in abundance, and shows off exceptional fight choreography and editing (Stahelski and Leitch are both experienced second-unit helmers too). Many have predicted a “Taken“-style renaissance for Reeves as a result, but frankly ‘Wick’ is miles better than the Liam Neeson vehicle, not least because chief among its virtues is a sly awareness of its own silliness, however straight it’s played.7. “Mission: Impossible  Ghost Protocol” (2011)
With ‘Rogue Nation‘ opening this weekend, perhaps we may revise which ‘Mission: Impossible’ film we include here eventually, but right now it feels like Brad Bird‘s fourth entry is the one that deserves all the action props. While previous entries all had their moments — even the terrible second film had that great rock climbing sequence at the start — ‘Ghost Protocol’ simply strung more of them together in a more coherent form than any of the other films. So we get sandstorm chases, Kremlin bombings, alleyway assassinations, and, of course, Tom Cruise breaking into a high-up room in the Burj Khalifa, from the outside. But maybe most impressively, Bird managed to invest the often rather weightless franchise antics with some actual heft — there is a visceral sense of the real possibility of physical harm that is thrilling, and moments where even Teflon super spy Ethan Hunt seems amazed he’s still on his feet.
6. “The Bourne Ultimatum” (2007)
We, or rather our spy franchises, live in such a post-Bourne world these days that it can be easy to overlook just what a tectonic shift the series represented in terms of how big-budget action films could be approached. While Doug Liman‘s first entry, “The Bourne Identity,” did the work in terms of establishing a new, real-world tone, it is really Paul Greengrass‘ nervy handheld docudrama style that redefined the action landscape, and of his two go-rounds, ‘Ultimatum’ is the more satisfying film. It also contains the single best action set piece of the series to date, a neat encapsulation of everything ‘Bourne’ did differently from the glossy, gadget-driven spy-jinks of yore: the foot chase through a crowded Waterloo station. Simply a masterclass in gritty action, it uses nothing more than tense cutting, comprehensible sight lines, and hundreds of extras in an enclosed space to create one of the most thrilling and genuinely perilous-feeling action sequences in recent memory. 

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John Stark

Only made it thru page one, but this is the worst list i’ve ever seen. All Is Lost? Not an Action movie, much less top 25. What are these movies? Black hat? WOW someone here has terrible taste.


    The patriot (mel gibson), under siege, tombstone, bravehart, gangs of new york, 300, etc etc ALL deservef a place in this list and #1 zhoulda been gladiator


Good List. Although I think I would have included mentioning Heywire which had some fantastic action sequences.

Actual Action Fan

Who the F made this list? No debate over Mad Max being top 1, (or 2 or 3, will not drop further thankfully).

But rest of this lost is sh**. Some are great, (Raid, Good Bad and Ugly, Crank) but no 300 in main list?


    I was looking forward to Fury Road so much, but 30 minutes in thought it was a pile of shit. I stayed because I’d paid for the ticket, but it didn’t improve. Don’t know what people see in it at all.

Mr. Everett

I guess neither The Dark Knight nor The Winter Soldier deserve any consideration. Good list, anyway.


How can you not put troy on this list or kung fu killer smh.


"Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" had 10 Oscar nominations, it won 4.


I’m a big fan of Day of Reckoning and am curious as to where it might have landed if it wasn’t discounted. Care to indulge my interest with a rough guess?

John Stark

It seems like these picks are based on these movies having great action scenes, but many of these movies aren’t complete films. I prefer a well told story with action elements vs. non-stop action that has very little point.


Not a bad list but I think Dredd and Edge of Tomorrow deserve to actually be on the list. And I think Raid 2 deserves either a tie with its originator or a solo spot.

John Stark

Maybe these aren’t straight action movies so you chose to exclude them, but where is: LOTR, Minority Report, SpiderMan 2, The Incredibles, Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Iron Man, Children of Men, 300, Beowulf, Inception, Tron Legacy, Django, The Avengers, Fury and so many more.


How about Rambo? One of the best pure action movies of any century?


‘Blackhat’? Are you serious?

tristan eldritch

Eternal respect for having the balls and taste to put BLACKHAT in there, but DREDD is a pretty serious omission.

Charles Parlapanides

Where is Tony Scott’s MAN ON FIRE? Or even THE PROPHET. You could argue the later is more a drama. But there is no excuse to leave MAN ON FIRE off this list.


I love this site but this list is suspect at best. The Raid 2 is an improvement in every way over The Raid but it gets mentioned, it should be in the top 5! Agree with the above gotta have Dark Knight, Winter Solider, and maybe The Avengers in there as well. Also where is Edge of Tomorrow? City of God? The Guest? You’re Next? So much missing.


Where on earth is Haywire?

The Guy

It’s funny because a lot of these movies are pretty damn terrible. "Lucy" alone makes this a terrible list.


I like the DGAF nature of this list. Although I’m against lists in principle, I more or less approve.


Are you trolling with Us? This list is awful!


Great list, but I would argue that BOURNE SUPREMACY is by far the better film. It has an emotional heart that ULTIMATUM lacks, and a pure and simple goal, revenge for the girl’s murder, along with the compelling need Bourne has to atone for his sins. The series could honestly have ended there for me. The third film is fun, but it was clearly being written as they went along, and much of the structure of it is copied form the previous film, down to the final car chase where he drives the villain into a tunnel divider. SUPREMACY and EDGE OF TOMORROW are my two favorite action movies of the last decade.


Wait a sec… The first "Raid" over it’s sequel?? Madness. That end fight in the restaurant ALONE casts a shadow over most of this list.


Dredd, Shoot Em’ Up and the Guest belong in the top 10 of this list, as opposed to being omitted completely.

Kenny Ritchie

Depressing that Mad Max: Fury Road came out on top. Most overrated movie of the year. Really wanted to like the movie, but found myself bored a lot of the way through it.


"Old boy" one if the finest action movies


Please stop with the lengthy "honorable mentions" after you do a list. It defeats the purpose and ruins the fun of making a list in the first place.

John Conner

While I was happy to see The Good, The Bad, and The Weird, I find it surprising that The Man from Nowhere did not make the cut for the main list. It is one of the very few movies that I feel can compare to The Raid and Mad Max Fury Road. Good list other than that minor nitpick.


I don’t agree with all of this list, but it’s weird enough to make it interesting, and that’s what I like to see in a list. Also, I loved Vlackhat and I’m glad to see it getting some love, even if I wouldn’t classify it as a straight action movie.


Vlackhat=Blackhat of course.

The Little Lebowski

Only need to see the first page. This list is horrible. Lucy? Blackhat? This stupidity will not stand, man. This is generally a great site, but you’re shooting yourself in the toe with this tripe.


Any compilation of greatest action movies must have the Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy involved. Even Gareth Evans’ raved about it and is one of the most faithful live-action anime adaptations to date. It reinvigorates swordplay and samurai genre and expands on its possibilities.


Can’t argue with the top 3 there. They’d be my exact choices.


The Raid 2 is better than all of these movies put together, even the first one.


The Bourne Supremacy should have been mentioned as well.


"All is Lost" is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.


Unstoppable? Black hat? All is lost? WTF is this list? John Wick on 8th position?!


Wow, this is one hilariously bad list. Oldboy, Children of Men, Hot Fuzz, Running Scared(kills overrated Fast and the Furious films), The Way of the Gun, Narc, Harsh Times, Dog Soldiers(or any of Neil Marshall’s films really), and you put Mad Max number one? Jesus. Yes, that film was better than Battle Royale?) End of Watch, The Guest, Snowpiercer… Bad Boys 2 is better. Oh, and The Raid and The Raid 2 should be number 1 and number 2. Some people are so obsessed with CGI, people who can’t do their own stunts, PG-13 action that is very sanitized. Jet Li did make a pretty good American film with Kiss of the Dragon and that film KILLS most movies on your list. Well done!


While this lis has some great entries, (Mi: Ghost Protocol, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Raid, Mad Max: Fury Road, etc.), and some other are debatable entries. However, I can´t grasp the fact that Lucy and Blackhat made it into the list.


Nice list, but no Expendables movies? Maybe the Stallone movies are a genre all on their own.

Mr. White

Wow! Bad Boys 2! hahaha…. This has to be one of the worst lists of all time.


Honestly, only about 5-10 of these movies deserve to be on here. One of the worst lists I’ve ever seen about movies.


Lucy, Fast Five… And no Time and Tide, Spider-Man 2, Speed Racer, Blade 2 or Miami Vice ? Very bad list, except for Fury Road and Ghost Protocol and some others. Also Blackhat is a masterpiece that will be reassessed in the future.


Talk about a shallow click bait article.

Are these articles put together 15 minutes before your lunch break?

Have you heard of Kathryn Bigelow before? My suggestion is, if your going to put these movies together in a list, educate us on your reasons why.



Marcus Kempton

I would definitely add Tsui Hark’s TIME AND TIDE to this list.


I can accept that some of these movies are on the list for their actions sequences, and the action sequences alone, but how does Captain America: The Winter Soldier not even make it to the honorable mentions??


Bang Rajang, Ninja Assassin, Django Unchained


First Blood

Zach D.

Mostly good, solid choices (the inclusion of ‘Bad Boys II’ is questionable). And you can’t really argue with that Top 3. Still, there are some noteworthy action flicks that are curiously missing: ‘Drive’, ‘300’, ‘V for Vendetta’, and ‘A History of Violence’.

Stanley Kubrick

This list is a joke.


Wow. Just wow. 15 years of movies, and I’d say 3 of these deserve to be in the top 25.


I can’t believe LUCY made the list but TAKEN is in honourable mentions.


Where is A bittersweet life????

Vaughan Johnson

Not only was Gladiator a terribly dull movie, it wasn’t released in the 21st century.


Very strange list indeed.
And where is Dredd?

other song

These hipster newbies gotta stop writing columns. It’s always the same ol crap. Make some list, pepper it with a couple worthy admissions, then cap it off with a ludicrous #1 that likely just came out (and the writer may or may not be paid to dickride)

Mr. Nitpick

Well, the year 2000 actually belongs to the 20th century (think of it, there was no year 0, like there is no day 0 of any month or month 0 of any year), so "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" doesn’t belong on this list. Still, it is a fantastic action movie (forget that: it is a fantastic movie overall).


Vaughan, Gladiator came out in 2000. That was the first year of the 21st century.

Mike Connell

What they needed to do was define what qualifies as an action movie, and what excludes it. Thrillers and action movies overlap a great deal. If an action movie is not thrilling, it’s vapid. So why can’t Munich, the Departed, Stander, or a Death Proof make this list?


Mr. Nitpick, that’s like saying that the year 1900 belongs to the 19th century.


gladiator, memento, snatch, traffic, lord of the rings, borne identity, city of god, hero, minority report, munich, sin city, 300, casino royal, avatar… your list has a lot of c/d movies, i think you might have been going for a ‘so bad it’s good’ sorta thing with fast furious type movies?


Omg thanks for the list, I’ve been debating watching Raid 2 without Raid 1. Also wasn’t planning on watching MadMax until now…


Brilliant list. To the guys that don’t think so. … trying watching these movies first !


Anything else you think deserved a mention?

Romeo Must Die, The One, Terminator 3, The Rundown, The Punisher, National Treasure, Indiana Jones 4, Run All Night, The Equalizer, Non-Stop, White House Down, Safe, Premium Rush, Jack Reacher, Switch, Hanna, Mission Impossible 4, Kick-Ass, The Expendables, Machete, Knight and Day, Salt, Faster, RED, Vengeance, Danny the Dog, Mr & Mrs Smith, The Bourne Identity, Homefront,….

Steve Whalls

This is one of the worst list of action movies I’ve ever seen. A lot of the honourable mentions are waaay better than your picks. Torque? Blackhat? LUCY? Are you high?

Alain Nallana

Totally agree with Mad Max. Blew my mind! Nicholas Hoult’s character did it for me.


i liked blackhat, but i wouldn’t call it an Action Movie. Same for Lucy, All Is Lost. Glad to see 13 Assassins, though, along with the usual suspects.

Did i miss Casino Royale in this list?


No Oldboy? Ever seen that movie? It deserves to be at least in the Top 5!


Anyone consider the Japanese thriller Outrage ? Talk about action and gangsters and plenty of action ! And then there is Beyond Outrage too !

julian gerzanich

this list sucks this critic hasn’t good expertise the americna film slected are god awful the Asian one belong on the list but not in order they are


Just wondering about a couple of movies – Skyfall, District 13 among the few I was wondering left out. Since I haven’t seen 4 of the films listed here, I can’t realise criticise but I was wondering nevertheless. Casino Royale better than Skyfall? Really?


The Dark Knight should have been on here.


If we are being technical, any movie that was released in 2000 is part of the 20th century. However, how can ‘The Incredibles’ not be in the top three… or left off the list completely?!? The action, characters, and poignant themes are as deep (well, better) as the best live action films. It is number one in my book for this century. And where the heck is ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’?!?!? Just kidding on that last one… ;)


Great list. Good mix of Hollywood and euro/asian cinema. People will argue over the numbers, since they are obviously experts. But Taking the list as a whole and not just by number, it’s a pretty good one. Would have Edge of tomorrow knock one of the 25 out though :)


Blackhat and Lucy on a "Best action movies" list? Are you joking? Fast Five?! this is just insulting.


    See my lists of all-time great action movies on my blogger page!See my lists of all-time great action movies on my blogger page!

The "That's A Bad List" Guy

This is a mediocre list. Some good entries but far too many that do not belong or are placed too high.


How about Snowpiecer? Or is that to Sci-Fi?


for anyone who complained LOTR!!

Saw htwe


Saw htwe


Jack Burton

Great list, especially the honorable mentions. You left out a ton, but 25 is pretty cramped. I’d love to see your top 2500. Let’s have have a beer some time and discuss it…actually, make it a six demon bag.


maybe spend more time talking about the actual film? and less time talking about remakes etc. awful

Bruce Nims

Come on guys. Dredd should have been on this list.

chris freeman

oh my fucking god, there is no fucking way mad max is the best of any list the dark knight is a far better action film, fucking memento, and more frankly the fact this movie really has no plot or story and a realized world yes a lot of sand and a fucking flame guitar is definitely a realized world were do they get gas for all this fire and there vehicles were do they get all this chrome spray

Chris Freeman

the hateful eight is a better action flick the avengers


One of the best top-something lists I’ve seen. Well thought out and I like the deliberate and courageous decision to step away from the obvious. Great job guys.

R-G Vigil

Django: unchained. Will Smith?

Don pierro


Don pierro



well I watched the film unstoppable and I have never seen a film as bad in my life..a runaway train where the train driver jumps off and the throttle lever goes over to high speed its self lol..

brian january

See my lists of all-time great action movies on my blogger page!


Watched "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" based upon your review. I will never get that 2 hours back. How can you rate that as "one of the best" action movies? Absolutely atrocious, with little story per se and action scenes that were pretty dull and not particularly engaging.

Truly awful movie and questionable review.

Jimmy C

This list is fucking horrible… whoever made this obviously had never seen an action movie
please delete this entire website for even being a part of this insulting list

Soumit Nath

As a die hard action fan I take this list as an insult. Page 2 and I’m done going through the rest. Some films are good for sure but the rest are simply unimaginable.

Hasani Din

How DOES 300 not make it? How come the matrix is not here? ANd How does Ip man take an honorable mention. I’m filming an action movie this summer and Whoever made this list is getting shot in the opening credits! UN-Believable smh


Wow, horrible list. They might have 5 of them right. All is lost make the list? get real.


Dude, where is Replacement Killers


Eww Mad Max! And there is no Jean Claude Van Damme!


The new mad max movie is almost unwatchable.


I don’t like this list.

K frempong

Add your voice to the conversation…nico��


London to Brighton deserves more mention than some on the list

Luke Action

Sounds right to me, but what about Rambo,The Kingdom(Though that’s kinda a war movie) 2012, 300, Machete and Die Hard 4.0?

Zane oo


Zane oo


Rohan masud

Where is Terminator 2??

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your list is full of shit accept few of them.


Mad Max as number 1? Seriously? If it had been called anything but Mad max I may have said it was an okay car chase movie. As a Mad Max it neither made sense nor was riveting.


Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

Saheed Oladele

I guess this needs an update


They might have 5 of them right


See my lists of all-time great action movies on my blogger page!

    Emily Lorenzen

    yo yo ma man, ma homeslice, homedawg

Mike Hunt

what the fuck does a fast and furious movie doing on this list?blasphemy

John Sim

For me, the best movies are from Marvel studios, and I think that this video will show you:


Mad Max Fury Road as number 1 is a joke. No originality and no Mel Gibson. This whole list is bunk.


Cool down everyone.. This list is based on his personal interest ….


Lucy, what the actual fuck, I don’t think i’ve ever watched such a steaming pile of shit, that is time i’ll never get back, shitty website!!

    Emily Lorenzen

    those are not good swears


this stupid list ever!if u want made a list please make sure what a genre is….if u got lots of stupid,keep it some for later used.

Travis Meadows

Main problem with this list is two things 2014 had John wick and live die repeat. And besides the newest mad Max they are the greatest things to grace the big screen. John wick especially. Mad Max is the only single greatest movie of the 2000s forward besides those two.

Bob John

“21st century” People get triggered for not including action movies from the 90’s. Fucken shitbrains.

Herman Susanto

The Raid 2: Berandal should be 1 of this list

Herman Susanto

Adn what about Dirty Harry?


Good collections


Just finished watching Fast Five. It’s my new Batman and Robin! It’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, ever! Shit! Shit! Shit! A proper “colander” movie, so full of plot holes and ridiculous scenarios. The only one of the Fast/furious movies I’ve seen and definitely the last.. All those responsible for making it should be utterly ashamed of themselves.. Especially the director. Lazy , lame-brained bollox.. My shits are Mona Lisa’s compared to this movie..

Duncan Green

Who makes these lists? How on earth can you have Mad Max Fury Road at number one? It was a good file of course but better than Bourne? Better than Crouching Tiger? Never!




The best part of this article is the comments.


Bushido man is underrated in my opinion.Action focused without taking itself top seriously and the set up scenes are as indulgent as the fighting.


Well,i was happy to c ‘POLICE STORY’ up there.nd am overjoyed to c my cherished’MAD MAX’ i thought, ‘PLANET OF THE APES’,’THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM’ wuld be there


Lucy” is one of the best movie in the world


crank is better then Gladiator???? some good movies no usual suspects?? not a lot of time put into this or you have not watched enough movies. I think if you flip your list and start with number one first, nobody will look at the rest of the list after seeing number ONE.

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