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‘Top Of The Lake’ Season 2 Starts Shooting This Year, Elisabeth Moss Returns

'Top Of The Lake' Season 2 Starts Shooting This Year, Elisabeth Moss Returns

Last year came the exciting news that “Top Of The Lake,” Jane Campion‘s terrific TV series, wouldn’t just be a one-off, but would return for a new round of episodes. Details were hazy at the time, but today comes an update that will have our eyes ready for the show’s return, hopefully in 2016.

IF reports that Elisabeth Moss will reprise her role as Detective Robin Griffin, and this time around, she’ll be investigating a case in Harbour City, Hong Kong, with the trade also noting the new series will be “set and shot in Sydney.” So perhaps the Detective will be bouncing between locales? Jane Campion and Gerard Lee are back to write the scripts, and Campion will go behind the camera to co-direct as well, with another helmer to be named later (Garth Davis co-directed the first season). All around, this is every exciting stuff.

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Production is slated to begin in December, which likely means that another feature from Campion is probably a ways off. But if the second season of “Top Of The Lake” is as peerless at the first, that won’t matter to us one iota. 

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The first one was magnificent to bad it did not win a emmy it only. Won for a golden globe moss is magnificent on TV she do magnificent work


Are people insane? Top of the Lake S1 was an absolute pile of crap. So badly written and put together. Just awful. Well shot, but that was about it.


I would never have expected the team behind TOTL S1 to return for a follow up.
I am glad everyone is back on board. But you could just easily leave this series where it is at. The first part was a masterpiece and full realized. All this talent could venture into other projects.
mmmmm why oh why…


I really enjoyed Top of the Lake so I’m excited about this new season. One thing though, after reading the original IF article you linked I don’t think it will be set in Hong Kong and Sydney. ‘Harbour City’ is Sydney’s nickname in Australia like the ‘Big Apple’ is for New York. I don’t think the author meant Hong Kong.


Hopefully this season won’t have a stupid twist ending like the first.


Great news, also wondering if this is what Nicole Kidman was talking about when she said she’d be next working with Campion. They’ll need some strong performers to match Holly Hunter and Peter Mullan.

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