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Colin Trevorrow Confirmed As The Director Of ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

Colin Trevorrow Confirmed As The Director Of 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

Well, it’s official. Today at D23, Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn announced that “Jurassic World” writer-director Colin Trevorrow will direct “Star Wars: Episode IX,” which is set for release in 2019 (this was the rumor that came out right before Comic-Con).

While production won’t begin for a few years, Trevorrow is heading to Lucasfilm this year to begin working with artists and his fellow ‘Star Wars’ directors. “Colin is someone I’ve been interested in working with ever since I saw ‘Safety Not Guaranteed,’” says Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. “The power of that film paired with the enormous success of ‘Jurassic World’ speaks volumes about his abilities both as a storyteller and skilled filmmaker. We are thrilled to have such an incredible talent as Colin join our family and step into the Star Wars universe.”

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Trevorrow states, “This is not a job or an assignment. It is a seat at a campfire, surrounded by an extraordinary group of storytellers, filmmakers, artists and craftspeople. We’ve been charged with telling new stories for a younger generation because they deserve what we all had — a mythology to call their own. We will do this by channeling something George Lucas instilled in all of us: boundless creativity, pure invention and hope.”

“Star Wars: Episode IX” will conclude the third trilogy of ‘Star Wars’ movies that begins with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” on December 18, 2015. Meanwhile, the first poster for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” from artist Drew Struzan, has been revealed via Collider. Note it has John Boyega with a lightsaber. Is that a tease for his character as a new Jedi in the film? Or just a nod to one of the original “Star Wars” posters that also had Han Solo holding a lightsaber for what turned out to be for no apparent reason. Also of note, J.J. Abrams revealed the current run time of the film. For the moment, the film is running at about 124 minutes.

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Give it to the Trost Bros.


LA2000 keeping it 100% over here…

Real Reality Check

Huh? How so? They actually gave Jurassic World a good review, interviewed him and actually admired the underrated movie that snobs dismissed because one person died who didn’t "deserve" to.

Reality Check

If the writers on this site had it their way this poor guy would still be chasing funding for $2 million indi flicks…


Glad there are other commenters who feel the way I do about Treverrow. Safety Not Guaranteed was an interesting concept, but executed without any real charm or surprises.


Trevorrow is the flavour of the month, hopefully they’ll realise like with Trank that he’s overrated. JW was good but not great and SNG was okay, plus he’s got a face I just wanna punch again,again and again!!


That poster is not good. The posters for "Star Wars" and "Empire Strikes Back" were both built around the iconography of the set pieces, not the faces of the actors. This may be Struzan, but it’s lazy. It looks like a painting of an "Entertainment Weekly" cover.

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