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Kickstart This: ‘As the FREAK Takes You’ – A New Film by Ka’ramuu Kush

Kickstart This: 'As the FREAK Takes You' - A New Film by Ka'ramuu Kush

Thanks for checking out my feature directorial feature debut, “as the FREAK takes you.” Yes, you can laugh, we’re having fun on this one! But we’re also asking some tough questions around transgressive practices, the expression of female sexuality, and its liberation from the patriarchal gaze; all things that i grapple with myself as a man and an artist. 

Throughout my short films to date, I’ve been compelled by, what I LOVE, female protagonists who demonstrate a balance of social, spiritual, and psychological rigor without sacrificing their humanity or sexuality. There simply aren’t enough of these characters being depicted in movies today. 

Thus, i resolved that …FREAK… would be an ideal piece to mark my career as a feature filmmaker. since announcing the project, we’ve raised $21,000 toward pre-production, garnered some amazing press and have been blessed with the support of a few ridiculously talented artists, inclusive of legendary OSCAR NOMINATED writer/director JOHN SINGLETON, who will be functioning as executive producer.

Now all we need is YOU! yes YOU, the person reading this who is either a woman or sincere lover and ally of women, like myself!

We’ve created an exciting crowdfunding campaign that we hope you’ll enjoy, want to support and share with your friends. so please keep reading, or – stop reading and hit visit the Kickstarter campaign page to contribute for $1 or $100. If you’re feeling extra sexy, drop $1,000 stack on us toward our stretch goal! And don’t forget, it’s all 100% tax-deductible through our non-profit conduit FROM THE HEART PRODUCTIONS.

Making a film within the Hollywood system with an unknown female lead is seemingly impossible. Making a film within the Hollywood system that seriously deals with female sexuality is virtually non-existent. So we’re going outside of the Hollywood system… no middle men or Hollywood to blame for the stories that we’re NOT seeing. And, we need allies who feel as strongly as we do that STORIES FEATURING COMPLEX FEMALE LEADS NEED TO BE TOLD. Hoping you’ll join us. 

Most kickstarter campaigns are burdened with hitting a certain financial mark (crowdfunding) and left to wonder if the film will ever reach it’s audience. Our campaigns purpose is to focus on reaching it’s audience FIRST (crowdsourcing), in addition to raising a minimal amount to get the film made, which for us is $100,000. We understand that it takes a community to make a movie successful. That community is YOU. 

More important than your money, we need your advocacy.

Not to be dismissed as just another hyper-sexualized film about gratuitous sex, as the FREAK takes you, gets it’s title from the archaic use of the word “freak”, contextually defined as: A sudden arbitrary change of mind; a whim: as in “follow this way or that way, as the freak takes you. 

Like it’s main character Summer Hughes, as the FREAK takes you will not pander to any one depiction of love, nor will it ask permission to tackle a complex idea. Instead, it will boldly pose controversial questions such as:

– At what point in a relationship does “privacy” become “hiding”?
– In a relationship with no rules, what are the guidelines? 
– Should a woman be as sexually liberated as a man? 

These are some of the questions that will be dramatized in this film and we need your active participation to make it happen! 

We welcome you to join us as we tackle this humorous, sexy and piercingly intelligent film-in-the-making. 


See legendary jazz singer/actress ABBEY LINCOLN, the inspiration for our main character SUMMER HUGHES, speak on marriage and polygamy (circa 1979), and continue to read below:


After an exhaustive nationwide search, we’ve discovered our muse, C. ADELE WILLIAMS (photo above). We’re especially excited to be introducing C. Adele for all the reasons that inform why most women, be it either access or aesthetic value, are not typically afforded opportunities in Hollywood. She comprises soooo many of the elements that will bring this provocative character to life. We can’t wait to share her with you!


Detroit is as much a character in the film as it is our setting with it’s vibrant culture, rich history and resurrecting artistic community. In recent years Detroit has been burdened with the label of being a dying city when this couldn’t be further from the truth. With this film we’re looking to highlight all the things that make this city as exciting, sexy and empowering as our lead character Summer Hughes. By reaching our stretch goal of $100,000 we will be able to shoot in Detroit and not be forced to sacrifice this crucial character.

For the rest of our campaign story, and to help us bring this project to fruition, visit our Kickstarter campaign page here

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ka'ramuu kush

wow! …appreciate the interest and few kind words. looking forward to sharing all the hard work of all the good people involved upon completion! my best.


I’m not aware of the previous article from last year or crowd sourcing drive. Just from an advocate’s perspective you have Fifty shades of Grey, Magic Mike’s, Blue is the Warmest Color, Nymphomaniac, Sex Tape, ect. I think most opponents of this project are in the "where did the previous money go" or "this project is pretentious" or both. I’m only speaking from the pretentious aspect of the yet to be released film. Blue is the Warmest Color and Nymphomaniac are 100% contrived wish fulfillment fantasy. I’ve yet to meet any woman of any nationality that has the frequency and diversity of sexual encounters these women have in either film. Both of these films had rated x sex scenes that were BORING. Why was it boring, because the premise wasn’t believable to begin with. How many black films go off the rails when it comes to a reality factor. Black cinema has this "keep it real" barrier that prevents us from exploring any topic outside of comedy, drama, and crime. Most black films explore sex from an infidelity standpoint. Other than "She’s Gotta Have It" I can’t think of a "Black" film in which sex was explored from a enjoyment factor. White film makers get to explore ALL artistic endeavors they deem necessary. Black film makers rarely go there so why is the barrier so high. Like Spike Lee said at least see the film first before you make a judgement.


Great someone is copying and pasting my write ups. I’m so done with s & a. You give him a platform, I hope Ben Carson is next. I’m going to women and hollywood. Peace.

Team Kush!!!

Another YEA voice in the crowd.. "It seems to me that some of you commenting have your own biases and hang-ups, and agendas. You are blasting, very ignorantly I might add, about something that has yet to be made. You’ve read no script. You’ve seen no film. Yet, now you are now armed and ready to go all in on this brother. I just have to wonder, what is your aim, what is your intention, what is your role and purpose? How can you speak, without bearing witness? You sound like bitter, constricted, holier than though crabs in a bucket, and its quite ugly, and rude. No one has to agree with everyone, or every piece of work created. Did you ever stop and think that maybe there is something you could LEARN from what will be shown? Or have you ALL been shown to be prophets, and have seen the end? Maybe this film is not for you….and if that is the case, leave it at that…and move on…your words are of no use here, and frankly I cant imagine that you’d feel better about yourself for leaving you long list of complaints, do you? Have a nice day & take care :)

Concerned Reader # 39

Votes have arrived. Shanna said "This isn’t a typical objectification of women? Are you serious? Tambay, why are you constantly promoting this delusional brother? Seriously, Ka’ramuu Kush what is a matter with you? When I first saw you asking for money at work and was embarrassed to see the nearly nude woman on the page, I should of stopped there. So your telling me there are no other stories out there, you could possibly tell without writing some sex fantasy porn movie. And you really need 100K to tell this story? If your wondering why your not going to reach your goal, think about it."


@ FilmWontBeShot, you could be right, successful movies have been made on a budget far lower than 20k. To that point, what have they been doing for the last 9 months… and where did the 20k go? In reference to your comment… "[the film] will be mostly people sitting in apartments or restaurants talking"… I doubt that. Well, the synopsis said the lead will be in a triad of simultaneous love affairs with a bi-racial lesbian woman, a bi-sexual white man and a celibate black man. Hence the Abbey Lincoln video in which she speaks about her desire to move away from traditional unions, in favor of a polygamous relationship. So I doubt there will be a bunch of people "sitting around" talking. Nope, it appears they won’t be "sitting" at all, but instead they’ll be f******* 24/7. In fact, the original casting call made it clear that the lead actress need not be a seasoned actor. But she had to be limber, loose… and not habor sexual inhibitions. Now, in defense of what I assume will be those who view this as soft porn and the objectification of black women, Mr. Kush (in another post) said " The role does require nudity but this is not a typical objectification of women. More than "Tits & Ass", it’s a celebration of the natural female form". Hmmmmmm… okay, is that game or is Ka’rammuu (with this film) really trying to give black women a platform which speaks to their needs and desires. Or, as many have suggested, is Ka’rammuu’s yet to be made film and defense, just another poor excuse to exploit another black actress who may view this film as a great addition to her resume? You make the call… Game? Soft Porn flick? A celebration of the natural female form? Just another hyper-sexualized film about gratuitous sex? Two good-o-boys, Kush & Singleton who said "we’re having fun on this one (while getting their voyeurism on) at the expense of a nieve black actress? Again, you/y’all make the call. Based on the many questions surrounding this project, and the "tone" of the pitch, I’m leaning toward GAME-GAME-GAME! Yep, I’m feelin’ 2 brotahs having fun while trying to get paid. Hey, I don’t believe anyone has gone to jail behind a crowdfund or kickstart campaign in which solicited monies didn’t seem to match the quality of the final product. And, ol’ Johnny Boy Singleton’s name has been mentioned in many "movies in limbo" status, so what about a time called now? You make the call.


Legs spread in the restaurant…’he won’t stop….he won’t stop…."


This film won’t be made…all talk…20k last year was plenty to shoot a film which will be mostly people sitting in apartments or restaurants talking

Miles Ellison

All that’s missing is a pizza delivery man, a stewardess, a plumber, and a cable TV installer.


You’re correct Sherry, Ka’rammuu Kush goes hard at this and as they say, pimpin’ ain’t easy. So lets look on the bright side. When this pitch last appeared one reader said, "I hope the film succeeds! It bodes well for my own crowdfunded movie, "The N***a Who Loved Gettin Some Ass."


Who’s the girl? She’s hot!


WTF??? A New Wolf…? Kush goes hard on this filmmaking thing. He’s one of the few who do BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, with heart and soul! What kinda drugs you smoking???


Been looking forward to this. Ka’ramuu Kush is an underrated and wonderfully skilled filmmaker and actor.

A new wolf in sheep's clothing?

Different pitch man… same story. That’s right, in mid November 2014 we were given this pitch from Tambay. The post was titled "Crowdfund This: Ka’ramuu Kush’s ‘She’s Gotta have It’-Like Feature Film ‘As the Freak Takes You…’. Well, today, the man himself, Mr. Ka’ ramuu Kush is recycling that post under the condensed title "Kickstart This: ‘As the FREAK Takes You – A New Film by Ka’ramuu Kush". Well, some say to-ma-toe and some say to-mah-toe. And, some say "Kickstart" while others say "Crowdfund". Hmmmmm, why don’t they just say what it is, begging for my money. Anyway, what’s new? I mean, last year they managed to solicit nearly $22,000. So are we still kickin’ the startin’ or what? Heck, $23,000 is a whole-lotta moola, greenbacks, or as some like to say,cheese… that’s a lot of money spent on what? The post said it went toward "pre-production", whatever that means. *lol*… I am reminded of that money that many of us know as a "Pell Grant". Yes sir, I can see the smiles on y’alls face. Well, in short, the guidelines of that grant said that money could be used for "miscellaneous" expenses. UT OH, bingo, loop-hole number 1 with a bullet. Needless to say, school books, pens and computors did not find themselves at the top of the miscellaneous expenses list. So now I’m thinkin’ pre-production expenses? Hmmmmmm, I’m thinking that if Mr. Kush wants some more money from me, somebody has a little explaining to do.

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