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Watch: Sundance Winner ‘The Witch’ Has the Most Terrifying Trailer of the Year

Watch: Sundance Winner 'The Witch' Has the Most Terrifying Trailer of the Year

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After dazzling Sundance audiences and earning Robert Eggers the Best Director prize, “The Witch” is finally kicking off its marketing campaign, thanks to A24, with one of the scariest trailers in recent memory. 

Billed as a “New England Folktale,” writer-director Eggers’ accomplished feature-length debut is both an elegant period piece about the dissolution of a New England family circa 1630, and a genuinely unsettling horror movie about possession. 

The film centers on Puritanical Christians William (Ralph Ineson) and Katherine (Kate Dickey), who haul their five children to an isolated patch of wilderness in the hopes of living out an idyllic existence. But the space has an eerie quality from the outset, and it doesn’t take long for creepy occurrences to endanger their cozy setup, particularly those revolving around their blonde teenage daughter (Anya Taylor-Joy).

The spine-tingling debut trailer hints at the terror to come, while showcasing the haunting and gorgeous cinematography from Jarin Blaschke. Whatever you do, don’t watch it alone.

“The Witch” will hit the Toronto International Film Festival in September. A24 will release the film in 2016. Check out the debut poster for the film below.

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its sad that we must see some poor prisoner get his head chopped off by some radical to be considered shocking or terrifying anymore. i think i have true hatred for the human race. i guess im stuch with you people.


Absolutely stunning film! The simplicity, the vision, the unmistakable rawness!?? How can one doubt that all cylinders have been hit? Beauty shrouded with dark deception…….is this not one of the greatest horror films of all time??


It will be a awesome movie


Eek! Its…. a naked old lady.

Matteuccia de Francesco

You people have no sense. Of anything. Beware.

Micky The Knife

I find the film/trailer for Goodnight Mommy to be scarier by far.


What part of "disappearing baby" is not horrifying to anyone here? To me, it looks like a patriarch driving the rest of his family mad with religious fervor while there may be something genuinely supernatural and terrifying going on. I’d doubt it would echo the Salem Witch Trials much, aside from the time period/attitude, since it’s clearly focused on one family out in the middle of no and where.


From looking at his filmography it looks like Eggers has been building a resume of these kind of unnerving/thriller-based period pieces. We’ll see how it plays out, gotta applaud the man for sticking to his interests though.


something fishy is going on here….theres too many sites exclaiming this trailer is the scariest thing in ages……the PR team for the VVItch must be doing a phenomenal job….


I wonder if we put an evil light on Christianity or Jews as much as we do witches, if we would get the same results. Getting real tired of misinformation on a practice within a religion.

ambra blu

seriously the most terrifying trailer ive seen in ages. never been since impressed since cloverfield or the blairwitch project. and im pretty sure THERE WONT BE NO TRIALS in this movie. this is very good horror filmmaking, subtle and beautifully lensed. kudos


looks amazing and original!! Naysayers beware!


Enjoyed the goat.


I was seriously spooked omg, this needs to come out now now now

Pito Toy

Sooo……THAT trailer is scary?!?!?!


I hope it’s good. But that poster is goofy.

Da Man

Terrifying? Really? I must have missed something.


I like the potato sack burlap sack fade in and out cam.

Average "Horror Fan"

Yeah I agree with these guys. Not enough bewbs and jump scares *farts*. NOT SCARY ENUF *belch*


Yeah. Terrifying. Really, really, terri- zzzz…


Terrifying? okay.


The only terrifying this about this is its gross disrespect for religion. Why can’t Hollywood entertain without offending what so many hold sacred.


Better title would be "The Christians."

I wonder if the next horror film he makes will be called, "The Jew."


brian fantana

i think this is the first scary movie zack scharf has ever seen


So the "V V" in "Witch", does that mean they’re into dubstep as well? :)

Good Opinion Haver

This looks amazing. Finally a Horror Movie that doesn’t resort to constant jump scares and actually values cinematography and atmosphere. About f*cking time.

John Doe

How is this terrifying? This trailer plays out like a drama…

Mariano Rodríguez

Hey, guys! You forgot to put the horror in it!




So, let me guess. Since these folks are Puritans this will echo the Salem Witch trials. There will be a lot of spokiness, people accused of being possessed, accussations will be made, a lot of suspenseful camera work, etc. OH! A number of accusations about the devil.

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