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2015 Emmy Predictions

2015 Emmy Predictions

Below you will find Indiewire’s predictions for the 2015 Primetime Emmys. Nominations have been announced, and the ceremony airs September 20 at 8pm (ET/5pm PT). This year, the Emmys telecast moves back to Sunday night, after airing on Monday last year. Fox will broadcast the event live from Los Angeles, CA.

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Indiewire’s Awards Editor Peter Knegt and TV Critic Ben Travers have made their winners’ predictions below and will be updating the power rankings regularly as we get closer and closer to Emmys’ night. Keep checking in for up-to-the-minute buzz, and make sure to follow Indiewire on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest Emmys news. 

Best Drama Series

Best Comedy Series

Best Limited Series

Best TV Movie

Best Actress in a Drama Series

Best Actor in a Drama Series

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Best Actor in a Comedy Series

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Best Actress in a TV Movie or Limited Series

Best Actor in a TV Movie or Limited Series

Best Supporting Actress in a TV Movie or Limited Series

Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie or Limited Series

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Rachel Farland

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Rachel Farland

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I am tired of seeing Game Of Thrones passed over. I think it is the best show on TV. I also think Peter Dinklage should win his category, he is an amazing actor.


@DANA @JOEY I didn’t think anyone knew Grey’s Anatomy even still existed until they killed off the main guy and it got publicity…


While it will never happen, Rami Malek deserves some love for Mr. Robot. And TJ Miller for Silicon Valley.


Danai Gurira from The Walking Dead should get a nomination

Tom Olsen

Eva Green and Tatiana Maslany are doing some of the greatest acting on TV right now. Sure, their shows are campy, but these women are KILLING IT. Green is mesmerizing. I’ve never seen such presence on the small screen, and Maslany is as versatile and talented an actress as you’ll ever find. Emmy’s bias against weird fiction needs to end.

Also, the continued snubbing of Mad Mikkelson as Hannibal is a great wrong. Sorry most people are too squeamish to appreciate this show, but his performance is impeccable. He’s magnificent.

Then I remind myself that The Wire and Deadwood never won Emmys for acting, and neither did Jon Hamm, so I feel better about thumbing my nose at Emmy.


Justified is probably the best series I’ve seen in years. It has so many layers and is almost Shakespearean. It has the touch of Elmore Leonard throughout each episode. I really can’t understand why the series and the three main characters, i.e., Raylan, Boyd and Ava are not even considered as nominees. It’s baffling.


The Americans and Orange is the New Black.


Bob Odernkirk and Jonathan Banks both have a really powerful episode. I think they both have a great chance to win the emmy


I can’t believe that Outlander will get snubbed. The best acting, costumes, music, and all around show.


Yeah no love again for The Americans. And yet a piece of garbage nightime soap like Empire will probably get a nod…I don’t remember these stupid awards being so political in the past.

Sarabeth rothfeld

I don’t understand how Eden Sher from The middle has been ignored all these years. Shame on ABC for not promoting her. American crime could take all the spots: Richard Cabral, johnny Ortiz, Benito Martinez. Naomi Grossman for AHS would also be a nice choice to see. Wish I could vote.


The Walking Dead deserves so much more Emmy attention. It is one of the most popular and successful show on right now! Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Melissa McBride, Emily Kinney, Sonequa Martin Green, Josh McDermitt, and Andrew J. West who play Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Glenn Rhee, Carol Peletier, Beth Greene, Sasha, Eugene Porter, and Gareth all killed it on the show this year and a few of them deserve major Emmy attention!


I think Outlander could be a major contender for nominations. The depths those actors go to in the series is truly amazing. Not to mention the costume design and script.


Where is Outlander?!


No love for Outlander?


Is Grey’s Anatomy invisible? Season 11 surprised me with the amazing performances of Ellen pomoeo and Caterina Scorsone. Why have the Emmys snubbed this show for 6 years? Do they even know the show is still on. My goodness, they are all good actresses especially Viola Davis but Ellen Pomoeo, she was amazing in the final episodes of season 11. Watch 11×21-11×23 and see Ellen and Caterina blow you away. This show should be nominated for Best actress in a drama series and supporting actress. I’m surprised there hasn’t been talk about them at least being nominated.


¡Go UNDATEABLE for Comedy Series!


Sure, The Americans is a fantastic show. But what about Person of Interest, or Hannibal? More shows ridiculously underrated.

Ann Marie Hardulak

Why is BONES (both show and cast) continually ignored?

Excuse me

listen to me pals. charlie cox and daredevil should be somewhere in there in your predictions. listen to me again pals: charlie cox must be nominated and must win. i will make this happen. peace out


A show that I do not see is Legend of Korra, it is a amazing show and should be rewarded, however since it was on Nickelodeon it will get snubbed which is a shame


The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling, and Chris Messina may be snubbed once again after an incredible third season. I hope The Comeback is recognized in some regard (preferably Lisa Kudrow). I would nominate Lisa Kudrow, Mindy Kaling, Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Grazer, Ellie Kemper, and Amy Schumer for Best Comedy Actress. Still dumbfounded how The Big Bang Theory manages to secure nominations still. Much more worthy series and actors to be recognized than the tired TBBT and stale Jim Parsons.


Grey’s anatomy should be nominated in Drama series. Ellen pompoe the best drama actress and Patrick dempsey the best drama actor ! grey’s anatomy need to be there and win ! ! IKE SERIOUSLY.


Not one person giving any props to Titus Welliver’s otherwordly portrayal of Harry Bosch in the Amazon Drama Bosch. I don;t even know what people look for anymore.

The Amazing Racer

How about the Outstanding Reality Show?

Tamara Moscowitz

Your list is dull and is ot reflective of the "best" that’s n the air. Masters of Sex, The Americans, and Penny Dreadful are brilliant – acting, direction and writing. These lists look tired and hackeyned.


Where is the writers and directors preview? sorry but show creators are biggest stars of today, not actors


obviously you have not watched Outlander and simply seen the finest everything: performances, writing, direction. Not to honor all this will simply be a fraud.


Emmy’s became tiresome and frustrating a long time ago. The categories always end up being almost exactly the same every year, and the fact that they decided to deny Orange is the New Black as a comedy this year after accepting it the other times is also ridiculous. Enough with TBBT, Modern Family, The Good Wife, Homeland, Girls, Dowton, and Scandal. People are tired of those shows hogging up spaces in the categories year after year despite their decline in quality. There are a lot of newer and/or more deserving shows out there that constantly get overlooked for no good reason like The Americans, Shameless, and Orphan Black. I also wish they wouldn’t put SNL cast members in the comedy category since I don’t think sketch comedy should be qualified for a full series category.


Really need to spring for the movie channels, missing some great content. Then again, men seemed predisposed to ignore historical era dramas. Your loss!

LK Meetze

Toby Regbo (Reign) should be in the best actor category. He delivers an awesome performance with every episode!

Why do neglect the superb acting in Outlander. The acting in 15 episodes blows away much of the competition .


I agree that The Americans should be nominated (in Drama, Actor, Actress & Supporting Actor in a perfect world). It is ridiculously underrated.


Sure, House of Cards, GOT and etc. are mega projects, but The Americans… oh boy, the show is getting better from season to season. Underrated


Agreed. So many snubs and yet somehow Jim Parsons continues winning Emmy after Emmy for the most overrated show on television.


It amazes me that The Americans, arguably the best show on television, will likely be snubbed for a third consecutive year. The Emmys continue to lose so much credibility.

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