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Colin Trevorrow Says ‘Jurassic World’ Sequel Will Take Things To “The Next Level”

Colin Trevorrow Says 'Jurassic World' Sequel Will Take Things To "The Next Level"

“… a seed that I wanted to plant in this movie, that might be able to grow in more of these movies if they decide to make more of them, is: What if this went open source? It’s almost like InGen is Mac, but what if PC gets their hands on it? What if there are 15 different entities around the world who can make a dinosaur?” Colin Trevorrow previously teased about the possible directions for the “Jurassic World” sequel. While he won’t be directing, he will be involved in guiding the followup to his massively successful picture, but don’t think that the next time around will just be more spectacle for the sake of it.

“It’ll be a different kind of film,” he told Jurassic Cast. “And the audience has given us kind of permission to take this to the next level. And I don’t mean in scale. I feel very strongly that this is not ‘more dinosaurs’ or ‘bigger dinosaurs’, it’s about using this as a starting point to discover our relationship with these animals and with animals in general, and the dynamic that was created by bringing them back to life.”

And it would seem that in figuring out the approach for the next movie, Trevorrow is very much concerned with making the next dinos-go-wild adventure feel organic. “We made [‘Jurassic World’] with the fans very much in mind,” the director said. “And I’m not going to forget that, but we’ve seen a lot of ‘dinosaurs chasing people around on an island’ movies. And I think you guys and the general audience are going to be down to explore where else we can go. Owen is going to be in it, Claire is in it and neither are going to be in the same place we left them in the first movie. And even though Claire is the one who evolves the most over the trilogy, it’s her story that mirrors this changing world. Owen has shit to deal with. They’ve both opened Pandora’s Box in ‘Jurassic World’ and both of them are responsible for different elements of it. And I think the way these characters are connected to these circumstances of what’s happening, it’s different than previous films. It’s not ‘let’s manufacture a way to get them somewhere’, they’re embedded into it now in a way that us storytellers are able to keep them involved without it feeling contrived.”

It’ll be interesting to see what that “next level” will be and how much Trevorrow and co. change the formula of the franchise, while also delivering what audiences have come to expect. Thoughts? Share ’em below. The currently untitled sequel opens on June 22, 2018. [via Flickering Myth]

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Duder NME

"Next level" = "Rise of the Dawn of the Battle of the Conquest of the Escape Beneath the Planet of the Dinos of the… wait, that’s it, just Of The"


Jurassic Universe (2019)… I want space dinosaurs and NOW!!!


Planet of the Dinosaurs?
Rise of the Planet of the Dinosaurs?
War for the Planet of the Dinosaurs?


Jurassic World was a mediocre movie….rehashed plot, awful dialogue, etc. There was a lot of novelty surrounding this movie as it had been awhile since the last movie.

I'm with Leon



Step 1
no climax in the dark. You spend all that money on CGI let me see the freaking action.

Step 2
Owen and the Raptor on an adventure. The best part of the film was Blue and Owen and their freindship. Use this as the base. Owen is awesome and so were the raptors.

Step 3
Kill Off Claire, She is a terrible character and was the weakest part of the film. Never liked her on screen. Get rid of her.

Step 4
Raptors and Owen, I am repeating this because thats your next film. Owen Raptors and a mission to stop poachers or save hostages from a downed plane, something good like that.

Step 5
Ditch the claire Owen Love story. Kill her off and let the wild animals run free so to speak

Step 6
Practical effects. CGI is good but if you’re just going to shoot in the dark then whats the point.

Step 7
Make two cuts of the film. One Rated R for the gore enthusiasts as who wouldn’t want to see some real dinosaur on human carnage. PG-13 version for your big diaper audience base.

Step 8
Bring back Malcolm and Grant for small roles that have more to do with plot then action for them.

Step 9
NO DARK SCENES – Just why? I mean I am going in to see the dinosaurs not shadows on a wall

Step 10
Less exposition and more action. Character development sometimes can go on too long and be too much and then we either hate the characters or want to change the channel.

Do these and you got a hit. Ignore it and you got another stinker.


Hope it doesn’t change too much originals are the best stick to the park / world story I’m a huge fan


Seems to me like an interesting way to go with this would be "what if the dinosaurs spread across the world" type scenario. Can humanity withstand the de-evolution?


Yeah, here’s hoping "next level" means a less cliche riddled screenplay.

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