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Ernie Hudson And Annie Potts Slated For Cameos In Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’

Ernie Hudson And Annie Potts Slated For Cameos In Paul Feig's 'Ghostbusters'

**SPOILERS AHEAD** Paul Feig has quietly been cooking up cameos for his “Ghostbusters” movie, led by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, but it looks like it won’t simply be the actors from the previous efforts reprising their previous roles. Details have already spilled about Bill Murray‘s character, and Dan Aykroyd will play a cab driver obsessed by conspiracies. Now a couple more faces from the franchise’s past are returning to haunt the new film.

Ernie Hudson (who was previously pretty grumpy about a female-led reboot) and Annie Potts are slated to make cameo turns in the movie. It’s not clear what Zeddmore might be playing this time around, but it looks like Janine Melnitz has graduated from a receptionist to a hotel clerk. On top of that Ozzy Osborne has filmed a cameo scene as well. Let’s just hope all of these pop-up roles don’t overtake the picture itself.

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Ghostbusters” opens on July 15th. Thoughts about these appearances? Let us know below. [THR/Boston Herald]

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Yep, going to suck…all the box-office, and be #1. People like you said Jurassic World would suck. See where it is now ? We have a very short memory, haven’t we ? Should I name you "Dori" ?


"Last Ditch effort" Cant edit my comments here to fix it. But still this movie is going to SUCK!


This movie is already terrible. No Self Respecting GB fan will see it. The cameos are a lot ditch effort to save a terrible movie that should never have been green lit.

Plus from the set pictures it looks like this movie will be for women and Flamboyant men. Its too bad. GB 3 would have been better if it was just the 4 of them sitting in a basement talking for 2 hours. This will Bomb badly.

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