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Kristen Stewart Talks About Love, Career and the Pain of ‘Showing Face’

Kristen Stewart Talks About Love, Career and the Pain of ‘Showing Face’

The actress was casually chic when presenting her sci-fi love story “Equals” to the Venice Film Festival, alongside director Drake Doremus and co-star Nicholas Hoult.
On “Equals” being likened to “Romeo & Juliet.”
I guess the reason people have that perception is the end of the film. You know for a fact they would both die for each other. It is about two kids who love each other, who are not allowed to. 
One thing we were talking about when making the film, the question we had in rehearsals, was ‘Would we exist as human beings, if love didn’t exist? Could we live without it, or would we just linger.’ I think love is the dominant passion, it’s what keeps our world spinning. So although I don’t want to be really cheesy or anything, the answer is ‘no’. 
On playing a character in a world where no-one has emotions. 
Actually I’m the only character in the film who’s ‘switched on’, who can feel her emotions the entire time. We’ve all been in a situation where you need to ‘show face’, even if you’ve had a bad day, which is just painful. And it was so much harder to play Mia not able to show how she really feels. I understood that so well. 
On acting with Nicholas Hoult. 
We had rehearsals in which we were just talking to each other. We went into full tunnel vision. By the time we’d finished we had gone through every emotion. I didn’t know the guy, and then I felt there was a version of Nick that I knew better than anyone who walks the Earth. I think that’s a classic acting exercise, but I had just never done it. And it really works 
On moving back and forth between independent and studio films. 
I feel equally invested and fervently drawn to every part I’ve done. I’ve never done anything where I was like, ‘OK, let’s just get this one finished’. A lot of actors say ‘One for them, one for me”, but I could never do that. I would be terrible. They would fire me. 
If you step outside of yourself and start tactically maneuvering your career, it actually makes no sense whatsoever, I don’t think it’s possible. Sure, there are sociopathic actors out there. But acting requires your heart to be so, so in it. Every single time I agree to do a movie I’m terrified. I think, ‘Oh my God, am I really going to tell them that I can do this?’ But then I jump in. It’s always the same, the budget makes no difference.  

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Funny, both American Ultra and Equals are ROTTEN on RottenTomatoes, and AU was a flop a the box office, too. What "great reviews"? She’s had no box office success since 2012, three years ago. Her fans live in such a fantasy land. Come back to reality, please. She’s a one trick pony with an over-zealous PR team, but the movie-going pubic isn’t fooled the way her weak-minded fanbase is. She has no power, she handed her career over to more talented actresses when she trashed her brand by cheating with Rupert Sanders. When you measure her against her real competiton, other actresses her age, she’s not successful at all. She definitely doesn’t have any range to save her life. You look at better actresses her age or younger like Jennifer Lawrence, Alicia Vikander, Cara Delivigne, Emma Stone, Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning, Isabelle Fhurman, Emma Watson, Mia Wasikowska, Shailene Woodley, Brie Larson, and you almost have to pity her.


Robert Pattinson’s pathetic granny fans are STILL here, going on and on for days! Such is the power Kristen Stewart holds over them! She must have personally murdered their many cats to have them still going on tirades about her for all these years. And clearly her great reviews and continued career success upsets them to the point of setting their pacemakers off into a tizzy. Rock on, Kristen.


I’m sorry Nikita, but she didn’t make "the smallest mistake." Choosing to have an affair with a married father of two, when you know the wife and kids, is a HUGE freaking mistake, and one that will follow her for the rest of her life, so you may as well get used to it. She will carry the "cheater" tag for the rest of her life, no matter how much her fans shriek that we should all pretend like it never happened. She’s not special, she doesn’t get a pass. She’s never shown any remorse and she keeps saying she has no regrets, which means she doesn’t care how many people were hurt by her actions. She’s her own worst enemy, so you can stop blaming others for her actions. She comes across as a very dishonest person, first by sneaking around and cheating, and now she mother announced that she’s in a relationship with a lesbian lover, and instead of acknowledging it, she’s hidden her girlfriend away and acting all couply with Nick Hoult in order to sell this bomb movie. It’s her aura of phoniness that turns audiences off. Funny the critics aren’t bothered by it. When will they wake up and have their King Midas moment?


I have to agree with the first two comments by KKKK and M. Those who are writing in support of Kristen, you may like her, and that’s great, but you must also agree with the points they made, no?

Kristen is known to use awkward, exaggerated descriptors in just about every interview she gives. I believe she ends up sounding foolish in these print interviews because she is trying too hard to sound "educated" and/or "intelligent". Generally people who are educated, who are aware they are blessed with intelligence, if they also possess confidence they don’t feel a need to try to prove anything. Does she feel shame for not furthering her schooling beyond HS? So she overcompensate? Throw in her chewed fingernails and ever-bobbing foot, I think it screams lack of confidence. I tend to think she has far poorer self-esteem than her fans give her credit for. It might’ve contributed to her affair with the director. Think about it. How needy is she? How must validation does she crave? If it were anyone else I’d feel so badly that she’d allow herself to be used like that. Sad she’d not think more of herself and shocked she wouldn’t give her current relationship better forethought. Or am I looking at it too deeply? Maybe she just doesn’t give a shit. Which is worse.

I think she sorely missed out by skipping her middle school and high school experience. Dakota Fanning is a perfect example of a young actress who made the right decisions without hindering her career. Dakota seems like she was able to enjoy fun, normal HS years, and at the same time fit in her career demands. Kristen missed out on those teenage years and I think it stunted her developmental growth.

There may be other factors, too, as to why she chose tutoring vs going to HS. I seem to recall her saying she didn’t get along with her peers in school. Were they envious of her fledgling career? I don’t recall the reason she gave for not relating well with them. She may have had her own personality quirks, too. All these factors may add up to be what today makes her seem unlikable to the general population (outside of her fans), reflected in the various magazine poll results for "most unlikable celebrity". It may not be fair, but it is what it is.


I totally agree with the person jisne mere comment "no" se pehle likha
Really man u nailed it


Well sorry for the comment "no" well guys u need to learn not to mix professional and personal life and moreover u don’t even what’s the whole truth because media never presents us with right full thruth and haven’t have u done any mistakes in ur lyf were u judged by your peers and parents did they look down on you and just because she’s a celebrtity she has to even pay for the smallest mistake she had done in her life though she has been paying for it for a hundred thousand yrs

nikita batra



I’m very interested in seeing Equals. It’s going to probably continue to get mixed reviews because honestly this is a chick-flick, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be beautifully directed, or soulfully acted, or nicely scored. The one thingoat critics have said is that it is beautiful and well acted, even if the script is a bit bland and unoriginal. Equals is not going to be a movie for critics but many will still want to see this movie. Kristen and Nicholas are big names but moreover, I think people are drawn to movies that take them emotionally down a path of discovery.


Mayhem! All the internet trolls have assembled. Hold my dignity, I need to start a fight with KStew fans….


Actually, lmao at you and the other very pathetic Robert Pattinson granny fans who have nothing better to do with your sorry lives than camp out in an article about someone you claim to hate, yet you obsess over to a minute degree. Your bitterness is probably unhealthy but it’s fun to see how much she gets under your skin.


Cool Interview, love Kristen!


discuss,not talk about direction


I’m disappointed by the reviews since I like Nate Parker but I’m not surprised as I found Drake Doremus’s previous films to be insufferable and twee.


Lord some of you people are embarrassing. Most of us are just here to direct films and could give a rat’s as* about an actor’s personal life, and KStew is hardly the first actor to have a scandal in her past cough cough Jude Law Sienna Miller. Please keep your inane celebrity gossip comments to the gossip sits and leave this for cinephiles. I’d call on Indiewire but I imagine they want these hits since these psychos haven’t been banned.


Kristen is really great and it is showing. She is a fighter cream, i love the passion to make movies.


Their choices have been very good


She is really great


She is a wonderful actress and has shown that time and time again in movies like CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA and CAMP X RAY




so looking forward to the release of your film "EQUALS"


lmao at the kstew stans here trying to defend her cheating scandal…how embarrassing you people are. and for the record it wasn`t a mistake it was a choice. she arranged meeting with him behind her boyfriends and that guys back. she lied into her boyfriends face when she went home to him after getting it on with another guy. if you weren`t her friends you would never defend her. just imagine what you would think if what happened to liberty and rob would happen to someone you know in real life. how much would you defend the cheaters?

anyway back to that interview…"other actors but not me…." still the same i see. always trying to put others down to elevate herself. shows how pitiful and insecure she actually is.


This movie has 0% on rotte tomatoes with all negative reviews.

No comparison

She didn’t make a mistake, she deliberately chose to cheat with a married man. She didn’t trip and fall into his arms, she put herself there, even though she knew his wife and kids. That takes a cold, selfish, cruel person to do something like that. She’s giving interviews where she says she has "no regrets" in her personal or professional life, so she’s not even sorry she broke up a home with 2 small children in it. She’s not just like you and me, I would never dream of cheating to start with, much less with a married father of two. She can keep making films, but she’s yet to attract an audience for any of her films since 2012. Audiences were never sold on her, and it looks like they’re happy to keep avoiding her films.


I wonder how many of the haters r talkin smack about her is based on her body of work, and based on her past mistake? How many of you r hating on her just because of a mistake? So none of u have made any mistakes b4 in life right? Get over yourselves already! Who died n made any of u judge, jury, and executioner? Get off the girl’s neck already. Let the past stay in the past! Move on nd grow up! SHE has!

nice person

i just love indiewire comments discussions!


she doesnt tactically maneuver her career? lol probably not herself but her PR is the one doing and her agent giving her a job from a silver platter.she spent more money on her PR than earning anything


this is the role ideal for her she doesnt need to act its her normal self.


I am very excited to see this film. I want to see Kristen and Nicholas. I want to see on film this futuristic architecture of Japan and Singapore. I want to see the world Drake Doremus dreamed up!

Elisheva Cook

I could not agree more BCB. Now Robert cannot make up his mind as to whether he wants to marry or not. Liberty Ross is engaged and I do not know where Rupert is. I still feel that this entire situation was not true including the pictures. I did however see Snow White and the Huntsman and it was terrific.


@BCB: Wow…that was a really long read about someone you don’t even know.

Anyway, the film is getting terrible reviews so…that would make TWO bombs in a row for old sourpuss. Hoult as well…damn, that boy nerds a hit (yes, I am aware of Mad Max Fury Road) but he was supporting, not lead and though it was a great film, the box office wasn’t to spectacular.

Oh well Nick and Kristen…hope springs eternal, I suppose.

Robert Johnson

I agree that she has paid enough for her mistake. In the Bible Jesus"let yee without sin cast the first stone." I have sin many time sin my heart if not in fact. She has paid enough. Enjoy her acting performances


Kristen is awesome she is a great actor has anyone seen The Runaways where she plays Joan Jett she was awesome and has been in all her movies !! You people sound like she is the first actress to ever screw a married man GET A LIFE . Hollywood is all about that kinda stuff Kristen has done no worse than any one else !


To M and KKKK or any Kristen Stewart haters: Who are your to judge the life Kristen Stewart lives? She’s not perfect and she never claims to be. She’s just like you and me. We make mistakes. We deal with the consequences and then move on. Just because she sinned differently doesn’t make you any better. She’s hardworking and has a big heart. She’s very well liked and respected by her peers. Kristen is one of the most talented actors out there and has proven that she’s capable of tackling movie roles to date. She made history by being the first American actress to win a César award for Best Supporting Actress in Clouds of Sils Maria. She’s worked with acclaimed directors and actors. These respected people have nothing but their utmost respect for Kristen. Her resume is quite impressive and I wouldn’t be surprised when she wins her Oscars! Some of you continue to crucify her for what she did when she was 22 years old which she had paid for dearly. When you should be putting the most blame on the 42 year old married man with children. I would use Kristen as a role model when my daughters grow up because instead of hiding and living in the past, Kristen worked hard and persevered. She didn’t use drugs or alcohol and she didn’t party around. You don’t see her being photographed drunk or high. What I mostly love about Kristen is she didn’t let her past mistake bring her down. Instead of putting her down, you should look at how successful she’s become with her life and career. Enough with disrespecting Kristen. She’s been receiving so much hate since she was age 17, has been called names and her life has been threatened several times. Please remember…judging Kristen or any person doesn’t define who they are. It defines who you are.


Who are these obnoxious people ragging on Kristen Stewart? She is a wonderful actress and has shown that time and time again in movies like CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA and CAMP X RAY. I can’t believe film lovers would rail on her for balling a married man! Get a life!


She’s such an insufferable know it all, pretty funny, since she dropped out of school in the 7th grade and is always misusing words in interviews. It’s too funny that she says she’s doesn’t "tactically maneuver" her career. No kidding, she takes what’s offered to her, which has been low budget indies since she destroyed her career in studio films by having an affair with her married director in 2012. Equals has been getting dreadful reviews, which makes two failures in a row, after American Ultra tanked. She’s great at pretending she’s on top of the world, though. Her best acting.


"a version of Nick" that SHE knows better than anyone who walks the earth??…

Oh, give me a break sweetheart. So…what does Stewart think about all the crappy reviews the film is getting?…does she have a pretentious, phoney baloney answer for that as well?.


It’s likely the same people who accuse Kristen fans of making excuses for her not-so-decent behavior do just that with many celebrities in regards to theirs. Talk about hypocrites. On the cheating scandal, her fans aren’t saying for people to pretend it never happened. They are saying for everyone to move on and stop bringing it up every time an article speaks fondly of her. I know you haters don’t give a crap about Rob, Liberty, or her children. They are nothing but a vessel for you to use to trash Kristen over every little thing she does, no matter how innocent it is. Even if she and Rob and Rupert and Liberty were in open relationships and she and Rupert hooked up with the blessings of their spouses, you’d still call her a slut. I laugh so hard when you claim her PR team is paying critics big bucks to laud her. If that was true, then you should accuse the PR team of every actor and actress of doing the same. That excuse doesn’t fly anymore. Kristen was actually offered a role in The Book of Eli, which was a big budget film. She turned it down. She’d rather make films that appeal to her without the added weight of being a box office success. Many actors and actresses are the same way. What are you going to say when Kristen wins her first Oscar and gets a standing ovation for that, the Academy and the audience were paid off? That excuse won’t fly either. By the way, Kristen left public schooling in favor of homeschooling. She felt it made focusing on her career a lot easier. She was educated in a different way. Your attempts to make it sound like the whole world hates her is failing badly. Critics love her, as do millions of people around the world. Directors are knocking on her door one after the other. She might as well leave it open. Her star is shining brightly, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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