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Ridley Scott Says ‘Prometheus 3’ Or ‘Prometheus 4’ Will Finally Connect With ‘Alien’

Ridley Scott Says 'Prometheus 3' Or 'Prometheus 4' Will Finally Connect With 'Alien'

When “Alien” first arrived, it was a simple sci-fi horror that had visual pizzazz and was executed with technical virtuosity. Seven years later came the sequel, “Aliens,” which was bigger — James Cameron sized, in fact — and while not quite better, retained the essential core that made Ridley Scott‘s original offering so thrilling. After that, the franchise entered a downward tumble from which it has never quite recovered. When Scott returned to the series and to sci-fi with “Prometheus,” it was promised to be a prequel to “Alien,” but it wasn’t really except for some slight references here and there. And it looks like “Prometheus” is turning into its own monster, one that won’t connect to “Alien” for a while yet.

Doing the rounds for “The Martian,” the director recently spoke to German site FilmFutter and revealed “Prometheus” has its own story to tell before it eventually ties into the movie that started it all. “…it won’t be in the next one. It will be in the one after this one or maybe even a fourth film before we get back into the ‘Alien’ franchise,” he said. Hoo boy. I guess that search for the Engineers will take a bit longer than expected.

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“The whole point of it is to explain the ‘Alien’ franchise and to explain the how and why of the creation of the Alien itself. I always thought of the Alien as a kind of piece of bacterial warfare. I always thought that that original ship, which I call the Croissant, was a battleship, holding these biomechanoid creatures that were all about destruction,” Scott added.

However, here’s something that should’ve been asked before even “Prometheus” went into production: are these the questions the audience want answered? Does any of this serve the betterment of the franchise? Does adding in Neill Blomkamp‘s developing movie — which more or less ignores “Alien 3” and “Alien Resurrection”  and muddy the waters further? Scott seems to believe he’s building a worthy mythology, but let’s hope he can actually deliver because otherwise, he’s in danger of mangling one of his greatest legacies. [via Cinema Blend]

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Alex Murphy

@AlienFanatic Glad you got the reference friend! Anyways, yea I followed it fairly closely from the beginning and the first real reference I remember is him babbling on about how cool the Space Jockey was and how he wanted to explore that, and the concept of the film being called Prometheus because of man standing against the Gods etc etc. I coulda swore that was the first real mention of the idea,maybe it wasn’t from Scott but from sources around the project? I’ll look up what you mentioned and see.


@Alex Murphy (We killed you! WE KILLED YOU!) Anyway, Scott did in fact promise a movie in the Alien universe at first. Only after about a year of planning did Scott decide to move away from a direct Alien pre-/se-quel and had the script reworked to Prometheus. It’s at that point he wanted to indirectly approach Alien. And don’t blame the fans. They got excited at the prospect of a new Alien movie–as I’m sure did the bean counters at FOX–and when Scott decided to change the movie, I guarantee that the studio asked him to at least reference Alien to assure that butts would be in seats when the movie premiered. Indiewire won’t let us post links, but search for "Alien Prequel Guardian" and you’ll find some stories from 2010 and 2011.

Alex Murphy

When did Ridley Scott ever "promise a prequel to Alien", he always said it would be in the same universe but never connected, in fact the only reason the Xenomorph was forced into the end is because of fan pressure. He always wanted to make a seperate trilogy that eventually wound up on LV-426, but do go on….
Also, we can argue the merits of Aliens not being better than the original, but it would devolve into a Godfather vs. Godfather 2, Terminator vs. Terminator 2 discussion, so I’ll just say…it isn’t as cut and dry as how you make it.


Hey "POOPER"? i liked what you said….


Too bad one cannot upvote, or I’d second Jim’s comment. I don’t know that anyone that was a fan of the original Alien WANTED an explanation. Half the fun of it was how mysterious it all was. Who were the Space Jockeys? Where did they come from? I didn’t care because not knowing made it creepier. That’s like creating a movie to explain where Norman Bates bought his knives.


What if we don’t care about any sequels to Promethus?


ridleys good films? alien, blade runner, gladiator at a push so i don’t think he can indulge himself. and i thought the point of prometheus was to explore "where do we come from", not where the alien comes from. he’s listened to the backlash at least. maybe w will get a film we want


Would much rather see Prometheus sequels than a Blomkamp reboot, I have to say. I think Sir Ridley has earned the right to indulge himself at this point!


"The whole point of it is to explain the ‘Alien’ franchise and to explain the how and why of the creation of the Alien itself." Don’t think that was a question that anyone was really looking to be answered. A huge problem with the Hollywood prequel obsession. Movies whose entire purpose is to "answer questions" aren’t very good.


Scott will be 80 when Prometheus 2 comes out. Does he plan on making nothing but Prometheus films for the rest of his career?


Return with me to the time of your youth, when you simply accepted that movies were coming out every week — and some of them sounded cool and some of them didn’t. Remember those simple times, before you started trying to pre-emptively analyze the artistic merit, four-quadrant appeal, long-term sustainability, etc, of every frame of every film? Ah, to relive those days. But you can’t go back home again.

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