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‘Slash’ Tracks a Teen’s Online Adventures in the World of Fan Fiction

'Slash' Tracks a Teen's Online Adventures in the World of Fan Fiction

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Logline: “Slash” is an intelligent comedy about an awkward teenage boy named Neil, whose taboo fan fiction is discovered by his peers.

Elevator Pitch: 
“Slash” is a comedy about a questioning teen who writes erotic fan fiction. Neil is a high-school freshman who writes slash fiction about a popular sci-fi hero: Vanguard. Everything changes when he meets an older student named Julia, who pushes him to publish his fan fic online. When the website’s moderator takes a special interest in Neil’s work, things get complicated, especially when the two kids travel to a nearby con.

Production Team:
Clay Liford – Writer/Director (“Wuss,” “Earthling”)
Brock Williams – Producer (“Killing Them Safely,” “Awful Nice,” “You’re Next”)
Jason Wehling – Producer (“Fourplay,” “The Retrieval,” “Saturday Morning Massacre”)
Traci Carlson – Co-Producer (“Hits,” “Sequoia”)
Steven Berger – Co-Producer (“Echoes of War,” “The Pretty One”)
Louis Black – Executive Producer (“The Honor Farm,” “The Great Invisible”)
Ellie Ann Fenton – Cinematographer (“Follow,” “Zero Charisma”)

About the Film:
Here’s a coming-of-age story set firmly in the information age: an age when, for the first time ever, kids have more access to information in their own bedrooms than in the greatest of the world’s libraries. It’s about getting your adult information from such a source, and how confusing and misguiding that can be. Especially when it comes to sex.
Initially, I didn’t fully understand what compelled slash writers. But then I kept reading the emotional correspondence between authors in this surprisingly tight knit group. It’s that universal desire to be a part of something that really motivated me.

Current Status: The film is in post-production now, but we still need to shoot three scenes (the sci-fi sequence of the film).

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YES YES YES! Super interesting world? Check. Great team? Check. Promising prospects? Check.


I’d love to see this on screen. Danuka’s criticism ignores thousands of years of literature about "that one special ____". If characters weren’t that "one special X", hardly any story would be worth writing about.

All action heroes would die in the first scene (as they should when facing dozens of armed henchmen).

A Moor named Othello would never have become a general in the Venetian army and he’d never have married Desdemona.

Shakespeare and Mercutio’s Romeo and Juliet would never have gotten involved with their family’s sworn enemies. They’d have married who they were supposed to marry, and no story would be necessary.

Luke Skywalker would have just stayed a moisture farmer.

And if Danuka is citing gender bias, maybe she can go watch The Wildcats, or The Longshots or Bend it Like Beckham.

The fact is, films about special people just keep being made. That’s what stories are.


Would love to see this movie looks very interesting.


We’re excited to be supporting this film!


Very nice. So what all do you have left to film?

Tess Novan

Wow I think this sounds super interesting, definitely want to support in any way I can!

Danuka Kuismin

So they’ve taken something that’s largely comprised of young women in real life and made the fictional story about a One Special Boy? Wow. Never seen that happen before.

Alix Tobey Southwick

I would very much like to see this film. In fact, I backed the Kickstarter . Looking forward to seeing /SLASH/ with anxious anticipation.

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