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Stage 32 Fills Short Film Category for the 23rd Annual Raindance Film Festival

Stage 32 Fills Short Film Category for the 23rd Annual Raindance Film Festival

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The Raindance Web Festival kicks off tonight in Leicester Square, London. In addition to showcasing feature-length films, such as the festival opener, Kai Berry’s “Newcomer,” Raindance will also celebrate a host of short films this season.

American networking platform, Stage 32, has announced that it has partnered with this year’s Raindance Film Fest to provide six of its short films from its recent contest judged by Andrew Beck, Production & Development Executive for The Weinstein Company, Scott Stoop, Manager at BenderSpink, Jairo Alvarado, Manager at Circle of Confusion, Stephanie Wilcox, VP of Development at Rumble Films, Jennifer Breslow, VP Scripted Series at Lifetime, Amanda Johnson Zetterstrom, Executive, Full Fathom Five, Nate Matteson, Producer & Manager, Gotham Group and Elliot Grove, Producer & Founder of Raindance. Forbes describes the company as “ meets LinkedIn for Film, Television, and Theater Creatives.”

Submissions to Stage 32 represented 29 different countries, making its partnership with Raindance’s celebration of a global contingency all the more fitting. The top six short films will screen on September 29th at the Leicester Square Vue West End as part of the Raindance Film Festival. The showing will be followed by a world premiere on The finalists, represented by three different countries, are:
“Anxious Oswald Greene,” directed by Marshall Axani (Vancouver, Canada)

“Ark,” directed by Greg Jonkajtys (San Francisco, CA, USA)

“I’ll Eat You Alive,” directed by Amara Cash (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

“Killer,” directed by Matt Kazman (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

“Low Fi,” directed by Alejandro Montoya (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

“Monica,” directed by Gunnar Tornes (Oslo, Norway)

“Olde E,” directed by Xavier L. Burgin (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

“Seclusion,” directed by Vivian Tse (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

“The Voice In The Head,” directed by Cyrus Trafford (London, UK)

“This Modern Man is Beat,” directed by Alex Merkin (Miami, FL USA)

“Trench,” directed by Nathan Hunt (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

The grand prize winner from this selection of films has already been made. “Killer,” written and directed by Matt Kazman, was awarded the honor and hopes to draw attention at its screening next week. Kazman, a director for MTV programming, will be flown to London to participate in a Q&A session after the screening.

Additionally, Stage 32 Founder & CEO, Richard “RB” Botto, has been selected to Raindance Film Festival Grand Jury alongside Alberto Lopez, International Sales Director for Variety, Col Needham, Founder & CEO of IMDB, among others. Botto has also signed up to present an expert panel on crowdsourcing at this year’s festival, which will feature UK filmmakers, Kerry Skinner (“Common People”) and Simon Cox (“Kaleidoscope Man”). 

The Raindance Film Festival runs September 25th-October 4th in various Vue cinemas in the greater London area. 

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Bradley Scott

I joined last year and I’ve met a lot of people on Stage 32. It’s cool to see the crew positions on sets near me and it’s helped me get jobs in Chicago. I even got to work on EMPIRE last year.

Jack B

I’ve staffed two of my short films through Stage 32 (unfortunately neither made the finals). And I’ve taken a countless number of their filmmaking webinars. The site literally changed my life. They deserve all the accolades and then some.


Stage 32 has not only embraced the future for filmmakers, they are defining it. Quite simply, there is no better resource for anyone in the industry at any level of experience.

Sebastian Parowa

Congrats to Matt Kazman and the other finalists from Canada, USA, UK and Norway. How amazing is it that filmmakers from 29 countries participated? Even more amazing the price. Congrats to all who participated, keep filming, keep creating, and hopefully we’ll see you at the next festival. #stage32rocks

Beth Fox Heisinger

Stage 32 continues to support, encourage and create opportunities for independent filmmakers from all over the world. It’s a powerful tool as well as a community of like-minded creatives for anyone who wishes to make films. It’s simply amazing! Congratulations to all the finalists! :)

Sam Estes

Stage32 could not be a better resource for anyone trying to hone their craft in this industry. Such a great community of fellow creatives!

Kathryn Rushent

Stage 32 is the best site for industry professionals of any kind. It offers so much more than just the marvellous networking opportunities – the professional possibilities via the Jobs section, contests, classes, pitch sessions, etc., etc., make this the place to be. I am proud to be a member… and also very happy with the transformation Stage 32 has made in my career.


Stage 32 is a fantastic place to network and work on your craft.

Sue Lange

Congratulations to RB and Stage 32 for this exciting partnership. Wish I could go, but have it on my calendar for next year. Have fun, y’all!


As a Stage 32 member I couldn’t be more proud and excited to see the talent of our online community being featured globally. Thank you, IndieWIRE for highlighting my inspirational and creative outlet and featuring the always awesome Richard "RB" Botto!

Daniel A

I can’t say enough about the remarkable job Rich Botto and the entire staff at Stage 32 does for filmmakers and other creatives. This Raindance initiative is indicative of that. I’ve been a member since 2012 and have watched the explosion from a front row seat. I think there were 40,000 people on the site when I joined. To see that there are now 500,000 is simply incredible. Rock on RB!

Simon Cox

I’m so excited about having been invited to discuss how we’re making our epic sci-fi movie, Kaleidoscope Man on the Raindance panel with Stage 32 – really looking forward to it!!

Brandi Thomas

I have so much love in my heart for everyone on this site. Stage 32 has changed my life and I am so happy to see it continuing to grow and provide opportunities for others as well. Congratulations finalists! :)

Andrew Bee

This is fantastic. What Richard Botto and his team at Stage 32 have achieved in a very short time is fantastic. Congratulations to all the finalists!


Thank you for featuring these films! I’d like to note a correction – Alex Merkin directed "This Modern Man Is Beat" David J Schroeder was the writer/producer. Are you able to make this change?

Steven B.

I watched the winning short film and it’s incredible. What an amazing opportunity Stage 32 is providing for filmmakers all over the world. I applaud their continued efforts to change the game in the independent film space.

Ronny Kammerdiener

Kai Greene is NOT competing this year, this video explains all

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