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A Life Reinvented at a North Texas Piano Competition in ‘As Far As The Eye Can See’

A Life Reinvented at a North Texas Piano Competition in 'As Far As The Eye Can See'

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As Far As The Eye Can See

Logline: Jack Ridge is a former piano prodigy living on his family’s farmland in Texas. He’s living in the past, but the future is coming for him.

Elevator Pitch: 
In the land of Van Cliburn, where classical piano holds pride of place, Jack Ridge is a former prodigy who has withdrawn to his family’s North Texas farmland. His wife has left him, and the week of the county piano competition he puts his fist through a wall, threatening to derail his performance and disappoint his entire home town. When the local corporate farm ratchets up the pressure on him to sell his land, his only allies are Phillip, the cantankerous, elderly owner of the local Mexican restaurant and Alyssa, a teenage spitfire with dreams of being a farmer.

Production Team:
Director – David Franklin
Screenwriter – Paden Fallis
Producers – Andrew Richey (“Loveland,” “Code Black”), David Franklin, Paden Fallis, Harry Finkel
Editor – David Franklin (“The Condemned”)
Cinematographer – Daniel Zollinger
Casting Director – Vicky Boone (“Tree of Life,” “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints”)
Cast – Jason London (“Dazed and Confused”), Danny Mora (“McFarland, USA”), Annalee Jefferies (“Monsters”), Jenni Tooley (“Boyhood”)

About the Film:
“As Far As The Eye Can See” is a movie about what happens after the life you thought you were going to have doesn’t happen. Jack is, like a lot of people I’m friends with, unsure of how to proceed after age 40. His early successes didn’t lead to later successes, and he finds himself stuck. But it’s the unexpected friendships with Phillip, the elderly restaurateur he’s teaching to play piano, and Alyssa, the 16 year-old who wants to be a farmer, that help to draw him back out of himself, and get him to reengage with the world.

Current Status: In post-production. Fundraising to hire a sound post-production house and colorist. Our Kickstarter video contains a trailer for the film.

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liza finley

vote for this

Martha Ketchersid

I would like to see more of this.

Peter Meenan

I vote for this!


Looking forward to seeing this interesting movie some day soon.

Lisa Reed

Looks Terrific! Would definitely go see!

Annie H

I can’t wait to see it!

Paula Tarbet

Looking forward to As Far As the Eye Can See". Sounds like movie that many can relate and be motivated to reach for ….As Far as the Eye Can See.

Karen Padilla

I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. I’ve been following it’s progress for months and I am very excited about it.


The trailer was very good. I look forward to seeing this movie!

Christa Bryant

Looks great!!!


As Far as the Eye Can See…sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to see it!!

Cindy Weigand

I had the opportunity to sit in on some of the filming of this movie. From the part I saw filmed, this promised to be a very good movie. Jason London was a funny and amiable guy off camera and I had a fun chat with Danny Mora.


Know one of the producers and am a big fan of the cast — I can’t wait to see this film!


I already care about the characters in the story. I’d like to unwrap this story farther!

Debra Thomas

Looking forward to the movie. Especially interested because of the family behind the story. The trailer peaked my interest even more. Most assuredly this will be a must see. Big thank you to Paden Fallis and the many other talents that came together to make this possible.

Katie Boyle

Good concept!

Terri Girvin

This looks incredibly interesting. Love the trailer! Can’t wait.


I’m excited about this movie



Jennifer Maher

I can’t wait to see this film


What a talented group of individuals!


Perfection. Talent.

LIsa Reed

The trailer looks awesome. Definitely looking forward to seeing this.


It sounds interesting and I would like to see it!

Pamela Harris

This movie is of great interest to me since I play the piano and understand the importance of that in the main character’s life. The


looks pretty awesome. looking forward to seeing more.


I was an extra in the main crowd scene, where the question is whether the protagonist will show up for his concert. I was really impressed by the professionalism of the shooting and the fact that the entire crew appeared to believe they were making a movie we would ultimately see in movie theaters around the world.

Ralph Yedinak

The trailer looks great. Looking forward to seeing the finished project at the New York premier.


From the trailer, this sounds like a movie I would like to see.

Don Worden

Appears to offer a welcome change along with a strong message for the necessity of setting clear goals along with maintaining personal determination and hard work.


The film promises to be a very good movie! It is something I look forward to watching.

Gary Chapman

Loved the trailer!!! This film should be moved to the top of the list! Can’t wait to see it.


This looks like a movie I would really enjoy!


The trailer really captures the feel of the Texas landscape. And the writing looks like an interesting mix of themes and characters. Very cool.


Fabulous. This is the kind of movie most everyday American’s want to see at the theater.


Love it!


The movie will bring the height of emotion in all of the viewers, with suspense and anticipation. A feature worth seeing.


Always love a good clean movie!

Looking forward to seeing it!


Barbara Wesley

I hope I get a chance to see this movie!!!


The trailer peaks my interest. I want to see this movie when it becomes available in my area. Looks like a winner for the screenwriter and Jason London is a very good actor.


This looks like a super movie and I pray it does really well in theaters. It should, even though it doesn’t have heroes from outer space or isn’t otherwise syfy.


looking forward to more! Hoping to see the film in Cliburn Country, right here in Ft Worth where I have enjoyed the Competitions. Sounds like a great story 1


I’m in the Tent! can’t wait to see the finished product!

Bob Agee

Looks like a great film with a positive message.


Looks like a great film with a positive message.


Looks very intriguing. I hope Jack plays!! Would love to watch it and find out.

Alan Miller

For those of us who know David Franklin, we know he will make an brilliant creative film. I think the trailer shows that.


Looks great!


Love Jason London! He looks perfect in this role!


Great to see some fresh filmmaking being done with stories that relate to the everyday person, not superheroes. Looks great.


Saw the trailer. Looks great! I’ll see it when it’s released in my area.


This sounds very relevant to so many people. We have all had to take different roads in life than we planned. Would enjoy seeing it.

Tracy Liz Miller

This looks like a good one! And a nice change that the main character is an artist instead of aging sports hero. I look forward to the underscoring.


hearing people in Austin are excited about this film…very cool they filmed it all there. Looking forward to a screening, looks cool!

Mike Loew

The performances look really good, and the theme speaks to me. I’m looking forward to seeing this!


Wow! From the trailer, this looks like just the kind of movie I like. I hope this movie does well!


The trailer looks awesome. Definitely looking forward to seeing this.


Looks terrific!


I have followed this project since the start of production and with the talent involved – should be something special for sure.

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