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Apply for a Black List Mini-Lab at the 2016 Athena Film Festival

Apply for a Black List Mini-Lab at the 2016 Athena Film Festival

The Athena Film Festival is now accepting applications for its Black List mini-lab.

The Manhattan-based festival has partnered with The Black List for the inaugural mini-lab. Four women participants will be invited to the program, which will focus on scripts with women’s leadership. 

“The deplorable state of gender diversity in Hollywood’s screenwriting ranks is both a moral and an economic outrage,” said Franklin Leonard, Founder and CEO of The Black List.  “We’ve long admired what the Athena Film Festival, and co-founder Melissa Silverstein in particular, have done to raise the profile of this issue and address it head on. It was only natural for us to partner in an endeavor like this, and we’re very excited to do so.”

“The Athena Film Festival strives to give voice to the incredible female talent in the entertainment world.” said Kathryn Kolbert, co-founder of the Athena Film Festival. “Partnering with The Black List was an obvious choice as their goals align perfectly with the festival’s: to discover, harness, guide and mentor creative artists.”

The 2016 Athena Film Festival will take place on February 18-21.

Here’s more info on the Athena/Black List mini-lab from the press release: 

The Black List is a well-respected database where writers submit
their screenplays for filmmakers and producers. The Mini-­Lab will consist of an
intensive peer workshop and one­-on­-one sessions with professional
screenwriters as mentors. The two-day lab will provide an opportunity to
receive professional guidance, and prepare each writer for the realities of life
in the industry.

This Mini-Lab is only open to women writers. Ten screenwriters
will be picked, based on the strength of their scripts, as evaluated by The
Black List screenplay evaluation service and invited to submit a one ­page
personal statement. Four writers will be selected to participate in the Mini-Lab. 

The submission period for the Athena Film Festival Black List
Mini-Lab is now open. Every script must be evaluated and hosted on  The deadline to
purchase an evaluation is
November 1, and the deadline for submission is November

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Hey Nathan W you sound like a total moron!


WHY the hell do you have to pay the Blacklist to evaluate your script to apply for this? You mean The Blacklist where most of the readers are likely male and EVERY year they pick crappy sounding teen sex comedies as brilliant scripts? Please – if they were really serious they would open this to ANY WOMAN – just another moneymaking scheme from the Black List, which likely has rigged voting anyway!

Jessie Riley

I decided to look up some stats online (on the Definitive Spec Script Sales List) and discovered that in the last 82 years, only 265 spec screenplays have been sold that were written or co-written by women. Does anyone know if this is a correct number? More at LEEATRA dot com

Jessie Riley

Agree! In case you’d like a funny take on what’s it like to be a female screenwriter, please read my personal account on Leeatra dot com. It’s a comedy (or really depressing depending on how you look at it.)

Paola Ariza

Stephanie, I agree with you… Whenever I see an opportunity like this tied to The Blacklist, I find myself wondering "what’s the point?"… I love so many things about the Blacklist and I’ve seen FL speak and love what he’s about… but their evaluations leave much to be desired. And to have to pay for what you know will be a useless evaluation in the hopes of getting into one of these programs. That blows. The program should just take applications directly… I’d feel better about what I’m wasting my money on.


Are writing teams eligible, if both writers are women? Or who I can ask? The Black List?

Stephanie Rosenfeld

I know this isn’t a very popular opinion, esp. with Blacklist staff, who’ve lambasted me for saying it, and tried to ridicule me into shutting up, in the past, but I just hope there’ll be due diligence to ensure that the "evaluation process" (for which aspirants to this lab opportunity will pay $50, right?) is fair. And by fair I mean "scripts not screened by a panel made up of 90% 25-year-old dude readers who don’t like "women’s stories." I totally think any collaboration with Black List should start with the question: Look at your track record (the lists, up till 2013 — 90% male) and convince me you have made yourself part of the solution.

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