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Patricia Arquette And Mia Goth Join Robert Pattinson In Claire Denis’ Sci-Fi ‘High Life,’ Plot Details Revealed

Patricia Arquette And Mia Goth Join Robert Pattinson In Claire Denis' Sci-Fi 'High Life,' Plot Details Revealed

In case you missed it, here’s why we’re already excited by Claire Denis‘ English language debut, “High Life“: it’s a science fiction movie, with a script from Denis, acclaimed novelist Zadie Smith, and Nick Laird, and it already has Robert Pattinson slated to star. And now two more names are coming aboard.

Oscar winner Patricia Arquette and “Nymphomaniac” star Mia Goth have joined the movie, and now we have an inkling of the plot. According to Screen Daily and Deadline, the story will revolve around a group of skilled criminals who trade in facing jail time and capital punishment for agreeing to participate in a likely fatal government space mission where they will be tasked with finding alternate energy sources, and will be part of human reproduction experiments. Holy bonkers. I can’t wait to see what Denis and co. do with that premise.

Production on “High Life” begins in early 2016, and I’d wager a Cannes bow in 2017 is probably likely. It’ll be a long wait….

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you sound like a troll form GC,wonder when you saw Life.Cosmopolis is not the only great role.DOn’t listen critics because many of them still can’t get over twilight.Bunch of little haters.


Good choices don’t make you a good actor, just shows you can make good choices. Has nothing to do with acting. Considering Life sucks and he hasn’t actually put in an amazing performance yet, just a bunch of good to ok ones — Cosmopolis being the best so far — lets wait and see five more years if he gets better.


Robert Pattinson continious choice for indie films puts him in my top best actors of the last 5 years. Looking foward to see this film.


The same ones who see Cronenberg, Michod, Corbijn, Korine and James Gray’s films. I saw Heaven Knows What by the Safdie brothers last week. Most of Pattinson’s fans see indie and foreign films, they’re not Twilight fans. His co-star got those people. Just FYI.


How many Christian Bale’s fans have ever seen terrence Malick films?What is your point exactly?

Taylor Lautner

How many Robert Pattinson fans have ever seen a Claire Denis film?

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