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‘Terminator Genisys’ Sequels Are Reportedly On Hold Indefinitely

'Terminator Genisys' Sequels Are Reportedly On Hold Indefinitely

The reviews were dreadful and domestic audiences didn’t show up, but China provided a sliver of hope for those who still cared that there was might be some followups for “Terminator: Genisys.” The sequel and potential franchise reboot notched the fourth biggest debut ever for a U.S. movie in China, and international audiences overall have made ‘Genisys’ the second highest grossing movie in the series. So that could have been enough for Paramount, which had big plans for the property, including a new trilogy and a TV series. But apparently that’s not to be.

In a recent THR piece about movie financiers, there’s a buried nugget that notes that even after earning $440 million worldwide, the $155 million budgeted (not including post production costs) “Terminator: Genisys” will probably still lose money (that must’ve been a super expensive marketing campaign). Moreover, according to the trade’s sources “the notion of a Terminator universe is on hold indefinitely.”

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Youch. That being said, producer David Ellison and Paramount don’t always make expected moves. It’s not quite a parallel, given that it cost less and the stakes were much lower, but while no one was really asking for a “Jack Reacher” sequel, production begins for such a film this fall. It’s another example of a movie that did middling numbers in the U.S. but rode high overseas. The “Jack Reacher” franchise has Tom Cruise, riding very high after the mega success of “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation.” Like Cruise, Schwarzenegger is still a big draw outside U.S. borders and there is value in the Terminator brand. Moreover, Paramount may want to exercise its rights while possible before they revert back to James Cameron in 2019.

Of course, whether or not they should is another question. Frankly, the narrative timeline of the series is so muddled by this point that it might just be best to let it go. But never say never…. even Universal is promising to make “Pacific Rim 2,” even as they’ve taken it off the release calendar….

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I think it boils down to this – forget the numbers that are "shared with the public" – ie "T5 made more than all the T’s (except T2)". Wanna bet only the Cameron ones made money if you factor in inflation? And "waiting for home release sales" before sequel decisions are made? They have 3 years to make said decision, pre-produce (and, apparently, "post produce"), and everything inbetween, all before Jan. 1, 2019. After that, you have a man who has said the Terminator Universe ended with T2. IMHO, the only thing Paramount could do that would make economic sense is to fund a reboot/continuation of T:TSCC (using the original actors/producers/writers/etc as much as possible) on HBO or Netflix (or whichever channel that they already own), and see how amazing it could be if they didn’t have to use a minuscule budget, nor worry about "copyright infringements".

G. Rammer

"…that there was might be some followups…"

"…costed less…."



Jack teacher was unusually satanic


when is James Cameron going to finally make the movie of Battle Angel Alita? I’ve been waiting for that for like 10 years now ever since he for some reason got the right to it. I remember another people wanted to make it but Cameron that movie was his and that he was the one to make it but now he’s just working on what? Pocahontas in space?


Only 25% of every dollar overseas comes back to the production company and roughly 50% of every dollar returns comes from US screens. Figure you take a film budget and triple it and that’s roughly the break-even (supposedly). This isn’t counting the fact that China has been known to hold back revenue and short change you. All of a sudden $440 million on a budget of $155 (before VERY expensive VFX) looks like a BIG loser for all equity investors involved.


That’s what we call a Reacher-round.


China? F*** China.


    EQUIPMENTGUY, Why didn’t we just nuke China back to the stoneqage? I ain’ one who likes war,but if those gooks fuck up greqt frqnchises (and brqnds like Jaguar) for the rest of us, they might as well have their nation microwaved…


Damn I really wanted to see T6 and T7 ! ! !


The movie has made almost half a billion dollars (and still going). They’ll make a sequel; maybe not for a while, but they’ll make one. They’re just waiting for home release sales before making any decisions.

Jack Reacher's Mom

Jack Reacher sucked. It also had a 62% RT score and 50% on the much more discerning Metacritic score. Hardly well-loved across the board.


Good, just let this franchise die already…only the first 2 movies are good.


I hope they do make another Terminator, but am glad that this one failed as hard as it did; they will have to ask themselves what is wrong with their recipe, and correct for it. If you are one of those people, and you are reading this – HERE IS YOUR ANSWER: Make it more like Sicario – lower budget, visionary direction, and R-Rated. Stop trying to make it into a McDonalds friendly, Avengers-Universe, PG13 mess. The first film gave you a franchise. And that franchise-ness has been slowly eating itself ever since.


"not including post production costs" What? Sounds like someone doesn’t know what they are talking about.


"costed"? hire a proofreader, please!


I prefer TG to MI5, Simply cause of Arnold. Fk the producers.


I too was asking for Jack Reacher 2, although calling the reviews for it good is a bit of a… reach :D

Blake Crawford

I wrote an intelligent response and your system calls it ‘spammy". So here’s a shorter one. "F**k you"


The difference with Jack Reacher is that the reviews for Reacher were good.

Matt Goldberg

I was asking for a Jack Reacher sequel.

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