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Watch: Rescued Fight Dogs Get a New Leash on Life in Exclusive ‘The Champions’ Trailer and Poster

Watch: Rescued Fight Dogs Get a New Leash on Life in Exclusive 'The Champions' Trailer and Poster

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An exclusive trailer has been released for the deeply emotional documentary “The Champions,” which follows the rehabilitation and rescue of abused dogs recovered from dogfighting compounds in order to provide them with a second chance at non-violent life. 

The official synopsis reads, “‘The Champions’ is an inspirational story about the pit-bulls rescued from the brutal fighting ring of Michael Vick, and those who risked it all to save them, despite pressure from PETA and The Humane Society to euthanize the dogs. A story about second-chances, redemption and hope, this documentary takes us on a journey about prejudice, the power of resilience and the significance of human/animal relationships.” 

The film is directed by Darcy Dennett and will screen at the 2015 Hamptons International Film Festival. Catch a peek of the heartbreaking story and the inspirational pups in the trailer above. The official poster is below. 

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Shakira Free miles

Hi, What a tremendous story an dthank you for sharing this.
I am a veterinary nurse and run a anti breed specific campaign in the UK and am based in London.
Will there be a screening in London?
Thank you xx

Michael Brinkman

Where else besides the film festivals will we be able to see this film…nationwide release? I have to see this movie!

christine toth

God bless .. well done.. heartfelt


Why is Indiewire trying to stream its own videos in-house? There are great 3rd party services that can do that for you. JW Player is so choppy, I can’t stream a trailer without interruptions.

Crystal Sollock

I don’t know what to say, what an honor and a privilege for the VICKTORY DOGS to finally have their say! What an awesome clip! I cannot wait to have the privilege of seeing the entire film. What a wonderful job! Thank you so much for letting the public know just what happened and how the VICKTORY dogs have came such a long way from their horrible past and just how much they have flourished. Just know VICKTORY DOGS, all of you are always in my heart! GO VICKTORY DOGS!!!

Missy Carter Tielke

Will this documentary be available on DVD?

Fair Sutherlin

I was lucky to be at Best Friends for a private screening. This film touched my soul.

Dotty Hanson

Such a heart felt situation. The anim as ls do deserve a chance at life.
I can’t wait to see this movie

Many prayers, support and unconditional love to the animals and their rescuers.

lorraine coulston

Wow what an awesome way to get the message out there about redemption and the power of love. I am privileged to share my world with a rescue dog who hs taught me so much about love -she rescued me. Thanku so much for the opportunity to share this beautiful story


Wow. I have been following the story of these survivors and the people who cared for them since the beginning. I watched "Dogtown," have read "The Lost Dogs", and follow several of the Victory dogs on FB. I can’t wait to see this film–even though I know I’ll cry through it. Bless everyone who helped rescue and rehabilitate them and everyone who loves them.

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