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First Look: Cynthia Nixon as Emily Dickinson in Terence Davies’ ‘A Quiet Passion’

First Look: Cynthia Nixon as Emily Dickinson in Terence Davies' 'A Quiet Passion'

The “Sunset Song” and “The Deep Blue Sea” director’s long-awaited portrait of the American poet—in the works since “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon was cast in the lead role in 2012—now has a handful of sumptuous period stills for your perusal, courtesy of production company Double Dutch International. Filming began in Belgium in May.

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A Quiet Passion” follows Dickinson from her schoolgirl days in Amherst, Mass. to her years writing in near-total isolation, where she produced a body of verse that counts among the finest and most inventive in American literature. (Her poetry was only discovered by her family, in 40 bound volumes, after her death in 1886.)

The film, which costars Jennifer Ehle as Dickinson’s sister and intellectual companion, Lavinia; Keith Carradine as her father, Edward; and Emma Bell as the young Emily, is not the only Dickinson/Nixon project in the works. Earlier this year, UK-based production company Hurricane Films, which is producing “A Quiet Passion,” launched a Kickstarter for Dickinson doc “Phosphorescence: Words Into Shining Light,” narrated by Nixon and directed by Davies’ longtime producer Sol Papadopoulos.

No word yet on distribution plans—Double Dutch International is handling international rights, while UTA and Indomitable Entertainment have domestic rights—but Hurricane had hoped to launch “Phosphorescence” in 2016; if the two films can be seen as companion pieces, then we might expect “A Quiet Passion” to be released around the same time.

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Greene Fyre

But the plain truth is that Emily’s primary relationship was with Susan.

Greene Fyre

Yet another misogynistic, misleading piece of trash to toss on the junk heap of misinformation generated about Emily. Emily wrote hundreds of letters, often many a day, to her dear friend and then sister-in-law, Susan. The two lived next door to one another much of their adult lives and shared a rich intellectual life, writing poems, letters, letter-poems to one another, analysing and reading literature together. However, because the relationship is deeply passionate and between two women, thus doesn’t fit the "women who are too weird and become lonely spinsters" narrative strain within western literature, we don’t know of it

Alex Bryan

Rather than consult to anyone these few Para actually helps me to find out the true path. It saves my cost and time both. DigitEMB


I’m looking forward to seeing the movie.


Here’s to the "admiring Bog." Can’t wait to see this…

jakki sixx

i love emily’s poems and i found out on internet she is actually my gaurdian angel. i cannot say that i have actually seen her spirit but im sure ive felt her presence in my home .

kathleen steeves

I cannot wait to see his rendition of her life in this movie….lolol big hug hug

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