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TV One Aims to Change the Reality Genre with New Series, ‘The Next 15’

TV One Aims to Change the Reality Genre with New Series, 'The Next 15'

TV One today announced production has begun on “The Next 15,” a docu-series following the lives of six reality stars whose infamous television debuts have come and gone. 

Currently filming in Los Angeles, the series documents the return of one of the original reality TV divas, Tiffany “New York” Pollard (“Flavor Of Love,” “I Love New York”) and Claudia Jordan, who is out for redemption since recently ousted from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The cast also consists of reality show veterans Jennifer Brown (“Basketball Wives”), Karamo Brown (“The Real World: Philadelphia”), Laura Govan (“Basketball Wives: LA”), Raymond “Benzino” Scott (“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”). All are attempting to generate their next 15 minutes of fame, on “The Next 15,” a new series which aims to “disrupt” the reality TV genre as we know it. The series showcases the normally unseen “fourth wall” between the producers and the talent, revealing what happens not only on camera but also behind it, as the action unfolds.

TV One’s “The Next 15,” the latest offering from Carlos King – creator and executive producer of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and the network’s hit series “Hollywood Divas” – is set to premiere in Q1 2016.

“The revolution is being televised and it is The Next 15!” said King. “This groundbreaking series showcases some of reality’s most iconic personalities in a spotlight like you’ve never seen them before, while addressing the viewer’s curiosity of what it takes to make a reality show. The veil has finally been lifted giving viewers exclusive access into the production process of a docu-series.”

“It is with great excitement that we broaden our relationship with Carlos King who has an extraordinary ability of delivering dynamic and compelling content that connects with our audience,” said D’Angela Proctor, Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Production. “With this new project, viewers will get a fresh perspective on the drive and ambition of reality stars who know there aren’t guarantees of longevity in the genre and who must work just as hard and twice as fast to stay in the game.”

The Next 15 is Executive Produced by Carlos King of Kingdom Reign alongside Sergio Alfaro and Erica Forstadt of Eclipse TV. Lamar Chase is Producer; Robyn Greene Arrington is Executive in Charge of Production; and D’Angela Proctor is Head of Original Programming and Production TV One.

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Kae P

I expected better from Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins III? I watched the show to help boost Black programs, although I had to Google each of the cast to know what made them popular. It sickens me to see Black "celebrities" behaving in such a foul manner. I am clueless of what this show was to accomplish


I could watch this if not for ny. Way to much way toooo over the top. Let her go home so we can get a real feel for the show. We’ve progressed since her type of reality!


Williams is such an idiot!! Claudia was just a lady reaching out to another lady. The Williams girl is the one that need help. Claudia is better than most women I know to continue to be humble with a crazy new York and the Williams girl that will have her day especially when anyone knows that to be free from hurt and pain is to release it is the first step. Then the Williams girl go and discuss Claudia with a male! Just raping her all over again!!!!

Miles Ellison

First of all, these shows deserve to be belittled. Second, my opinion is shared by many. Third, there are a few shows with blacks in them that aren’t garbage. This isn’t one of them. Neither is Here We Go Again.


Miles Ellison. Is it your job to belittle TV shows with blacks in it? You were just downing "Here we go again?"


I am so sick of seeing previews for this crap….I’m about to stop watching tv one. I only watch the reruns of oldies tv that they air.
a bunch of people acting like fools..

Mrs P

Everybody deserves an opportunity to get money! I’ve learned that what one person hates another will love! Good luck to the cast, may your fifteen minutes of fame feel like a lifetime.

Felicia Collins

You guys better give her what she((New York)) wants and Claudia baby girl step to the side new york is in the mother f****** house we have waited many years to see her come back and if she goes all of yall are f*****

Felicia Collins

I am so happy to see New York back in the spot light, if she ever leave the show is totally dead.


Keep it real if not don’t that’s why we will always live her


New York is the only honest women their like her or love her it is what it is I love new york

Momma kidd

I’m confused


Why not use Erica Mena or Chrissy Lampkin? Much better than Benzino. Not good casting.


I can’t wait to see this show just to see new York in Chance back on tv together after real past away is a good thing

Handi Andie


Booga Butt

nope I won’t be watching. I watch some of these make fools of themselves on Social Media that’s enough for me


Why always persecute? Give ’em a chance…..

Everetta Jackson

This show is going to great I would like to say congratulations to all the cast of the Next 15 and the producers fir coming up with such a amazing reality TV show about reality. I look forward to seeing the show. In the meantime thanks for adding another great show to be on TV one.

Story T

As a Music Artist whos been on both sides of the fence, this show is going to be great…. Its a slap in the face at reality tv today. This show is going to be real…lol. At least thats what i preceive…

Miles Ellison

This is the equivalent of watching people eat feces and then have a bowel movement.


A reality show about a reality show. How real is that? smh


Silly me. I thought this article was going to say that TV One was producing a reality show about people that carry themselves with pride and dignity who are doing positive things in their communities and/or using their skills and talents to help, uplift, or enrich the lives of others. I should’ve known better.

Miles Ellison

There’s not enough lipstick on earth for this pig.

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