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Viola Davis’ JuVee Productions Produced a Live-Action Short Film Titled ‘The Brink’ – Watch It in Full Now!

Viola Davis' JuVee Productions Produced a Live-Action Short Film Titled 'The Brink' - Watch It in Full Now!

Released online this morning, here’s the JuVee Productions short film, whose trailer I shared on this blog a month ago, titled ‘The Brink.’

For those who don’t know, JuVee Productions is the 3-year-old company Viola Davis formed with her husband, Julius Tennon, in 2012, under which films like the recent “Lila & Eve” (the 2015 revenge thriller starring Davis and Jennifer Lopez) were produced.

So they are also in the short film business, which I think could serve as a sort of testing pad for feature-length movies and TV series, should they get enough of the right kind of attention as short films first. At least, that’s my theory. I’m not privy to JuVee’s production plans. It just makes sense. The fact that they are releasing the film directly online, for free, is also noteworthy. I wonder if the plan is to continue to do this over time – produce short films between features and TV shows, and release them on the web. 

It could also serve as a launching pad for up-and-coming filmmakers.

“The Brink” is a live-action film directed by Ben Jendras from a script by Kaylon Hunt, who also stars, along with Marcus Choi and Diarra Kilpatrick.

Synopsis: Two stranded survivors in an endless wasteland, clash as they unravel the truth of what lead them to the brink.

Watch the 7-minute piece below:

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chris laro/celia scott

DELCINA’S TREE novel at amazon/kindle by writer celia scott should be produced by JuVee.Ms Davis is one of the best female actors today and DEL’S TREE is a great vehicle for next red carpet project.

great i love this. i am hooked. fight your inner demond



Great message. We’ve all been there.

Georgianna Hoffman

he took a leap of faith, most people dont.Great short.


I didn’t get it and didn’t find it interesting. I only stuck with it because it was only 7 minutes long.


Good for Viola Davis for Executive Producing unknown filmmakers! This little short was interesting! The cinematography was excellent! The only problem is the title is not unique. There is a TV series with the same name.

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