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Disney Chairman And CEO Bob Iger Says New ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie “Will Be Coming”

Disney Chairman And CEO Bob Iger Says New 'Indiana Jones' Movie "Will Be Coming"

It can’t be underestimated how much change Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger has brought to the company. During his tenure at the mouse house, the company has acquired Pixar, Marvel, and of course, Lucasfilm, and turned the movie studio into one of the most powerful in Hollywood. So needless to say, he had a lot to talk about when he sat down with Bloomberg for a half-hour conversation. And while much of the conversation was on the potential of “Star Wars,” the broader landscape of the company when it comes to television, theme parks, and more, there’s one little nugget that stood out.

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Chatting about the what’s on the horizon for Lucasfilm properties, Iger talked about upcoming “Star Wars” sequels, adding, “and ‘Indiana Jones,’ by the way, which will be coming.”

Earlier this year, a 2018 release date was rumored for a potential new “Indiana Jones” movie, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have been pretty open about reuniting, and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has also suggested the whip will be cracked again.

For now, it seems something that’s definitely being talked about in the halls of Disney, and hopefully more official word will arrive soon.

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Can anyone say Chris Pratt cast for new Indiana??


Eventually they should recast the role, but first let’s make that one great last adventure with Ford in the lead. He deserves it. Crystal Skull should have been that, but wasn’t. But Disney has to get moving with this, Ford isn’t getting any younger. Harrison is doing the Blade Runner sequel this year, they could make Indy after that? But now, let’s get crackin’!


Somehow, an aging Indiana Jones movie set at the dawn of disco just doesn’t have the same appeal. They’d be better off with a reboot set in the 1940’s with a new actor. Love Harrison Ford but if there can be more than one good James Bond, there can be more than one good Indiana Jones.


If Harrison could pull off Han Solo he can pull off Indianna for one more adventure. I am very excited and hope that fans will accept the upcoming movie.

Tim howsam

Their’s only one man that can wear the hat …. Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones ! There’s no Indiana without Harrison in the hat just get away from aliens and stick to Germans and lost artefacts


If they plan to recast the role then I think Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth might work. Searching South America, eventually finding it (after being mortally wounded of course) and falling into the waters to re-emerge at the end as whichever younger actor they choose to cast.

Craig Sheaves

Indiana Jones relies on the appeal of Harrison Ford, his humour, and the credibility of the story to some aspect of history. It is smart, snappy and dictated by pace. Fail to deliver Harrison Ford and the Indianna Franchise is gone! Don’t fool with the key figure, he is the story!

Luke Joseph Murphy

Man O Man!

I am gonna miss the days of when the Indiana Jones films we’re done by Paramount. I just overall am gonna miss the days when Lucasfilm and Marvel weren’t owned by Disney yet

Thomas king

Harrison must be in the return with a new cast of cousins or grandchildren both sexes


Harrison Ford stole The Force Awakens and lit up the screen every moment he was on it. I see no reason for him not to play Indy again.


They said Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. Okay so is this a one off and your going to have young leads in this like star wars. But it’s not an Indiana Jones movie with Indiana Jones in a supporting role. They should just recast the role. It’s over confidence that after the success of Star Wars that they think they can have action adventure movie with 70 plus action hero. Recast like James Bond, like Batman, Like Mad Max, like any franchise hero.

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