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‘Endo What?’ Illuminates the Lives of Those Living with an Underdiscussed Disease

'Endo What?' Illuminates the Lives of Those Living with an Underdiscussed Disease

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Endo What?

Logline: A film about endometriosis, the most common, devastating disease that most people have never heard of.

Elevator Pitch: 
“Endo What” explores one of the world’s most misunderstood diseases: endometriosis. It affects 1 in 10 women or 176 million worldwide, yet most people have never heard of it.

Patients see an average of 8 doctors for 10 years before being diagnosed. In that time, many are forced to abandon dreams of having children, to leave careers they love, to watch personal relationships suffer & to live in unspeakable pain. Because of societal taboos & misinformation, many doctors & even those closest to them tell them the pain is normal or in their heads.

This film seeks to change that.

Production Team:
Shannon Cohn – Director/Producer (“Monogamish” – Co-Producer, 2015 Rome Film Fest; “Neurons to Nirvana,” Seattle Intl. Film Fest; “Sea Nation” – Producer; Discovery Channel)
Patricio Cohn – Producer/DP – (“Prudy & Albert” – Director, “Sea Nation” – Producer, Discovery Channel)
Arix Zalace – Producer/Editor

About the Film:
I’m not only director of this film, I’m also a women living with endometriosis. In my case, that means over 20 years of pain, miscarriages, surgeries & misdiagnoses. After the birth of my second daughter (who has a 7x increased risk of having the disease), I realized how little things have changed since I first had symptoms at 16. I thought: What if there were a film to stop this vicious cycle? A film to put power in the hands of women.

This is that film.

Current Status: Finishing Post & Outreach Plan.

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Nicole H.

This film MUST be made. Just now in my 4th week of recovery from undergoing total hysterectomy due to this disease. Over 10 years and countless doctors, being told in mentally unstable, not able to get pain relief medication, lost jobs,lost friendships, blood transfusions…the list goes on!!!! Blessed to have 3 children, 2 are girls, scared for their future health. This must change!

Marti Schmidt

I think this film needs to be made, as the heightened awareness for this misunderstood disease is long overdue. I have a family member who suffers from this often debilitating disease along with millions of other women. Thanks to this brave storyteller for finally bringing it to the forefront.


Please I hope that you make this a movie even though i missed the vote! This could solve the suffering of thousands of women and be the answer to many prayers. For the sake of the women in this world, please create this film and spread it to the masses

Joan Hintzke

in honor of our Niece that had this.


I only wish you could see how my daughter suffers with Endo everyday…It breaks my heart that I can’t help her and there is no cure or help…No insurance, ER thinks she only wants drugs, no Doctors who understand and no one cares…So many girls and women suffer from Endo and no one is helping..


This brought me to tears… as an endosister you live life in your own little bubble and mostly it’s miserable… so many women just can’t cope anymore… please please vote for this!


Would love to see this movie made.

Maria Sepulveda-Cabrera

End took my youth, career, marriage, and now lingered into Fibromyalgia & CFS too. How long must we wait for better treatments and healthcare coverage along with proper screening and doctors who are highly skilled in treating this hideous disease! This film needs to be done ASAP.


I am a 5 year Endo survivor and I think this movie will open women and girls eyes to see that this is nothing that needs to be passed by

Dave Wright

I think this important for viewers to learn about this disease including professional medical students. The more knowledge the better understanding we all have.

Anna baranski

This should be made to help people that have a disease that is so painful and debilitating yet not many know about it. Best if luck

Lisa Engles

WOW! I just started crying after watching this. I have been suffering from stage 4 for over 15 years now and now dealing with infertility. We must find a cure an dI will no longer be silent or ashamed. Thank you for making this and good luck I will be spreading the word.

gimpchrist / Victoria Wallace

yep, I want this movie made. I want to see the day when I don’t need to get needles shoved through my stomach & scarring me just to diagnose me.


Endometriosis needs to be acknowledged and understood!


Supporting from Spain

Diane Harkema

Knowledge is a powerful thing, the more you know… So many suffering women, and so many people who don’t have a clue how endometriosis can totally rob the life out of those you love, for you my Yenny…….

Vera Ellen Rich

Excellent idea!


This is important. Doctors are so uninformed about this disease. They need to be educated.

Angela Pittman

It is so painful and emotionally draining to live with endometriosis. These women need hope! I need hope!


It needs to be made!


This is fantastic! I have Endometriosis, and I think this film would educate and empower many women! I’m all for it!!


This film not only needs to be made, it then needs to go viral, I was diagnosed with endometriosis 20years ago, after having the symptoms for 10years, basically from the age of 15, by the time I went to college at 16 my periods got so bad that I would have to step out of lessons esp if I was in the Kitchen because I was about to pass out with the pain, I went to see my GP did he investigate at all??? Of course not he just put me on the pill, which long term gave me another set of health problems while only easing the endo symptoms in the short term, had my endo been diagnosed in the early years then maybe my story would of been different, maybe it wouldn’t, we will never know, but being left with chronic pain even 9yrs after a total hyst & never being able to have children leaves lots of if only’s in ones mind. Had I been able to live an active full life after having no children & a total hyst maybe things wouldn’t seem so bad, but still being disabled because of a disease that ravaged my insides for so many years unchecked feels extremely unfair. Its not only stolen my life but my husbands too. The worst thing though is knowing that my story is not unique, that there are possibly 100’s if not 1000’s of women out there who can relate to it & that the same delays in diagnosis & short cuts in treatments are still going on today, I want better for future generations, so much better!!!

Niamh Osborne

Please make this film, it would mean so much to us that suffer from endometriosis. Anything that adds to the public understanding and awareness of this disease would help our daily lives. Thank you!

Katja U.

Endometriosis is a worldwide healthproblem millions of women have to deal with! We need more awareness and publicity! This film needs to be made, so we can save young girls and give them the chance to lead a decent life with this chronic illness! Education and knowledge is important for women and the medical profession!


While I suffered from dysmenorrhea and didn’t have severe endometriosis, I can relate to the pain.

Bethan Williams

Voice added


This would be a fantastic thing to refer people to who don’t understand. And not just as an info session, as a gentle way of including them in the conversation.


I had a hysterectomy at 28 & have had 10plus surgeries & at 48yrs old I still have it! Endometriosis has effected my whole life and my whole body & gets worse as I age- I will have to drive 4 or more hours away to get help from a specialist! My health insurance coverage will not cover it so I have to try to save money not only for a surgeon but for gas,food hotel and my boyfriend will have to drive..Endo has made me disabled! My story’s very common but it’s starting in younger and younger woman/teenagers! We need this to change! We need to get this film made to get change!!

Aly Hollewijn

This movie needs to happen. Spending my life with endo has been a challenge. Even making it in careers and having the world understand what we are dealing with. I have been diagnosed for 8 years and I still have to do some pretty extreme things to make it through my days and continue getting opportunities within my professional life. The stigma of periods and cramps already hold women back. But the stigma of endometriosis takes it to a whole different level. I would love to be involved in this video!! I would love to share my story.


I have read that the roller coaster of emotions and chronic fatigue a woman experiences with endo can be likened to cancer patients going through chemo yet there is little recognition or support for this condition. As an endo sufferer I have the added curse of endo affecting my fertility adding more heartache to an already emotional journey. More money needs to go into researching this debilitating condition and helping the significant percentage of women diagnosed to have informed doctors available to help them make the right decisions and receive the right treatment in what is notably a grey area in the medical field.

Caitlín Maíre

This documentary will change lives. Education is the key to reducing suffering and delays in diagnosis.

Endometriosis Association of Ireland

This important documentary will be an important educational tool worldwide, for small charities like us, it will be a valuable resource.


This film needs to be made, from young girls to medical professionals – there is a massive need for awareness and education. This documentary will help prevent women suffering the fate of so many who have gone before. 176 million women worldwide are waiting.

Sarah F.

I would love to see this project to come to fruition! I’ve spent a decade suffering from something nobody could see… And I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.


This 100% needs to be made because there are still SO many people have no clue about this disease or how to deal with it.

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