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First Look at Nate Parker’s Nat Turner Film, ‘The Birth of a Nation’

First Look at Nate Parker's Nat Turner Film, 'The Birth of a Nation'

Here’s a first look at official images from Nate Parker’s much anticipated “The Birth of a Nation,” which the actor wrote, directed and also starred in, playing Nat Turner. 

The official synopsis reads: Set against the antebellum South, this story follows Nat Turner, a literate slave and preacher, whose financially strained owner, Samuel Turner, accepts an offer to use Nat’s preaching to subdue unruly slaves. After witnessing countless atrocities against fellow slaves, Nat devises a plan to lead his people to freedom. 

Joining Parker in front of the camera are Armie Hammer, Aja Naomi King, Jackie Earle Haley, Gabrielle Union, and Mark Boone Jr.

The film is making its World Premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival as I announced in the post just before this one. 

It’s certainly a film that’s high on my list of 2016 films to see!

No trailer yet, but these stills (above and below) should hold you over until then.

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Paul Hercules Smith

The Birth of a Nation —
Our emotions are the crack on the lens which prevent clear sight & perspective. I see Nat Turner as a poor pitiable product of the oppressive new world slave system, not a role model for anyone, but an indictment of a cruel and inhumane america. His action spurred the abolitionist movement into being, and like the Boston massacre sparked the U.S.War for Independence, Nat’s massacre sparked and smoldered into the Civil War. I do not see him as a positive character in any way except as an example of how not to win one’s freedom and self-respect. I read as much as I could about the incident feeling more and more that this was a man driven to insanity or sociopathy,but a great leader no. He was literate. Self guided by visions and voices, not uncommon in that century,but today it might be construed as paranoid schizophrenia .I imagine him more a Charles Manson of the 1830’s than a Martin Luther King or Fredrick Douglas..I’d rather see a film based on real black historical characters who succeeded not those that failed. A historically accurate film on the Haitian Revolution ,where slaves revolted,defeated racist bondage, and hanged Napoleon’s brother-in-law would be great.I have the feeling a film about Nat Turner may leave me frustrated and hypertensive.I think a good leader would realize live hostages are always more valuable than slaughtered corpses. I also suspect he had no logistical knowledge.His actions were like a blind rattlesnake trapped in a cage making futile suicidal strikes to no avail, A tragic character.I’d vote Haitian Revolution over Nat Turner any day.


I am looking forward to seeing the film.

William smith

I’ve been waiting 30 years for this story to be told. Overwhelmed with pride for this brother, Mr. Parker..this is our Star Wars, will have my $18 on the first showing. Major Kudos

Maurice Dezurn

A Must See !!!



K Coates

I would love to see this film..

Danielle Etienne

So proud can’t wait to see it!

Gale Thompson

Must see this!

Harold Baker

Finally! One of the Freedom Fab Five (The Slave Gabriel, Charles Desalondes, Denmark Vessey, Nat Turner, and John Brown) will finally get their heroic story told on the big screen!


I wonder if they will show them killing children and babies, as they did in real life.

Rhonda Felder

I saw, 12 Years! Snotted all the way……I can do it! Must do it.


I MUST SEE THIS FILM !!!( justhopeHOLLYWOODdidn,tinfluenceit2much)


This makes me so happy, can’t wait to watch.

Valerie Chibasse

This is going to be incendiary given the title and the fact that Nate Parker and co-writer Jean McGianni Celestin were accused of raping a white woman in college. Parker was acquitted and Celestin did time. These guys were Penn State wrestlers so the school protected them. I will not support this film.


Finally, a movie with some substance, can’t wait !!


Bubbling with excitement. Where did he get the funding for something like this?


I’m officially done with slave narrative entertainment. Although, I do think a Fredrick Douglas biopic needs to happen before it goes away. This definitely should have been done in a series format as the storyline is to broad for a feature and more people would see it. It could have been a HBO, Showtime, or Netflix pick up. Not that it’s a bad thing but we’re gonna have to give these projects to the small screen. Think about it, would Roots have made the same cultural impact if it had been just an indie feature?


Finally, a Nat Turner movie! Let us hope for the best.


I saw a trailer of this movie. Its by Quentin T. It has that Django feel. I am definitely going to see it.

Akua Agusi

I am so excited to see this manifest. People need to see that there was resistance.


My Favorite leader#needtosee

Hassan Ali Hameen

I believe that this movie


A must see for everyone,,,and I do mean everyone, ,,anxiously awaiting, ,,


I hope this film is good, but I don’t know, I’m on the fence about a movie when an actor directs it and stars in it. sometimes they can make great movies, but for the most part, their films are not good or average at best. I will support it, hoping Nate Parker picked up some tips on the directing craft from his time working with great directors.

Darralynn Hutson

I can’t WAIT to see this film. Nate Parker is my hero!

Love Stewart

Screaming… BIG SCREEN … PLEASE!!!!!!!




I’m not so sure. In today’s climate of severe racial animosity, a movie depicting a black man who killed white women and children might just be what the racists need to incite more hatred and death among our people. Granted, black women and children died in transit across the ociean and while in bondage, unless this film adds this element to the point that Turner’s actions might be reviewed as retribution and not as rabid wolves, I would tread carefully. History teaches that he spared poor white as they didn’t own slaves, but his revolt caused the deaths of helpless children. The poor whites often were resentful of the black slaves and saw them as a threat to their income. Teaching history of this period is great. Teaching how one man was among those who rose up during the enslavement of black people is timely. Still, with people like Dylann Roof alive and well, I look forward for movies depicting black people contributing to the achievements (inventors, artists, etc. If we want to change the way we are thought of, we have to change the way we are seen.

Robert Kearney

Finally our story told by us

Dave Howard

A much story that must have to come to life. This generation has to see this first hand to understand how far we have came.

China Galland

I’m really looking forward to see Birth of a Nation! This has been Nate’s dream for years and it’s gift to get to see it actually happening. It’s amazing to think of his calling me up and offering to help us with our documentary, Resurrecting Love! Proud that he became our Executive Producer! May we follow in his footsteps and bring out Resurrecting Love this year too!

China Galland

Fantastic, Nate! Congratulations! Hats off…. ! Proud of you…. China


Im ready for some sci fi from us. We are too creative for the same story line/setting. U perpetuate the same scenario and get stuck there. Lets expand.

Jason Stuart

this film is the start of "Black Lives Matters"


Was this filmed in Southampton county where the incident took place? If not where.


Wow this is a must see story. My church just did a play on Nat Turner. There’s power, inspiration, and pride in learning of Nat Turners’ story. Truly grateful for Nat Turner and many other slaves whom took a stand against the inhumane injustices of their time. For the stories told and untold. Hats off for the protestors, the activist, the pastors and the ministers, and brothers and sisters who stand and fight against the injustices of this time.

Vanessa Johnson

Born and raised in Southampton County, Virginia. This is a MUST SEE for me!

Martin Poulibe

First Time i read such an excited story


Black folks will forget about that ‘Django’ bs once this comes out!


I cant wait until vits released

vivian l ransom

Looking forward to this, please keep me posted.



Jay Cee

Looks promising but I need to know who’s producing and directing before I get enamored.

gloria webb



Nat Turner could Read! Not only that, Nat Turner READ between the LINES! I read up on this Awesome dude. Who wants to be somebody else’s property? YUCK!!!

Amy williams

Read book in school can’t wait to see if it follows dtory.

Talim Lessane

If there was going to be one more "slave movie" made, this (and Harriet Tubman…albeit in the hands of Steven Spielberg, who gave us the horribly skewed Amistad)


Black Power

Darrell Lottie

Looks very Euthusiatic


The history of African people must be told we were and are not docile, shiftless or lazy…We are more then those who are oppressor’s known… Peace


I’m definitely going to support this film but I find the title strange. The original Birth of a Nation was a silent KKK propaganda film in 1915..something to consider.

xoliswa Ngoqo

cant wait


Great photos, can’t wait for a trailer. Anyone know the release date? Or at least which month next year?


Can’t wait to see it,finally sumthing educational to watch with a strong cast,shud b great



Lonnie Cureton

I believe that this story must be told. It has to be told. I’m looking forward to see this movie. Nat Turner is one of my heroes.


Why they used that title?

Rico & Bridget

We can’t wait to support him he’s a very bless and great actor and so far he’s done a great job at making us proud of him being from Virginia..

Malik Khalid Branch-Bey

Watch how many white southern theatres not show this movie….probably because they hate the truth and hate it more when they are reminded of a wrong they never corrected…..still waiting on my ancestors 40 acres and a mule..

Lewis Thomas

I wanna get on soundtrack for the movie if anyone read this post please contact me 2054637943

David Redd

Can’t wait for this beautiful love story


I think the timing is right-it is said in the BCN (Black Christian Nationalist Creed),"That Black Christian Nationalist constitute the living [Remnant] of God’s Chosen people", in this day and are charged by him for the liberation of Black people. Perhaps Nate is the living [Remnant] in this day. This maybe the spark to wake up Black people to realize the struggle is not over. Yet is goes on and its real!

Munday Crowell

Can’t wait until this is released!!!!! It looks to be a very powerful film.

Barbara Boyd

I am loving social media and the Black History postings in it! We have to upgrade our school books do that our history is taught to our children!

Sherra Scott

I really want to see this! Please let me know when and where I can see it! Also, thanks for your decision and dedication to doing it!


I worked as a hairstylist on this film �� and my Son was casted as the stand-in for Young Nat and did some bg work…Extraordinary opportunity!!��

mike e

i wish i could pay like 30 dollars and get a digital copy right now.

Albert stinson

It’s been along time coming. Our generation needs to see the resiliency, Self determination, and the will power of one of our greatest warriors.. Our African Ancestors are proud!


I question if it would be authentic. Who came up with the title?

BLONDINE anthony

Now this is a movie that i will purchase to show our true HISTORY.

Eric Clayton Daniels

Nice About Time!!!


I thought the reason nat Turner snapped was when he was sold and then treated like a"regular "slave… I silk can’t wait to see this, but that slight difference, if true, is pretty big to me. Either way, it’s about time this came out. Can’t wait…


Just the images alone sell me on this film. I can’t wait to see it!

can wait for this to come out! Have read about my brother!

I am wait with excitment


I’m all in!

James Madison

Very, very curious..


I’m in. I wasn’t sure what to make of it when I heard about the project, but this looks like a must watch. Don’t fail me now.


Don’t understand why some folk think we should move away from the story line of slavery. It happened and we should NEVER forget!. Many of our children have no idea of our history. Since we can now tell our story we should keep telling it. We need to stop bad mouthing these films and be supportive and encourage our children to watch them. Unfortunately, many of us are still enslaved; Wake up! Can’t wait to see the movie.


I can’t wait to see the movie. I wish those that think slavery movies should no longer be produced will realize the importance of never forgetting and never reminding others of our history. Survivors of slavery is why many of us are successful. Stop being negative and be proud of our history and proud be part of not letting America forget. One more thing, our children need to know their history; many don’t have a clue!


I think Birth of a Nation did poorly at the Box Office for the following reason: Why would I pay $12 for a ticket to see a large mob of black people looting, murdering, and destroying property when I can turn on the local news or national news any day of the week and see it for free?

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