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Fox Is Prepping Its Own Live Musical Broadcast – Teams With Tyler Perry for ‘The Passion’

Fox Is Prepping Its Own Live Musical Broadcast - Teams With Tyler Perry for 'The Passion'

Fox has announced that the network has ordered a two-hour live musical event “The Passion,” about the final hours of Jesus Christ’s life on Earth, which will be hosted by Tyler Perry who will also narrate the production.

Set in the present day, “The Passion” will follow the story of Jesus of Nazareth as he presides over the Last Supper, is betrayed by Judas, put on trial by Pontius Pilate, convicted, crucified and resurrected. The story will unfold live at some of New Orleans’ most famed locations.

“’The Passion’ is both wonderfully entertaining and genuinely inspirational,” said David Madden, president, entertainment, Fox. “We are so thrilled to have the multi-talented Tyler Perry join us for this epic music production. He is the perfect host to lead the cast–and viewers–through the streets of New Orleans in this contemporary re-telling of a timeless story.”

Adam Anders will oversee the musical acts.

Dick Clark productions, Eye2Eye Media and Anders Media Inc. will produce.

The musical event is set for a March 20 broadcast, coinciding with Palm Sunday.

“This Palm Sunday television event is a modern-day production of the most famous story of all time, full of universal themes, which we hope provides a unifying experience, bringing the sacred and secular together,” said Mark Bracco, executive VP of programming and development for Dick Clark productions.

Bracco, Allen Shapiro (CEO, Dick Clark productions), Mike Mahan (president, Dick Clark productions), Jacco Doornbos (CEO/creative director of Eye2Eye Media), Anders (CEO, Anders Media Inc.) and David Grifhorst (“The Passion: Netherlands”) are executive producers. 

Robert Deaton (CMA Awards) is an executive producer and the showrunner.

NBC has seen success with its recent live musical broadcasts – most recently, “The Wiz Live!” which was a ratings smash for the network. I assume more networks will follow the trend.


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Mark and Darla

@GHOST Never in my life have I read anything so profoundly asinine in my whole life. Could you please explain methodically and point out how Tyler movies cause black people jobs, justice and killed. Please I beg you to connect the dots.


AN IGNORANT DUMBASS FOOL! Ghost, that’s how I’d define those who use movie images as a source of information in which to come to a conclusion about a person, place or thing. Now, a fool by definition is a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a blockhead, dunce, ignoramus. Consequently Mr. Ghost, it’s a fool’s errand to worry about or take seriously, the actions of a fool. Furthermore, a fool will never change its ways and they will always find avenues do to their dirt. And, there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do to change them. Now, that said, singling out Tyler Perry as if he’s the purveyor of all that’s wrong about the black cinema and the negative images it projects, is a fool’s move. In regards to being a hater, we all know their smell. Unlike you, one of their negative traits is, they throw shade at someone without rationally defining exactly what it is they dislike about a person. In reference to some of the above comments, if it looks like and smell like "hater juice", well, you know what time it is. So Mr. Ghost, in the end, if you truly believe Tyler Perry’s films have cost "us" jobs and got us KILLED, please spain dat? Now, be specific. Do not speak in generalities. Talk about that in which YOU know that happened as a result of someone viewing a Tyler Perry flick. Betcha-by-golly-WOW… betcha can’t do it.


Just because some does not like Tyler Perry does not make them a hater or basher. The reason why folks call him and those shows you mention out is because of the lack of balance in what is shown about us.YES there are folks including other blacks who take those images and think that is how we all act. Sometimes it costs up jobs. Sometimes it cost us justice. Sometimes it gets us KILLED. Is it right no.Get over the fact folks don’t care for the guy. Funny the folks who defend him have no trouble calling Spike everything in the book. (not an insult at you cc)


*LOL* at 88 who continues making my point. Tyler Perry doesn’t make you, me nor my neighbors look like a dumbass. Check yourself… does the series "Being Mary Jane" make all black women look like promiscuous whores? Does "Empire" make all black people look like hoodrats, drug dealers and gays? Did Denzel’s Oscar winning performance of the dirty, drug smoking killer cop, make all black people appear to be hoodlums? Huh, Mr. 88, now do you see how ignorant, shortsighted and crazy your comments have been? Well, peek-a-boo, we see you. And, what you appear to be speaks very loudly. Next… are there anymore TP bashers in this house?


Yeah, so much contempt for a man who makes us looks like a dumbass! Tyler Perry the one takes wonder who will never be a serious filmmaker. I think there’s room at the inn for you cc at Tyler Perry’s bates motel.


Knock-Knock… "who’s there"? It’s me, IG-88. "EIGHTY-EIGHT"??? Yeah, I done ate the gator-hate, so I’m here to prove your point. Take it from me y’all, IG (short for ignorant)-88, look at my comment and behold, CC be right, contempt for Mr. Perry’s many successful ventures and his business model, does compel some of us to talk stupid, ignorant and crazy.


Yeah, there is a lot of jealousy, when it comes to coonery buffoonery.


Silly comments 1 & 2: "The real question is whether Jesus will be in blackface" and "I highly doubt they will be any black actors in this LIVE event". WHAT!? Both of those comments make absolutely NO sense. But I realize some folks contempt for and jealousy of Mr. Perry compels them to talk stupid.


If they get Tyler Perry to narrate, I highly doubt they will be any black actors in this LIVE event. Tyler is probably the token!

Paul Mitchell

Hopefully it will be as great as the rock opera from the 80/90′ called Jesus Christ Super Stars. Who or are there any Black or Latio actors. Or is this another white show with black face white actor. They always for get that the main lead person was Black. This event to place in Afican
Don’t tell me that you could not find some dark skin black actor to play
the leas?

Rolanda Smith

That is awesome, cannot wait. Tyler I need you to do Colorstruck, by Benita Porter. I am telling you, it is epic.


I bet Tyler has some deal with Fox to do something LIVE. He’s just testing the waters. I bet we will see Madea or Mr. Brown LIVE or some ridiculous show from him.

Miles Ellison

This will give new meaning to the phrase "disaster of biblical proportions." The real question is whether Jesus will be in blackface.


Set in the present day and "bringing the sacred and secular together"?? Not sure that’s the right angle. They did however pick the right director for a re-telling: Tyler Perry has re-told "The Color Purple", "Waiting to Exhale", "An Officer and a Gentleman"… What’ll he do next?

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