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Here are the Most Brutal Reactions to ‘The Hateful Eight’ 70mm Roadshow

Here are the Most Brutal Reactions to 'The Hateful Eight' 70mm Roadshow

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If you saw “The Hateful Eight” 70mm Roadshow over Christmas weekend without any presentation hiccups, consider yourself very, very lucky, at least according to Twitter. While it’s hard to determine just how many screenings of the Western were botched because of faulty projections, the reaction on Twitter made it sound like a widespread issue, or as one user called it, an “epidemic.” Even screenings that were largely watchable still had minor noticeable glitches in the corners of the screen.

Although frustrations were warranted, it should be noted as a reminder that any projection issue was most likely a fault on exhibition (i.e. inexperienced projectionists) and not production and distribution (there was probably nothing wrong with the actual celluloid print of the film). Considering the positive reaction coming out of issue-free screenings, let the following reactions be a call for more capable projectionists and not proof that shooting on 70mm is no longer a viable option. 

Check out the best of the worst reactions below:

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I saw it in Digital projection. It was stunning. Just as stunning as seeing it in 70mm film. BTW, I saw Interstellar in IMAX and there were dust and other boogers trailing up the film at all 5 screenings. Film is passe.


I saw the film at the Sommerville Theater in MA, which has had a 70mm projector for decades. There were no problems at all with the print. All the projectionists there are pros.


Saw the Roadshow at the AFI in Silver Spring, MD. There were no problems at all. It was great.


I hate to hear that people had bad experiences with their films messing up, but I feel like that’s more of the theaters’ fault because they didnt prepare themselves to actually screen the movie. It’s a shame that due to these theaters being unprepared for the screenings that people wont be able to see more movies on film. None the less, it is understandable that there were mishaps due to most theaters not having shown anything on a film projecter for years… But it is also, ridiculous that the theaters would show people a digital version of the film instead of a film version and not tell them till the end…


I saw it on NYE (dec 31st) at loew’s lincoln square in manhattan. 10:45 am show. i was expecting to be wowed by 70mm projection… i was disappointed… It appeared to be slightly soft 35mm projection at best


beautiful projection in Montreal

Dissin' Terry

Flawless projections can’t save a crap movie. Clearly his worst. Restraint breeds genius. This film has neither.


Flawless viewing in Tampa last night. Only saw some trapped dust in the corners every so often, but that’s to be expected.


Glitches in the corner of the screen? If you don’t know what you are talking about you shouldn’t be writing about it.

Sean Axmaker

Sorry to hear about so many projection problems, but not surprising. I went to the Hollywood Theater in Portland, a vintage house that bought its own 70mm projector a year ago and played three 70mm films in the last year alone before "Hateful" ever came along. They have a union-certified projectionist (who used to be one of reliable projectionists in Seattle) and the screening was flawless from start to finish, always in focus, and what a treat to see a brand new print. Monday matinee, so it had run a dozen times or so. The only giveaway was the black leader.


I saw it in Providence, Rhode Island in a shopping mall and the projection was flawless!


What an ugly, mean-spirited article

Joe Mellor

Have you ever thought that the reason there may have been a few bad screenings of Hateful 8 in 70mm is because most theaters have had to re-install projectors capable of showing 70mm films and that these projectors have had to be completely resurrected from various states of disrepair? There are 100’s of totally professional, supremely capable projectionists running this movie around the country. For you to claim that even some of them are inexperienced and thus responsible for these bad screenings without knowing the particulars of the equipment in each theater is just completely ignorant and ill informed. Next time you should learn something about film exhibition before you attempt to write about it.

Buck Wilson

I don’t understand why everyone is so harsh on film. Digital has problems every day.

Consider this: in 2005, 98% of all screens in the country were FILM. The distributors told theaters "Hey so film is expensive and even though current digital technology is inferior, if you don’t switch, you won’t get our product anymore" So to the tune of $50,000+ per screen, nearly every screen in the country transitioned or closed if they couldn’t afford it. Now here in 2015, we’re at 99% digital or more. All theaters laid off their projectionists. They scrapped their ‘worthless’ film equipment. I mean you don’t need them anymore, right? When suddenly, BIG MOVIE COMING OUT EXCLUSIVELY IN 70mm!! We have 3 weeks to get an old refurbished projector/platter setup installed in 100 theaters at once, but can’t tell you which ones yet, oh and hey, find someone that can tune the equipment and run the film…. Oh, Star Wars is out on all the biggest screens? Whatever, just put it in the smaller screen down the hall. PS, it’s in an aspect ratio that less than one percent of the screens in the country are properly formatted an masked for so there’ll be cropping/bars on all other screens" Literally everyone should be amazed it’s going as well as it has because statistically it should have been much much worse.

Most venues got their print and equipment set up only 2 days before opening day.

Chris Price

I’ll have to admit I was terrified that my screening would be shitty here in Aventura, FL last night, but it was pretty solid actually. A couple very brief moments of soft focus but overall a commendable job. And this is coming from someone who saw it twice at the DGA in LA before this, one time with Quentin in attendance, so I know EXACTLY how this movie is supposed to look. I am 100% for the demand for quality projectionists however and anyone who sees this and anything but an issue with theaters not hiring and nurturing the right people is a straight up A-hole.


I saw it at the Village East in Manhattan, and the projection was perfect. Awesome image. I’m a fan of DCP, but this was clearly better.


Regal Cinemas in Charlotte, NC nailed it. Not a single problem. Guess I’m lucky!


Saw it at the Somerville Theater in Boston. Not their first film projection. They still have special screenings and such. Over the summer they had film versions (I forget what sizes) of Peckinpah and PTA


LA at the Arclight. No projection problems whatsoever and haven’t heard about any from all my friends who have seen it.

Steve Belgard

Saw it in Denver today. Only problem was the hammer sync.


No problems in Raleigh/Durham where I saw it.

Michael Hawley

Saw it Saturday at the Century 9 in SF. Absolutely no problems. Looked sublime.


Saw it at DGA Hollywood … Picture Perfect!


Just saw it in Minneapolis and thought it look terrific, except there was a black bar at the bottom the entire time and knowing only the basics of what ultra panavision 70 is i must ask if that was supposed to be there or if the picture was just too high up. just curious, liked the film curious if the entire screen was supposed to be filled


Just saw it at AFI in Silver Springs, MD. No problems. Beautiful film


Hollywood Theater in Portland, OR. The Hollywood does everything right. No issues here.


Saw it in Knoxville TN, it was beautiful. Nothing like it out there. So sad when theaters have these issues. I would have asked for a cheaper price if they switched to digital given the $15 per ticket price. That being said, go out and enjoy! It ends soon. I’m seeing it again tomorrow. I had hoped for three viewings before it was gone…. Maybe. ������


Saw it at Hoffman 22 in VA it was perfect!!!!!!!!! And the movie "outstanding"!!!!!!!!!


Saw it yesterday in Oklahoma City and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Not one single issue whatsoever.


no problems in providence

Nat Green

Screening this AM at the Coolidge in Brookline, MA, was perfect—glorious!


No issues that I could see in Livonia, MI. There were a couple barely perceptible imperfections on the screen but it honestly just reminded me of what movies looked like growing up in the 80s and 90s. I also don’t feel like 70 mm exactly changed my life lol, but I enjoyed receiving a program and having an intermission. Definitely added to the experience.

Wade Randolph Hampton

Dallas’ Northpark Center on Christmas Eve was absolutely stunning on every level. Especially the sound design. Damn.

Robert Wiesehuegel

Saw the first screening on Denver. Audio was out of sync by about 30 seconds for the first five minutes before they fixed it. After that, it was fine.


Arclight in Hollywood… Scratched print, gate weave, flicker in brights, sync (that hammer) sorry Quentin but this is only an affirmation of those tolling bells.

Jesse Johnson

Arclight Sherman Oaks – Roadshow went without a hitch, beautiful presentation – terrific movie!!!


Saw at the Egyptian and was beautiful. Also want to point out that plenty of digital screenings in theatres are botched. Out of focus, color isues, sound, etc. sure Nolan’s next picture will be of similar film projection distribution so maybe it’ll be better. I was a projectionist for four years at NYU and can tell you there are probably a few out there who just didn’t care. Getting a picture in focus is easy as pie.

Channing Thomson

I saw a beautiful 70MM pristine presentation at the Century Theatre in the Westfield Mall in San Francisco. Best looking film all year.


I’ll second Chris Lewandowski and say my screening in Milwaukee, WI also went flawlessly.


One-sided article with clickbait title.

Chris Lewandowski

A flawless production in Milwaukee, WI. Sorry other folks didn’t have our good fortune.


Saw it in Durham, NC with no issues.

Bob Athey

Saw it Dec 26th at the Hollywood theater in Portland,OR. it was flawlessly screened and was epic to see in this format. Outdoor scenes were beautiful.


I saw the film in Washington, DC and noticed that the letter "j" was clipped in Jennifer Jason Leigh’s name.


None of these problems happened at the Music Box in Chicago. Just because a handful of the 100 theaters are assholes doesn’t mean all of them were.


Saw it on Sunday in Long Beach, CA no problema!


Caught a screening in Los Angeles and the projection was stunning. I think this is a case of making mountains out of molehills

Nathaniel K.

I saw it at the Village East in Manhattan just yesterday and it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity. Everyone is using this as an excuse to announce the "death" of celluloid. It’s an old format that they’re resurrecting, so it’s not unexpected if it screws up. That’s why they keep DCP backups. These wouldn’t be issues if we hadn’t ditched it, and there won’t be as many issues if we revive it.


Saw it at the Regal Continental 10 and RPX on 70mm and didn’t have any projection problems.


I saw the film yesterday at an Imax theatre in NY and it was amazing. From the run of the overture, to the film to the intermission (equipped with free popcorn and beverage refills) to the very last frame. Folks saw history in cinema and unfortunately for those that had issues, they don’t understand that yes, projection and in that frame spec and 70mm as well is not the norm. The last time a film was shown in 70mm was 1966…so umm yeah, there’s that! It was awesome and cinematically inspiring for this indie filmmaker and producer!


Saw it at Coolidge in Boston. They show 70mm films there all the time, so they knew what they were doing!


I was at Minneapolis screening Saturday. There was no such soft focus issue at the late morning screening. Looked and sounded great throughout. Even appreciated the intermission.


Sorry to hear about this. Saw it at the Regal Greenway in Houston with no problems. Sold out showings through the day and evenings. I was hoping 70mm might make a return. I guess not.


Von, where did you watch it? I saw it at Lincoln Square and it was also flawless. I can’t believe the audacity some projectionists have as well as the management to give up on 70mm and show it on DCP. Let alone telling people at the end of the screening.


Saw it at the Oakland Grand Lake Theatre with perfect presentation. This is really unfortunate.

David S

Saw it in Toronto in 70mm. No issues.


Many thanks to the Hollywood Theater in Portland for their care and effort to ensure no issues during the screenings.

vince young

It seems to me that in those places where the 70mm did run more or less correctly through the projector that the major issue is incorrect masking, and that the projected image is letterboxed. See my comments and photographs at at the theatre listing UA/Regal Riverview Plaza, Philadelphia, PA


Saw the film without a problem in Silver Springs MD


Saw it at the AFI Silver in Silver Spring, Maryland. Flawless.

Rac Pullman

The screen was too big so the film only showed on 75% of the screen…there was black on the bottom of the screen


Pittsburgh’s showing was also flawless, and I heard the manager tell the projectionist that they had to watch the entire film so if there’s any problems, they can immediately correct them.

Jody Collins

Saw it in Knoxville yesterday, did not have any issues. Actually made a comment, beforehand, that some of the projectionists were so young that they’d probably never handled film.



Michael Paul Goldenberg

Saw it on Christmas in Southgate, MI: no problems at all.


It already is relegated to only a handful of theatres. This is basically the last hurrah.


For what it’s worth, I watched the film at a screening in Manhattan, and the projection was flawless. Sorry to hear it was troublesome elsewhere – though it sadly points to the fact that film projection is a dying craft. I imagine in the not too distant future, it’ll be relagated to a couple of specialty theaters in a handful of major cities.

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