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IMDb’s Annual Top 10 Movies and Top TV Shows (EXCLUSIVE)

IMDb's Annual Top 10 Movies and Top TV Shows (EXCLUSIVE)

Suffice it to say, these won’t all be awards contenders, although many will contend for tech awards, and some are on my ten best list.

As you compile your personal ten best lists of the year, which are on yours? The IMDb list includes two Marvel blockbusters, one Pixar smash, two sequels, a Sundance hit that did not succeed at the box office, a hip hop origin myth, and seven movies that are packed with action thrills including flicks directed by Ridley Scott, George Miller, Denis Villeneuve. Matthew Vaughn, Joss Whedon and Peyton Reed.

Marvel also makes its mark on the TV list.

Here are the IMDB Ten Most Popular lists:

Top 10 TV Shows, consistently ranked the highest on the weekly IMDb Most Popular TV chart in 2015.

2. “The Walking Dead”
3. “Arrow”
4. “Daredevil”
5. “Narcos”
6. “American Horror Story”
7. “Orange Is the New Black”
8. “Fear the Walking Dead”
9. “True Detective”
10. “The Flash”
Top 10 Movies of 2015, tabulated from user ratings during 2015 for films released in 2015 and then ranked based similarly to the IMDb Top 250 movies. 
1. “Inside Out
2. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
3. “The Martian”
4. “Straight Outta Compton”
5. “Sicario”
6. “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”
7. “Kingsman: The Secret Service”
8. “Ex Machina”
9. “Ant-Man”
10. “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

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wow, that is a terrible list. both TV and Movie picks way off. Yes Better call Saul top 10, def the Leftovers, maybe Homeland… maybe not homeland but there has to be better shows than the Flash and Arrow. This person that made the list must be a Comic book fan with arrow, daredevil, the flash, Ant Man! really Ant Man. So many good movies this year and they pick Any Man, and Kingsmen! WTF, Inside out. If this list was generated by sales or actual viewer count then I know time we live in.


Mark Spectre was crap!! Cliched bond movie..shouldnt even be thought about!! Made for Tv!!


I definitely agree that Inside Out is the best film of this year, but where is Creed? That would easily make the top 5.


what about ,outlander,,extremely captivating show it is


Yes!!! Mad Max: Fury Road, Loved that movie!


Because GotG is an August 2014 movie, Gerry. This is a 2015 list.


wait a minute, where’s "Guardians of the Galaxy? Are you kidding…Ant-Man?????


American Horror Story should be on the worst list. I’ve loved it from day one… It derailed this year. Really missed the mark!


no Ash vs Evild Dead? i can’t belive…


The fact that Mad Max: Fury Road is number 2 shows the lack of truly good movies. It wasn’t bad, but clearly didn’t have much for competition, either.


Ex Machina was a beautiful movie and deserves it’s position on this list!


My five years old sister


Maybe this list is make and sort by my sister


Spectre certainly does not deserve to be on this list. It is a very big step BACK after the transformation Bond went through in Skyfall.
It feels like they randomly selected some setpieces and then came up with a story to make Bond run from the first to the next, etc. all the way to the last.
It also wastes the talents of Christoph Waltz in spectacular fashion. If it was a conscious choice to not show him a lot, I don’t agree with it.

More can be said, but before I’d think of adding Spectre to this list, I could think of a couple other movies…

Oscar Sanchez

Arrow, Daredevil, Flash come on, what are you a marvel agent. Where’s MR. Robot, Sherlock, The big bang Theory, Halt and Cath Fire, Homeland (Yes Homeland is still broadcasting), even Ray Donnovan is better than most of your’re list


Sex gay


What about mr robot? was better than any of those tv shows


On TV show part would say that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D should be on list if any Marvel movies make to list. Now on Movies TOP10 cant get any decent reason why Nr 4 and Nr 2 is there. I agree that SPECTRE should be there as it is good part of general story of BOND. It was good year for movies, there was a lot of surprises but also a lot of disappointments. MAD MAX was one of them with TED2, Agent47 and so on. However worth to mention movies were American Ultra, San Andreas, Get Hard, Home, Mortdecai and some others.


So when Star Wars comes out, will it be on next year’s list?


How is "American Horror Story" or "True Detective" (the good one was last year!) anywhere near this list but "Mr. Robot" isn’t?


Suits, Better Call Saul, Man in the High Castle, Red Oaks, and Hand of God all deserve attention.


The Boy should be in the top 10 list of movies.


I thought that Love And Mercy would be on this list. That movie was actually a masterpiece.


Not to diss the TV show selection, but we’re currently seeing a renaissance in animated shows, with highly acclaimed gems like Rick & Morty, Gravity Falls, Bojack Horseman, and Adventure Time to name a few. It would have been nice to see at least one or two of those shows acknowledged. Some of the shows picked are enjoyable, but don’t bring anything new or exciting to the table compared to the creativity shown in recent animations.


Arrow is No. 3???!!!?? Man alive that show was terrible last season. It’s redeeming itself with Season 4 though.


And another thing!! For Mr.Mark SPECTRE was almost nothing compared to Skyfall, but it does deserve to be at least 10 on the list…


Please, where´s Mr. Robot?…


2015’s not even over yet… The new Star Wars is the most anticipated movie of 2015 and it’ll probably be on this list which is somehow already made. Another thing, Age Of Ultron should be above Ant-Man, Kingsman should be higher up, Inside Out should be lower, and Divergent, Hunger Games: Monkingjay Part II and Scorch Trials should be up there…


Hard To Be A God, Anomalisa, World of Tomorrow/Last Days of Coney Island, Son of Saul, The Revenant, The Hateful Eight


Hey, my top three movies perfectly match up with theirs. *High five through the interwebs*


House of Cards has to be on the top 10 list!!!

frank james

How many times were the guys from Big Bang Theory allowed to vote?


Where is Mr. Robot???


Fury road, Sicario, ex manchina for top 3. All the rest must have been ranked by drug addicts.


I wish I could make money off this but I GUARANTEE Inside Out will win best picture this year!

Joe S

Of course, this "ranking" doesn’t include smaller movies, docs and foreign flicks because they don’t have enough imdb nerds who go to those movies to even get ranked (the way they do their charts is that a movie has to have a minimum number of reviews to even be counted. Hence a movie like AVENGERS ULTRON makes the Top Ten with a 7.6 rating, but, something superior like SPOTLIGHT doesn’t make the list even though it has an 8.6!) Worthless chart.


Ash vs Evil dead ,better call saul,aka jessica jones should be on the list.


Where’s Better call Saul?


Adventure Time should be on the top 10 list of television. One of the best shows on any platform for the past 3 years.


More people need to give Black Sails a watch. That show was spectacular this past season, its second. Also Suits is highly rated. Why isn’t it on this list?


SPECTRE deserves to be on this list, but admittedly, below Kingsman (and above Ant-Man, which was cute, but nothing more). For all the amazing lengths SPECTRE went to follow-up Skyfall and make a true Bond movie again, the fun in Kingsman gives it a clear edge. It was more fun to watch.

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