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Infographic: Why Some TV Shows Succeed While Others Crash and Burn

Infographic: Why Some TV Shows Succeed While Others Crash and Burn

In an era where long-cancelled shows like “Arrested Development” and “Mr. Show” (now living on as “W/ Bob and David”) can suddenly be revived for a new season alongside their contemporary counterparts, it’s clear the key to television success is as difficult to suss out as ever. And while some critically derided shows linger on air for nine seasons or more and beloved niche shows often get the ax early in their formative seasons, it’s hard to say what the secret formula for a long-lasting and well-respected show is. 

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Helping to cut through the confusion is a new infographic, breaking down the secret life of some of your favorite shows and sharing some fun facts about your favorite shows, like “Mr. Robot” and “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” in the process.

Scroll down for the infographic to unlock some of the keys behind what makes or breaks a show. (Or check it out at this dedicated resource page.)

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Mike M

Fantastic work putting this together Aubrey – one of the best overviews of all the battling components involved that I have ever read.


This is a great overview for anyone interested in the inner-workings of the TV business. Thanks for creating it!


Holy Crap – this is ridiculous ! There was SO much Garbage, it took some time to scroll to the bottom.
Here’s how you reduce this time wasting story:
A few TV shows are good Quality. The rest fail due to Bad Quality. Mediocrity. Lack of Originality & Imagination. In other Words – Bad

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