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LeToya Luckett, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Andra Fuller Star in New TV One Comedy Series ‘Here We Go Again’

LeToya Luckett, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Andra Fuller Star in New TV One Comedy Series 'Here We Go Again'

TV One announced today the premiere of a new multi-generational comedy series “Here We Go Again,” premiering Tuesday, December 15 at 9:30PM ET. 

Starring LeToya Luckett as Maddy Walker, Wendy Raquel Robinson as Loretta and Kyndall Ferguson playing Shante, “Here We Go Again,” showcases three generations of Walker women whose lives are upended after a series of events sends them along an unexpected journey. The half-hour series follows Maddy (Luckett), a single mother who is convinced there is a “Walker Women’s Curse,” after being born to her mother, Loretta (Robinson), at age 16, and having a child herself at age 16. Maddy refuses to let her daughter, Shante (Ferguson), now approaching her dreaded 16th birthday, become the next in line. Though on a professional high and having fun dating Cedric (Travis Winfrey), the night of Shante’s sweet 16 birthday, old feelings resurface for her high school sweetheart Victor (Andra Fuller) – Shante’s dad – and in a moment of weakness, they have one more steamy night. Maddy becomes shocked when at the age of 32, she discovers she is pregnant by Victor – again. As they navigate the trials and triumphs encountered along the way, they discover that starting over just might be where the fun actually begins.

“From feisty glam-ma to a mother experiencing a quarter-life crisis to a precocious teenager, the Walker women of Here We Go Again are sure to both pull at heartstrings and deliver big laughs,” said D’Angela Proctor, SVP Original Programming and Production. “Audience members across generations will find their experiences humorous, poignant and reflective of the village it takes to keep today’s modern family resilient.”

“Here We Go Again” is produced by Swirl Films. Eric Tomosunas serves as Executive Producer. Karen Peterkin is Executive-in-Charge of Production for TV One and D’Angela Proctor is Head of Original Programming.

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robin hoke

I had my first baby at 23 and four more after that.My daughter is 17 about to turn 18 in one month and she is not pregnant my other 2 daughters are 12 and 11 and I talk them about sex all the time and I don’t sugarcoat anything when I do. So everyone don’t want to be a mom at 16.

L Renee

TvONe, please stick to Unsung… and the like… This "Here We Go Again" show and "Born Again Virgin" are horrible.


Mrs N I agree with you. DRB the shows you are speaking of are eye opening to show how sick people are instead of the nonsense and clownish behavior many black people seem to love. Some of the talk that they spew from their mouth is digusting. Funny but it has encouraged sinful behavior that is horrible.


This is why we as African American don’t have TV shows that last because we don’t support them. It’s not degrading us of any kind. These TV shows half the time start off from an event that occurred in someone’s life. And then you wonder why Black TV shows get cancelled or movies don’t do well in theatres. If you ask me these negative thinking black folks commenting on here is the real "man" keeping us down not the white man. We can’t even stop colorism, or be one as a whole. We are so judgemental and see the negative in everything like this TV show which I find is a great show. Just complaining too damn much. If this show had a white woman as a main character there would still be someone complaining and not satisfied. We work against each other by not supporting one another because if we as blacks don’t then how can we expect to win oscars? If no one from our community supports the shows then the number of blacks winning Grammys will not be favorable. Work together people not against.

shamica ladel johnson

This show is stupid. I don’t think it glamorizes teen pregnancy. All it talks about is having sex. It’s not even funny.


I like Wendy Raquel Robinson, but I’m going to have to pass.




Horrible stupid show didnt care for


Wendy and Latoya where is your self respect l? Are you guys really that hungry for a paycheck? Wendy, I thought you would have learned from the way The Game degraded your character. This show is trash! I dont care how much lipstick you put on a pig, it’s still a pig!! A show depicting teenage pregnancy is never positive no matter how you try to spin it. Here we go Again and all the other shows on TVone need to be boycotted asap! These networks wont stop with this foolishness. It’s amazing the difference inblack shows and white shows. The white shows have an influx of positivity even if they happen to have some flawed characters. Black shows especially on BET and TVOne is negative and all they can say is, but wait, we have the characters as an attorney and ex football player l, really???? TVOne you all are small in your thinking!! Come up higher

Ms v

TVOne, you got the title of the show right, here we go Again. When will you guys start producing shows of excellence and shows with substance for our children? So many times "so called" black channels issue out crap and stereotypical shows. We are tired of it. We are educated people who can think and the garbage you guys keep producing is insulting our intelligence. I refuse to watch any shows on tv one such as ;Born again Virgin, fatal attraction,murder in black and white,here we go again,etc. Your network is DEATH to the black community! It’s poison! Cosby show,different world l,the Jeffersons these are the shows that show us in a positive light. Bring those shows over to tvone and stop running Good Times ( an impoverished family) Sanford and son ( a junk man, impoverished ) the Jefferson ‘s is a show that shows us as a prosperous entrepreneur and even the Bernie Mac Show was positive. You guys are working for The Man and killing us off with the shows you’re producing!


Ughhhhhhh we can’t win. If it ain’t horrible reality tv depicting us as catty, materialistic, fighting, angry black women. It’s sitcoms depicting us as generational teenage baby mamas. I’m drove just off the previews of show.

News flash all black women aren’t angry or had a child as a teenager. I’m so done with these stereotypes.

Miles Ellison

How original. Which one is the stripper?


Where did latoya luckett get the dress she wore on the show in the previews the purple one

Katrina Cooper

What happened to the show. Missed the first episode. Don’t care about the naysayers. It’s a show that I would watch

kerrie roye

are you kidding me TV One you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Stereotypical and degrading. Take some responsibility in providing more responsible programming for generation of young African Americans. This show should be banned.

Jackie Smith

I’m not sure the intent for this show will be, however I don’t think and never have found humor in young girls getting pregnant out of wedlock, truly TV1 should go back to drawing board, and black actresses please stop taking such degrading roles. Where is your respect for yourself. Stop allowing producers to write stupid lines for you to read.

Mrs N

Just what we need a show to glamorize having children out of wedlock….Tvone I am disappointed….The same for Born Again Virgin….


I’m glad that TV1 has a new sitcom, especially one that’s multigenerational. I’m tired of these depressing Fatal Attraction and similar programs. The commercials are gory at times and I would think TV1 would respect our children more.


Tv one leave comedy shows alone. Fatal attraction is your best show.


Haha, yeah that’s the perfect name for it… here we go again.

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