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Partners Bring Each Other Into Their Sexual Pasts in Web Series ‘Hers & History’

Partners Bring Each Other Into Their Sexual Pasts in Web Series 'Hers & History'

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Hers & History

Logline: A young couple decide to start revealing their past sexual experiences with each other. In each episode, they bring their partner with them to a memory to witness it first-hand. Will this honest approach bring them closer or push them apart?

Elevator Pitch: 
“Hers & History” follows a Silverlake couple, Karina and Luke, that decide to be 100% honest about their sexual past, at Karina’s urging. Each episode, a character travels to a memory and brings their partner along with them to witness it. After a few surprises, Karina and Luke must decide if their relationship can survive their pasts. “Hers & History” will be unabashedly sexual, hilarious and dramatic in the vein of “Girls” meets “Broad City” meets “Undressed.” It will push boundaries while retaining a heartfelt charm. It will star Lindsey Shaw from “Pretty Little Liars.”

Production Team:
Jamie Hanson Writer/Director – (“Undateable Live,” “The Mentalist,” “Bad Judge”)

Jacquelyn Ryan Producer – (“Pretty Little Liars,” “Whip It,” “Up In The Air”)

Melissa Gearhart – Editor (“Pretty Little Liars,” “Why Did I Get Married?,” “Criminal Minds”)

Cristina Dunlap – Cinematographer (“Throwing Shade,” “Gay of Thrones”)

Alison Uhlfelder – Costume Designer (“Camp X-Ray,” “Faking It,” “Pretty Little Liars”)

About the Film:
I’ve always loved the idea of bringing a certain honesty to film and I used Hers & History to shine a light on the complications that come with being in a relationship. With each new person you become involved with you have to decide how you will handle bringing up more sensitive subjects like your sexual and romantic past. I used some of my own experiences for inspiration. I think “Hers & History” can help open up a dialogue about subjects that can seem uncomfortable because it tackles it with a bit of humor.

Current Status: Fundraising. We have started to cast people and get our crew together.

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Joanna Kerns

What a great idea! This same theme captured all of us many years ago with Sex Lies and Videotape. Way to go and such a rich area for many great stories. Bravo!

Daryl France

Wow! 100% honest woyld have me cringing!!! This sounds super intriguing.


This seems interesting to me because it’s hard to keep past relationships from popping up in present ones. So, might as well get it all out there up front and realize who you’re really with! Could even prove to be fun and positive!


This is such a wonderful idea, and I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

Emil Sinclair

please let this series be made! this has been such a huge part of my emotional life with new romantic partners, i would love love love to see it handled directly as the core theme of a show!

Michelle Grant

Amazing!! Love seeing all the female names under the crew. And Lindsey Shaw– love her!!

Todd Rungren

That’s a really cool idea!


Yes! Looks interesting!

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