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Steven Spielberg Doesn’t Think Indiana Jones Will Ever Be Recast

Steven Spielberg Doesn't Think Indiana Jones Will Ever Be Recast

While there’s no script, release date or even official announcement that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will make a new ‘Indiana Jones‘ movie together, they have been so positive about reuniting that it’s already seen by many as a foregone conclusion. And it probably is. While Lucasfilm / Disney is currently getting their “Star Wars” universe ready, this is the other big property under the studio’s umbrella waiting to be exploited. However, Spielberg thinks that once Ford hangs up the fedora, that’ll be it for the character. 

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“I don’t think anyone could replace Harrison as Indy. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen,” he told Screen Daily. “It’s certainly not my intention to ever have another actor step into his shoes in the way there have been many actors that have played Spider-Man or Batman. There is only going to be one actor playing Indiana Jones, and that’s Harrison Ford.”

And if you think Spielberg may have to eat his words, and that there’s no way Disney will retire the character, his comments echo those of producer Frank Marshall, who stated in October, “[We’re] not doing the Bond thing where we’re going to call somebody else Indiana Jones…”

Yet who’s to say that the studio won’t find a way to pass the torch, as they tried (and failed very hard) to do with “Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull“? At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see if Disney really can roll with letting the franchise go idle after 2008’s last adventure with Ford. But hey, maybe like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” that picture would introduce the new breed to continue the tale. 

Thoughts? Let us know below.

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Mike Biddle

Saying it’s not my intention clearly gives him an out and is not definitive!


Talking about the right script after making the Crystal Skull!!! I love Harrison Ford but life and old age is a bitch and I want to see more Indiana Jones adventures with or without Ford in it. This is Indiana Jones adventures we are talking about not Harrison Ford adventures.


I agree with THESPIAN. There are so many new ideas, characters, universes, stories to explore, but Spielberg, Lucas, and Marshall won’t let that happen. It will definitely be rebooted with a younger Indy. Disney has no intentions of not using Indiana Jones, there is too much money to be made.


After seeing Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, I agree he looks like the natural successor to Ford as Indiana Jones. And just as Lucas was replaced as the creative force behind Star Wars, so I think it’s time we had fresh blood replace Spielberg. (JJ Abrams? Joss Whedon?)


I hope they never, ever cast someone else as Indiana Jones. Hearing Spielberg and Marshall say they won’t recast brings comfort to my soul. I must be honest, I’m so tired of remakes, and recasting. Indiana Jones is my favourite character in cinema history – Harrison IS Indy – and if he is ever recast, I will not watch that film. The franchise will lose a faithful fan. Harrison is a great actor, he is that character, Harrison is Indy, and films like the Expendables, RED, and everything Liam Neeson does now a days, show that you are never too old to be in an action film. Give me another Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford!

James Attwood

@Andy White It isn’t about the number of writers available to pen another Indiana Jones script. It is entirely about ONE particular writer, George Lucas. Lucas writes the scripts, Spielberg directs and produces, and Ford stars in the lead. That’s the formula for all of the Indiana Jones movies. Spielberg and Lucas were not 100% in sync on the last installment, but it didn’t change a thing. The two are incredibly close friends. Spielberg has said more than once, that if Lucas writes a script, he’ll be there to produce it, but until that script is written there are no more Indiana Jones movies.

Of course, Disney could now come along and throw water all over that, but even they are unlikely to do so before the Star Wars franchise is finished with the new trilogy, giving the creative trio all the time they can. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it takes one of the three passing on before Disney attempts a reboot of sorts, that way they can point to the impossibility of a "proper" Indy reunion.

Abdel Koussa

It may be down to them going back to indy as a young man or teenager and finding an actor that resembles him, the same as with the star trek films where pine plays shatner. I think they could go back to indy as a uni grad and embarking on adventures. the new audience will then get used to the new face. and we can fight the Nazi’s all over again.


The punches didn’t sound right in Indy4


They already had someone else playing Indy on TV. Did they forget Young Indiana Jones?!


No point in pursuing the "Indy" universe further. There are so many other properties, characters, ideas, stories, get something new going. Harrison Ford = Indiana Jones. Once he’s done, it’s done. No harm in letting it go. Make space for a new character franchise.


Disney is in the midst of casting a young Han Solo. I highly doubt they won’t do the same with Indy.


In other words, they’re already auditioning for the next Indiana Jones.


Crystal Skull had many flaws, but Harrison Ford’s breezy performance was not one of them. With George Lucas out of the picture, they could really do something spectacular.
Indiana Jones is not the same as Bond or Batman – he’s a unique character created for movies, not books beforehand. That makes Harrison Ford’s contributions as important as Lucas’s, Kasdan’s and Spielberg’s. Mad Max and Star Trek prove that’s not the end all to anything, but it’s gotta be a big reason for Spielberg’s loyalty to Ford. Chris Pratt should do Uncharted, that’s something he can actually originate.


That’s right…. and they’ll never recast Han Solo…… Oh! Ah! At the end of the day it’s about money with these cold blooded lizards know as producers. Do you think Disney give a frap!


I think this is a good thing. I would rather there be a new character interconnected to Indiana Jones who is the same type of character but would be having his adventures at a later period. And I actually wouldn’t mind if it was Shia Labeouf, his son either.


Its Disney so the remake will have some women being Indy. I hate how disney ruins everything. Star wars is ruined.


The thing is, that Ford will eventually die, and I don’t think the franchise will just be gone..


Apparently there was an excellent script written by Frank Darabont back before Crystal Skull was made that Spielberg and Ford loved. But Lucas vetoed it because it wasn’t his idea. I wouldn’t mind seeing what that film could have been…

Leo Xander

Crystal skull was actually quite good and I would like to have seen Shia la bouf take over.


I’m willing to give Spielberg and Fore another chance. They may not always get it right, but I’d rather have a weak Indy movie than no Indy movie. I just like the character so much that I’m always going to be willing to forgive and forget any missteps like "Crystal Skull."

andy white

Ford seems to say that they are waiting for the right script.How many thousand writers are working on a new script since 2008?Is there really nobody who can get a right script?I really doubt that this is the reason.After all,Ford has made movies which didn’t have such a great script and Spielberg and Lucas didn’t see all eye to eye on the last script either.It’s more the will to commit to making the movie then to find a right script.I’m surprised that Spielberg wasn’t eying Chris Pratt to replace Ford in the role.


Speilberg can say this all he wants – but I have no doubt it will someday happen. And I don’t think that day will be long off.


I really hope they don’t do another one. Crystal Skull was just so unbelievably terrible. Worse than any of the Star Wars prequels. The worst.

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