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Exclusive: Agree To Disagree With The Trailer For Sundance Short ‘Partners’

Exclusive: Agree To Disagree With The Trailer For Sundance Short 'Partners'

Long term relationships can often wind up on shaky ground due to the very thing that makes them so attractive. Sharing your life in all its details creates a powerful bond, but over time, it can also be the foundation of friction if things settle into routine, and the upcoming Sundance Film Festival short “Partners” takes an intimate look at a couple who find themselves facing a crisis.

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Written by and starring Jen Tullock and Hannah Utt, and directed by Joey Ally, the short dives into the lives of Kate and Leigh, who are waking up to some problems in their relationship. Here’s the synopsis: Professional and life partners Kate and Leigh have shared everything for years, from their apartment to the popular bar they co-own. When a slump in their sex life forces them to reconsider their relationship they must confront how intertwined their lives have become.

“Partners” will have its first screening at Sundance on January 23rd at 9:30 PM. Watch the exclusive trailer below.

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Cory Phelps

I have been waiting for everyone else who doesn’t know Jen Tullock to finally do so. Enough talent for 7 or 8 people. Probably more. And hey Kine, what else is there to bitch about? The stock market? You codger.


A sliver of life examined, who hasn’t been on one side or the other of that dynamic? This is just the type of thing that a short form can explore that larger film cannot.


Exactly what indie cinema needs more of: 20 somethings whining about their sex lives. Sundance, always pushing the envelope

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