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First-Look at David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike in Amma Asante’s ‘A United Kingdom’

First-Look at David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike in Amma Asante's 'A United Kingdom'

Here’s a your first look at David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike in Amma Asante’s follow-up to last year’s critically-acclaimed “Belle,” titled “A United Kingdom.” 

Oyelowo stars, playing yet another notable real-life human being in Seretse Khama – Botswana’s first president from 1966-80 – with Rosamund Pike co-starring, playing Ruth Williams, the young white woman who would eventually become his wife, and the inaugural First Lady of Botswana. 

The pair met in 1947 and eventually made headline news all over the world, after falling in love and getting married, while Seretse Khama was an heir to the chieftainship of the Bamangwato tribe in Botswama. The film focuses on their interracial love affair that was considered so scandalous at the time, so much that the couple had to spend six years in exile in London, banned from Khama’s own country because he married a white woman.

The couple’s son, Ian Khama, is currently president of Botswana. 

“Amma and Rosamund are two of the most exciting talents working in film today,” said Oyelowo in a previous statement. “I’ve worked with both of them before and so my excitement about them joining ‘A United Kingdom’ stems from a knowledge of just how inspiring they are to work with and how much daring and beauty they will bring to this epic love story.”

Oyelowo is also serving as producer, alongside Rick McCallum (long-time George Lucas producer), Brunson Green, Justin Moore Lewy and Charlie Mason. 

The film is being made with the cooperation of the Khama family, which previously issued the following statement regarding the project: “We are pleased that the story of Sir Seretse Khama and Lady Khama is being brought to life in the film A United Kingdom by Pathe. Our family has been regularly involved in development of this film so far, having collaborated closely with the screenwriter Guy Hibbert in what we believe is a wonderful script. We are equally pleased that David Oyelowo will lead the cast as Seretse.”

The film is backed by French media giant Pathé International, but no USA studio is attached to distribute Stateside yet. Although Pathé plans to take it to the European Film Market at the Berlin Film Festival where it’ll be shopped to distributors worldwide.

Given its production timeline, a late 2016 premiere is very likely. It’s a film that’s on my Oscar 2017 potentials list. 

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Paul Archibald

Ok to the people saying that their promoting race mixing and better off with their own kind of yall want tyat then fine by me but don’t be a hypocrite because you guy’s will complain about 1 true story that is based on real life and their son runs the country and she was the first lady and yet you complain about this 1 true movie yet you have 2 or 3 or so seasons of a TV show watched by millions called scandal where it’s about a thot bedwenching whore side peace that he’s cheating on his white wife with but then you’re telling white women to not date black guy’s hmm you tell them to don’t date black guy’s yet you guys travel and even live in Asia in places like Thailand and you’re sleeping around with them all the time in all of asia as well as south America and Africa so if you white guys want to tell white women to not date black guy’s then you lead by an example and travel to Europe and only date white but if you’re going to be a hypocrite then don’t expect them to listen to you just saying.


The perpetuation of ignorance is amazing. This is a love story, set during a particularly tumultuous backdrop, but a love story nonetheless. There are a million love stories filmed, written and told all the time, yet immediately, because the people it’s centering on have two different color skin colors, all of a sudden it’s "being shoved down our throats." Mr. Inkster and the oh-so classy Madison Gray, people love who they love and write stories on who they want to write stories on… stop wasting your hateful energies in such moronic ways and let people make the art they want to make– whether it wins awards or not; whether it’s a piece of cinematic genius or not. Don’t you think it’s time to stop being so ugly towards things different than you? Grade school concepts, people.

Solid E

Here we are again black people. Telling a story via cinema where the plot is race. Filmmaking is like cooking. The ingredients need to be tasted as they are being added. Race (especially things like inter-racial marriage or slavery) is a jalapeno pepper. You must be extremely adept at the art of screenwriting to use this ingredient. Also, biographies are an easy way out for screenwriters and black films are almost totally entrenched in this idiom. Original stories about blacks have become few and far in between. The mentality that as long as blacks are appearing in films and periodically receive an award (even when the film is horrible like "Precious") is all that is required is sad to me.

Madison Gray

James Inkster, is that why so many white women are getting slammed by black cock these days? And wanting mixed babies?!


Can we stop with the Oscar list nonsense! If "Belle" didn’t receive a nomination for something (not even costume), why should we hold out hope that this one will. Oscars are over-rated, bloated and stale. But as long as we keep giving them some type of import, they will remain alive instead of what they are – a zombe anachronism that should laid to rest.

james inkster

what a shame. j*w media shoving race-mixing down our throats again. Women: do not give in to this, you’re WAY better off marrying white men. Look at divorce/murder/std statistics and tell me otherwise.

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