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George Miller Says Another DVD Release Of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Is Coming With Black-And-White Version, Commentary, More

George Miller Says Another DVD Release Of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Is Coming With Black-And-White Version, Commentary, More

As his fans surely know, George Miller has said of his Oscar-contending “Mad Max: Fury Road” that “the best version of this movie is black and white.” Indeed, this rendition has been cut and is ready to go, but if you bought the movie on Blu-ray in September, you did not find it there. According to the director, that’s because Warner Bros. is planning a double dip release with more features coming, including the version Miller really wants you to see. 

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“The best version of ‘Fury Road’ was what we called a ‘slash dupe’: a cheap, black-and-white version of the movie for the composer. Something about it seemed more authentic and elemental. So I asked Eric Whipp, the [‘Fury Road’] colorist, ‘can I see some scenes in black and white with quite a bit of contrast?’ They looked great. So I said to the guys at Warners, ‘can we put a black-and-white version on the DVD?’ There wasn’t enough room. [It’ll end up] on another version with commentary and other features,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

In addition to doing the rounds for the Oscars next month, Miller is getting ready to figure out what his next movie will be, which he has indicated is inspired by “Tangerine,” in terms of its scope and size.

“The fact that you can use your iPhone to say something you desperately want to say is wonderful. I loved [‘Tangerine’]. It didn’t feel diminished by budget. The method of making it was perfectly matched with its subject. I’ve got two stories —one is a bit more technically complex than the other, [which] is contemporary. I don’t think it’ll be shot on an iPhone, but it won’t be big, massive cameras,” he told the Times.

“…one of them involves visual effects and so on,” he told The Daily Beast. “I’ve said it before, but my favorite quote from John Lennon is ‘life is what happens when you’re making other plans.’ I don’t know which one, and also I always have a [superstition] that if you talk about it before it’s real, you could jinx it. I’ve always had that feeling because I thought we’d get ‘Mad Max’ done 10 years ago! So I’m just grateful we got this film made at this time.”

That’s the latest from Miller. Will you be buying ‘Fury Road’ again? Let us know below.

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Depends on the work. Blade Runner’s final cut is the only version you should see. But Apocalypse Bow’s Redux cut is just as good as the original cut. And the Extended Lord of the Rings cuts are must see for fans of the books, but it’s nice to have those theatrical cuts when you want something shorter.


Cannot wait for this to be released. I’ve been watching my copy of the Blu-Ray with the color turned off to get that rawer, darker feel and I love it, but it’s not a true b&w version. I support the art I love with my wallet.


Schizopolis, Do you really thing Warner Bros would let Mr. Miller release a big budget black and white film? Woody Allen has enough trouble when he wants to do black and white with his "low budget" films.


I think great films should have ONE definitive version. Blade Runner, for example, has like 7 versions! Having multiple versions kind of hurts the filmmaker’s vision. I’m like, "C’mon, dude. Make a decision."

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