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Guillermo Del Toro To Direct ‘Fantastic Voyage’ Remake, ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Dead For Now

Guillermo Del Toro To Direct ‘Fantastic Voyage’ Remake, ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Dead For Now

For years and years now, James Cameron has been shepherding and developing a remake of of the 1966 sci-fi “Fantastic Voyage.” Shawn Levy (“Night At The Museum,” “The Internship“) was attached to direct at one point, and a couple years back, David S. Goyer was hired to pen a treatment. Then things went quiet. But now the project is back to life with a pretty exciting name attached to helm.

Guillermo del Toro will now direct the flick about a group of scientists who are miniaturized and sent into a human body in a submarine to remove a blood clot from a colleague’s brain. Goyer, who last worked with del Toro on “Blade 2,” is now writing the script, and will develop the story with del Toro, with the movie aimed to be tentpole sized, because obviously. Meanwhile, Cameron, who was behind del Toro’s efforts to make “At The Mountains Of Madness,” will produce. However, there’s another bit of news that will be of interest to fans.

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THR says that “Pacific Rim 2” is now ““off the table indefinitely.” Del Toro spent much of his press tour for (the underrated and great) “Crimson Peak” saying that he was still working on the script and the plan was to present everything to Universal, and hopefully get a budget signoff. And the studio themselves tried to sell that they were still committed to making the sequel. But once the movie was taken off its 2017 release date, the writing on the wall wasn’t very good, and my guess is the box office performance of “Crimson Peak” might’ve sealed the deal, and made the studio wary of throwing any more money after del Toro. That said, Legendary Pictures is being acquired by Chinese mega-corp, and since “Pacific Rim” did big business in the country, it could potentially come back to life.

Otherwise, del Toro is bouncing back just fine. In addition to “Fantastic Voyage” at Fox, del Toro is also working on an animated series, “Trollhunters,” for Netflix. It will dive into a new, fantastical world wrapped around two best friends who make a startling discovery beneath their hometown.

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Giggles Doodlebuck

WHEN WHEN WHEN will this guy commit to the Huanted Mansion?!?!

derek winnert

Nothing will ever beat Raquel in the 1966 original!
Director Richard Fleischer’s 1966 Sci-Fi cult favourite stars Raquel Welch, who gives a notable turn as the sole woman among the crew of five doctors shrunk, put in a capsule and injected in a shot Czech scientist’s body…


It is always great to hear the future developments of a gifted artist like Mr. Del Toro. I look forward to anything that he is connected to. Sad to hear about Pacific Rim 2, but the prospect of him directing a Fantastic Voyage remake is awesome. This begs the question; what kind of fantastic creatures/images will he visualize from the human body?

Ryan Kadlec

The Pacific Rim sequel was scrapped for good. that means they’ll be a Pacific Rim reboot in a few years.

Burt hackatach

Pans labyrinth was decent..everything since has been poor

Ian Flynn

Oh yay, another remake i can’t wait…………………….I wait no-one ever said that!

Keith Chegwin

After the boring shambles that was Crimson Peak he’s lucky to be directing anything.

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