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HBO Now Airing 7.5-Hour ‘The Godfather Epic’ Featuring Unseen Footage, Cut Together Chronologically

HBO Now Airing 7.5-Hour 'The Godfather Epic' Featuring Unseen Footage, Cut Together Chronologically

You might think you know Francis Ford Coppola‘s “The Godfather” inside out, but HBO is bringing the saga of the gangster family back to the small screen in a completely different format than you’re used to. In fact, you’ve already missed the first airing.

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I’m not sure why the network has been so quiet about this, but announced last month (but likely lost amidst the holiday and awards season chatter), last night marked the debut screening of “The Godfather Epic.” Running 424-minutes long, this newly remastered version of “The Godfather” and “The Godfather Part II” features scenes cut from the theatrical release, with both movies re-edited into chronological order.

If this seems like a bastardization of Coppola’s film, it has actually been done before. In 1977, the version aired on NBC as “The Godfather: A Novel For Television,” but with the sex and violence tempered for television. In 1981, Paramount released the uncensored version on VHS, and in 1992 added “The Godfather Part III” to the mix in a box set titled, “The Godfather Trilogy.” Four years ago, AMC showed this version, but with commercial breaks, but HBO is now showing it with no breaks at all, except the ones you make yourself.

“The Godfather Epic” is now available on HBO Now, will air again on January 23rd, and is available On Demand until January 28th. Don’t miss it.

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Dane Schroyer

I enjoyed it very much. It was nice to see it on my widescreen without commercial interruptions, in chronological order, and with the added footage.


Honestly think it sucks because it takes you out of the dramatic pace FFC intended. Would prefer the original extended versions back to back.

David Wangberg

It’s actually 7 hours and 4 minutes long, not 7.5 hours.

Bart Giacalone

Can I buy this on DVD if so where can I buy it


Im watching epic now, saga is on on the 29th. Are these both godfather parts 1 and 2? Whats the difference?


The "unseen footage" is uniformly bad and completely unnecessary. The original editors knew what they were doing.

Jordan Long

re-airs on various HBO channels over the coming week, for those who cannot stream before it vanishes and want to DVR instead.


I’ve seen the old cuts before & started watching on HBO last night. Really great to watch it this way


Will it be on DVD?


Caught it last night, knew something was up with the editing, but got lost in the sauce.

Greg Rutherford

I do not see this on OnDemand anymore.

Lou Lumenick

The restored "Godfather Saga” aired four years ago on AMC.

John Del Giudice

DVD release coming??????

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