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Indiewire Acquired By Penske Media Corp.

Indiewire Acquired By Penske Media Corp.

It was 20 years ago, almost to the day, that Indiewire launched under Eugene Hernandez, Mark Rabinowitz, and Cheri Barner as “iLine.” Daily Variety then described us as “A World Wide Web site dedicated to the indie film world.”

From that first Sundance, we grew to become the premiere voice of independent film. And for the last eight years, under SnagFilms, we’ve grown our site traffic to a massive degree, and brought our unique indie sensibility into new coverage areas like TV, OTT content, and more.

Now, as we prepare to head into Sundance again, we have news almost as significant as our creation: We’ve been acquired by Penske Media Corp., where we’ll join brands such as Variety, Deadline, Women’s Wear Daily and many others.

Our teams will be moving our offices to PMC headquarters in Los Angeles and New York. We’ll be expanding our coverage even further, and our reach. We’ll be bigger and better.

But the most fundamental elements will remain unchanged: We remain committed to covering the best in film and television with voices that are fresh, strong, and unique.

We are all excited for what the future holds. Thanks for your support, your readership, and for caring about great content as much as we do. Stay tuned; this is going to be a lot of fun.

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Great news Dana – this is exciting!


I have loved Indiewire. Truly. But I am disheartened to hear that you are no longer "Independent." I have seen more and more posts on corporate film and TV and you are now part of a corporate conglomerate. Corporate Wire? I enjoy studio films and TV as well, but Indiewire was the voice of Independent film. I will watch and hope that editorial decisions are still guided by independent principals.


So you got the Penske file.


Exciting news! Congrats from a former LA intern; the old office will be missed.


Ah,the inexorable concentration of capital continues apace!

Dan Mirvish

As we say back in Omaha, Mazel Tov!




Hmmm…does this mean Indiewire will become as gossipy as Variety?. Please, please don’t.

Indie Film Minute

Interesting news. Hope you don’t change much. We’ve enjoyed sharing your indie spirit! Wishing you all the best!


Congrats for IndieWire, for becoming under the same umbrella with Variety and Deadline, those my favorite movie news website. If you consider to recruit movie journalist to cover some indie movie news from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and South East Asia countries, I would like to propose ^_^. Congrats once again..!!

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