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Infographics Show Damaging Effects of Hollywood Failing the Bechdel Test

Infographics Show Damaging Effects of Hollywood Failing the Bechdel Test

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In the wake of the complete whitewashing of this year’s Oscar nominees, much of this week has been dominated by controversy surrounding diversity and the Academy Awards. As numerous actors and Academy insiders have stepped forward to share their criticisms and solutions, it has become definitively clear that the diversity problem extends way beyond the Academy and reaches the industry as a whole. None of this should necessarily come as news to many readers, but the industry has received a huge wake up call this week and it seems like it will no longer be able to ignore these pressing issues.

Adding further fuel to hopefully inspire serious change are new interactive graphs and charts that shine a damaging spotlight on Hollywood’s gender divide and its effects on films. Created by Lyle Friedman, Matt Daniels and Ilia Blinderman of Polygraph, an online publication that explores popular culture with data and visual storytelling, these impressive charts use data consolidated by the Bechdel Test website to visually show how the gender discrepancy in writers, directors and creators lead Hollywood films to fail the Bechdel test time and time again.

What’s so impactful about Polygraph’s work is how the charts are as visually-driven as they are numbers-driven. You don’t need to be able to process data and read percentages to realize just how huge of an issue this really is. With the Polygraph team’s permission, Indiewire is able to showcase some of the stills from the most damaging charts, though readers should absolutely head to the Polygraph website in order to see all of the graphs and interact with them.

The 200 Highest Grossing Films: Bechdel Test Results and Gender Diversity of the Writing Team

Bechdel Test for Notable Producers

Bechdel Test for Notable Directors

Studios and the Percent of Films that Fail the Bechdel Test

Head to Polygraph to interact with the charts above and to see more charts.

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To the bozo complaining about "no Asians in soght".Give me a break. There are just too few Asians on Earth to make the the top of the chart actors and, ah, actresses.


It is suspicious that he points out their religion, but it’s really no different than commenting that they are all of European descent.


Hi Mel Gibson oh I mean "Alex" anti-Semitic jerk


I dunno, some of these movies deserve a pass. Movies like Up or Life of Pi only have a few characters anyway. I think the Bechdel Test isn’t a very good way to judge equality of the sexes in movies. I think the FAR more interesting thing to note here is how few movies have at least one female writer or all female writers. Because that actually means something.


This test is interesting when looking at large sample sizes, but it’s not always very useful on an individual movie basis. Gravity, for example, is in the "Fail" category, but surely it has better female representation than, say, Jurassic World, which is a pass.


Of course a dude like Mike would call this horseshit. Dudes like Mike likes to project their mediocrity and ignorance on the internet.
Don’t be like Mike.


What a load of horseshit.


Not an Asian in sight..


And yet none of those eight producers who are Jewish exclusively make films that depict the Jewish experience, so they’re all passing that test with flying colors.


You want to talk about disproportionate representation? Eight of those ten top producers are Jewish, (every one except Laurie MacDonald and Debra Hayward), and MacDonald is married to a Jewish man.

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