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Kosovo Gets First Oscar Nomination with Short Film ‘Shok’

Kosovo Gets First Oscar Nomination with Short Film 'Shok'

With the short film “Shok,” the Eastern European Kosovo has earned its very first film Oscar nomination from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science , marking this the biggest achievement in Kosovo’s film industry to date.

Written and directed by Jamie Donoughue the film has been nominated among 4 other films in the  Best Live Action Short Film category at the 88th edition of the awards.

is a short film set in Kosovo during the occupation of the 90’s, where the friendship of two boys is tested to its limits as they struggle to survive 
during Kosovo war.

The film is a co-production between Kosovo and UK, produced by Eshref Durmishi and Harvey Ascott, supported by the Kosovo Cinematography Center.

This is the hugest success in Kosovo’s film history to date. “Shok” has now opened doors for Kosovan films to garnered attention at one of the most important award ceremonies in the film world.

The other nominated films are “Ave Maria,” “Day One,” “Everything Will Be Okay,” and “Stutterer”


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it seems to me martin, you have something agains kosovars. if the movie isnt from ksovo the director would complaint, and said its a british movie, wouldnt he?!

it seems zo me martine , you have something agains kosovars. if the move isnt kosovos than the dirctor would comlpaint and said that the movie is british, wouldnt he?



Without the excellent work of its director Jaime Donoughue, Shok this genuine Kosova story would have never been at the level of Oscar. Thank you Jaime.


You guys are being too preoccupied with who gets the credits for this Short Film. There are only two possible solutions for the Oscar credits: it will either be considered exploitation or cooperation. When I saw the Oscar Short Filmis on the big screen, "Shok" was presented as British-Kosovan cooperation. Either way that should not matter very much, what truly matters is that the people of Kosovo LIVED this film and that Europe did nothing about the situation until the US intervened. Great Short Film !

Laura E. Vasilion

I love this film and hope it wins tonight. I wrote about it on my ChicagoNow blog, Talking to the World. I linked to this blog, as well.


Martin. Do you think that a Nazis Genocide movie that shows what happened to the innocent people is a Nazi movie and the Oscar should go to Nazis?


I am reading the above comments and it is unbelievable how the people want to denigrate the first try of Kosovo to be part of the world. Maybe this country has still lack of such qualified people such as Jamie Donoughue, but this is not a reason to wait…
I believe this may be the first film about Kosovo that really shows what happened there.


Yes the director is brithis but the acting cast was 100% albanian so whats your problem Martin . And for our actors they are the best and they hard .Their work hard was awarded with an Oscar nomination so get a life martin ��


Martin , well if it wasn’t for the stories the kosovan people told Jaime , we wouldn’t be here exchanging opinions . He could’ve told the story of Kosovo war based on stories he heard on tv or even read , but never reach this level as it is right now.
And it is not about the Oscar statue , who will it go to , i agree that the director should and will take it , but keeping in mind that it is a collective achievement , incredible work of actors and crew and if you saw the film you can’t deny the feeling it delivered knowing that all those actors lived that war.
They all deserve it .
And in every descripton you read about this movie , it reads , British-Kosovan film.
So your ignorance , really says a lot.


It was not a war. It was Kosovar terrorism proclaimed fair and rightous by some countries, which it simply was not. Kosovo declaration of independence was done without Serbias consent and against the international rules. Thats why Kosovo has not been recognized as a state by UN and will never be.


During the occupation of the 90s? The writer has no knowledge of history. The only occupation that happened was in the second half of 1999 when Kosovo was occupied by NATO. Kosovo was part of Serbia and with Serbia part of then Yugoslavia until Kosovo declared independence.

Looking forward to seeing the film though!


They are many foreign movie directors making movie in Kosovo about the war also for the SHOK short film the Director is British Jamie and the finance came from the Director but Eshref Durmishi he thinks that Oscar will go to him or Kosovan actors NO it will not reason why movie was done in Kosove because they pay actors very cheap such as 20 Euros per day so Oscar has nothing to do with Kosovo but the Briain


The movie Director is British and all the rewards they go to the director it has also been nominated for the Oscar but people in Kosovo they don’t understand that if they win the Oscar it will go to the British director and not to the actors that’s what Kosova people need to know


DP- Yes the director is british , the producers though are Eshref Durmishi – albanian , and Harvey Ascott – british.It is a cooperation between british and albanians , who are a majority in Kosovo.
The cast are ethnic albanians , it was shot in Kosovo , it is a story that talks about the difficulties of albanians during the war.
So yeah , we albanians of Kosovo consider it as an albanian achievement.


The film was written and directed by Jamie Donoughue. How’s this movie Albanian?

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