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Kristen Wiig’s ‘AbracaDeborah’ Is the Non-Existent Sundance Movie Everyone’s Talking About

Kristen Wiig's 'AbracaDeborah' Is the Non-Existent Sundance Movie Everyone's Talking About

The Sundance hype cycle can turn a movie from a question mark to a must-see masterpiece overnight. So when film critics started raving on Twitter last night about a Kristen Wiig movie called “AbracaDeborah,” I assumed it was something I’d managed to overlook in the festival’s substantial catalogue, and started fervently searching for more information. Could this be the breakout hit of Sundance 2016?

As I shortly realized, there’s no such movie as “AbracaDeborah.” The raves were part of an impromptu public in-joke, spurred by an offhand remark by Uproxx’s Mike Ryan last week and revived at the festival’s annual blogger party. But after six days, Sundance’s critics had churned out so many fervent insta-reactions and so much overheated Oscar talk that it was easy to mistake their gags for the real deal — especially since some of their made-up raves are less ridiculous than things some critics have written about actual movies.

“AbracaDeborah’s” moment has passed now: It’s the social-media equivalent of “you had to be there.” But a few avid cinephiles and Wiig-heads who didn’t quite get the joke are still lighting up social media, searching for anyone who can give them more information on a movie that, real or not, still sounds pretty amazing.

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@IrishGirl Did you see the movie?


HA!… I think all this "hype" and "Oscar talk" is a sly wink to the over praising of Birth of A Nation-a real film but a vastly overpraised, overrated film that bandwagon type critics are afraid to criticize for fear of winding up lambasted by the PC fascists.


This is the movie media equivalent of a cat that is endlessly fascinated by it own reflection.


Need anymore proof that even Indie world is full of out and out liars? Hilarious.


Wow… Stop the presses… Misinformation on Twitter can spread for a while before being corrected? Who knew>

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